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In your opinion, what's the best game that ever came out of Capcom (either developed or produced)? [roundtable]
A simple question, with a very difficult answer, IMO. Capcom is one of the best developers/publishers in the industry. And they've been a good partner with Nintendo for years, delivering some amazing games and experiences for decades. What would you say is the best we've seen from them?

Draw upon your own standard for what constitutes as "best" and if you can, explain your decision. Let's hear your thoughts, Negative World!

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Posted: 01/22/14, 15:56:52  - Edited by 
 on: 01/22/14, 15:56:41
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That is a tough one. If I had to pick one game from them as my favorite, it would probably be Resident Evil 2. It was such a huge upgrade over the original and one of the very best games of that generation.
Posted: 01/22/14, 16:03:30
Mega Man 2
Posted: 01/22/14, 16:08:31
Tough one. Either Resident Evil REmake, or Mega Man 2. Probably have to go with Mega Man 2. It made the franchise what it...well, not what it is today, since it's fucking dead, but what it was when it was at its best.
Posted: 01/22/14, 16:14:11
For the time it's gotta be Street Fighter 2.
Posted: 01/22/14, 16:15:51
Ha ha, came across this on the internets, and I LOL'd. Thought you guys might enjoy this, too.

Posted: 01/22/14, 16:27:12

10. Zelda: Oracle of Seasons (it counts!)
9. Resident Evil (REmake)
8. Mega Man 9
7. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
6. Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations
5. Mega Man 2
4. Mega Man X
3. Mega Man 3
2. Viewtiful Joe


1. Resident Evil 4
Posted: 01/22/14, 16:58:07  - Edited by 
 on: 01/22/14, 17:32:00
RE4 probably takes it for me.
Posted: 01/22/14, 17:07:07
Probably Resident Evil 4, but man they had some gems. The NES Mega Man games (save for 4), Okami, Viewtiful Joe, the Resident Evil series (before 5, but Revelations included), Bionic Commando (NES), Monster Hunter series (specifically Tri/3 Ultimate)...even their licensed NES and Super Nintendo/Genesis stuff was great.
Posted: 01/22/14, 17:12:16  - Edited by 
 on: 01/22/14, 19:11:36
Mega Man X. Childhood and stuff.
Posted: 01/22/14, 17:24:33
Resident Evil (Playstation) - Sold me on a Playstation during the game's launch window. While RE2 (and RE4/REmake, for that matter) completely blew my socks off, it was the OG RE that made my head spin.

Runner ups:

Mega Man 2 - Along with SMB3/SMW, my favorite platformer of all time.

1942 - Kicked all kinds of ass in the arcade before Capcom became a home-console household name.
Posted: 01/22/14, 17:35:21
Resident Evil 4, easily.

I guess I have to explain myself. Resident Evil 4 basically laid the foundation for a lot of third person "action" games nowadays with over-the shoulder view. Furthermore, as a horror game, it still had genuine moments that scared you without feeling forced while still providing enough action and not feel as though you were hampered by the controls or other trick unfairly used to add tension to the game. Of course it had awesome set pieces and great boss battles.

I've also played:
Marvel v Capcom (good game, but I'm not much into fighters)
(Super) Street Fighter II (see above)
Mega Man 2 (good action game that could easily hang with with your Super Mario Bros. 3)
Monster Hunter tri (good game (series), but it has a lot of clunkyness ant other issues that prevents it from reaching mass appeal, imo)
Posted: 01/22/14, 17:38:15  - Edited by 
 on: 01/22/14, 17:44:23
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
Posted: 01/22/14, 17:51:49

Posted: 01/22/14, 19:28:43
This would have been more fun in Survivor Poll form!
Posted: 01/22/14, 19:30:30
Street Fighter 2, RE1, REmake, RE4, in no particular order. I refuse to give out ranks...

Ah fuck it let's just say RE1 overall. Game was crazy. I'd say its impact on the industry is quite underrated and it managed to outdo the incredible remake in several ways still. The direction was sublime. I played it first when I was 10 and it was pretty scary at the time. Very much pushed us to finally go multi plat after being Nintendo boys up until that point (minus a game gear that had 3 minute battery life and thus never got much play).

Wild Arms/Suikoden were factored in to us getting a PS1 but I'd have to say RE was the one which was an entirely new experience.

Megaman 2, 3, and X also deserve a solid nod.

Super Ghouls N Ghosts deserves a mention
Posted: 01/22/14, 19:55:39
Ew. I still find it obviously worse to this day, as good as it is. It got a little too Sci Fi for me and felt just a little too much like Aliens
Posted: 01/22/14, 19:58:27  - Edited by 
 on: 01/22/14, 20:24:21

I'd say its impact is overrated considering how much it ripped off Alone in the Dark. It may have popularized (and named) the survivor horror genre but it didn't invent it.
Posted: 01/22/14, 20:10:21
Street Fighter 2 or Monster Hunter 3.
Posted: 01/22/14, 20:12:21
It was much more than just an Alone In The Dark clone. Capcom had done Sweet Home years earlier as well, so even Alone In The Dark wasn't first.

It was still a new genre and brought with it a certain mentality that not even Alone did.

It being cut scene and voice heavy also helped legitimize Playstation/games become more cinematic (though some disagree with that style of games).
Posted: 01/22/14, 20:29:01
carlosrox said:
It being cut scene and voice heavy also helped legitimize Playstation/games become more cinematic (though some disagree with that style of games).

Never forget.
Posted: 01/22/14, 20:32:57
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