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Fans of the Negative World Facebook page please read (RE: recent Facebook changes)
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November 13, 2012, 03:10
The long story short is that Facebook are evil money-grubbing id... well. Anyway, so they made some recent changes where page owners have to pay to get their content into people's news feeds consistently (some stuff will still show up, but it's more sporadic.) Which sort of defeats the purpose of a fan page, in theory you guys / girls "liked" the page because you are interested in the content, right? So why is Facebook charging page owners to have fans of the page see the content? It makes no sense.

Plus their fees are kind of insane, it's only big businesses that will be able to afford it, so... I hope Facebook users don't mind seeing a bunch of HALO and MOUNTAIN DEW ads in their news feeds instead of the content from the smaller pages that they liked.

Anyway what you can do, if you want to keep seeing our content consistently (and even if you read our content elsewhere, it still helps us a lot if you see / like / share / etc. stuff on Facebook) is the following:

#1. Go to our Facebook page

#2. Hover over "liked" (underneath the main site photo, on the right side) and click "get notifications". There should now be a check mark next to it.

You're done! The awesome content flow cannot be stopped! And don't forget to like / share content!!!

And if you're not a fan, you should be. "Like" us already!

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11/13/12, 03:10   Edited:  11/13/12, 03:14
Why not sign up for a (free) account?
I hate facebook and other such 'like' site. I basically never frequent facebook, other to play this one slot machine. And NO, I do not spend money to buy coins.

Facebook, I'm sooo tired of reading the ignorant shit people post on it. Hell, over half the friends I ended up ignoring or cancelling off or whatever just so I wouldn't have to read all the pathetic shit they subject onto others. Its like everything they do they have to post about..."Hey, I went to Walmart and....blah, blah, blah....."

STFU already people. The internet just becomes more and more pathetic.

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 on: 11/13/12, 03:21
Um... ok! This was mostly for the people who are already "fans" of the page though, I just threw that last line in as an afterthought.

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 on: 11/13/12, 03:27   Edited:  11/13/12, 03:27
Already did that like..a week ago :D

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 on: 11/13/12, 07:53
I was wondering why I hadn't seen NW posts in a while.

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 on: 11/13/12, 08:14

Here's a thought. Don't go on Facebook. Then you won't have to see the things that annoy you.

Works a treat for me.

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 on: 11/13/12, 08:53

There's no need for you to be a curmudgeon all the time.

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 on: 11/13/12, 16:07
Notifications are now on. I love me some status updates.

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 on: 11/13/12, 17:08
Negative World said:
Hover over "liked" (underneath the main site photo, on the right side) and click "get notifications". There should now be a check mark next to it.

I had no idea you now have to check this option in Facebook!

I went ahead and turned it on. Is this new or something? I have always been getting notifications on my newsfeed anyway...

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 on: 11/13/12, 22:34
@roykoopa64 It is relatively new, yeah. Facebook changed a lot recently, in a lot of ways that kind of screw legitimate fan pages over, because Facebook wants to make more money possibly in a quick, not very well thought out scramble to appease shareholders who bought in just to watch their stocks fall hard.

Now, the algorithm that determines what shows up in a news feed is semi-complex, but in general the more you "interact" with a page (like, share, etc.), the more it will show up in your news feed. And Roy, you interact a lot, so it's likely that you would have continued seeing a lot of this stuff anyway. But then again, it might slowly start showing you a bit less, and you might therefore slowly start interacting less, which would lead to a downward spiral... perhaps?

But of course if you flip the switch on, you don't have to worry about how much you interact. For now. I'm sure Facebook will find other ways to screw over its longtime fans in the future.

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 on: 11/13/12, 22:49
So, you may notice that our Facebook "like" count at the top of the page is at 0. This doesn't mean we lost all of our fans, but looking into it, it appears that Negative World may have been "blocked" by Facebook as "spam".

But Zero, you might ask, we haven't even had that many Facebook articles lately, how could it be spam? Good question. I'm not sure. But I also think it is sort of suspect that we have had our automated posts going for weeks and we are fine, and then this happened almost immediately after I make a post that says "Facebook are evil money-grubbing" etc.

Although there is no concrete evidence that Facebook squashes dissent, I have heard rumours that they do, secretly, behind the scenes, squash dissent. I wouldn't be surprised.

Anyway, I'm not even 100% sure that the issue is that we were blocked, but whatever the case, I sent an unblock request.

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 on: 11/14/12, 03:58
Facebook considers you spam if you never post any status updates ever and only link stuff. Automated posts don't help

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 on: 11/14/12, 04:23
But this is how most media pages operate. Anyway I'm not totally sure if they have marked us as spam or not.

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 on: 11/14/12, 04:49
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