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Negative World RSS now live. Feed pushed directly to Facebook / Twitter!
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October 01, 2012, 03:10:42
If you have liked the Negative World Facebook page or are a follower of Negative World on Twitter, you may already know that we push a decent amount of content to you through those social mediums. However, until now it has been up to the editors themselves to push their own content, and we have not always been the best at staying on top of it.

With this in mind, we have created a Negative World RSS feed to help us get content to you in the quickest and easiest manner possible. News, articles, reviews, comics, podcasts and more will be pushed to our Facebook and Twitter automatically. If you are following us on Facebook or Twitter, awesome, the content will be there.

However, if you would like to subscribe to the RSS feed directly using a Feed Reader, you can do so here, where you will have the option of either subscribing to all of our content in one easy click, or setting up a custom feed. Subscribing through a Feed Reader contains a fair amount of advantages over relying on Facebook and Twitter, including the ability to easily track which content you have already seen, have notifications of new content show up directly in your browser, etc. This is a very simple process, and in most cases your browser will already contain a Feed Reader and will handle the set-up for you, so if you are interested, why not go ahead and click the link above and give it a shot? It will probably take you less than a minute. You can learn more about RSS and Feed Readers here.

As for the amount and types of content being pushed to our feed, know that Negative World has no intention of spamming you. We are only pushing content that we believe will be interesting to our readers, and we are scheduling our feed to not push too much content at once. With this said, we will be pushing more content to our Facebook and Twitter accounts now that our content on those sites is automated. If you do have any suggestions, questions or concerns, please let us know, either here at Negative World or on the Facebook and Twitter accounts.

I hope you all enjoy the feed! And we will work hard to make the content worth your time!

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