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Nintendo Download for August 16, 2012.
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August 16, 2012, 17:03
Nintendo enters a new phase in the eShop's life. 3DS retail titles are now available in the eShop!

eShop Exclusives
Crazy Chicken: Pirates 3D (3D Digital Download - Teyon, $1.99)
New Super Mario Bros. 2 (3DS Retail Software - Nintendo, $39.99 (available at midnight on Sunday, August 19))

DSiWare (also available in the eShop)
Crazy Chicken: Pirates (Teyon, 200 points/$1.99)

A Month of Mario (one classic Mario game on sale each week leading up to the release of New Super Mario Bros. 2)
Mario's Picross($2.99 sale price through Wednesday, August 22)

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (songs cost $0.99 each)
  • Challenge (Final Fantasy X)
  • Desperate Fight (Final Fantasy XIII)
  • Battle 2 (Final Fantasy IX)
  • The Final Battle (Final Fantasy III)

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    Posted: 08/16/12, 17:03  - Edit:  08/16/12, 17:04
    Why not sign up for a (free) account?
    I guess the Game Boy games come in bursts, then? It's been about 3 weeks since our last one.

    I do recommend Mario's Picross though--it's probably the GB game I've spent the most time on.

    Sort of tempted by FF9's Battle 2 but I dunno. Still kinda waiting for FFIV's Battle 2. You know the one!

    Posted by 
     on: 08/16/12, 17:15
    Digital buyers of NSMB2 will get to play it before everyone else.

    Posted by 
     on: 08/16/12, 17:41
    I could get it at Walmart at the same time, without having to download it. I could be the first!

    Posted by 
     on: 08/16/12, 17:42
    Jargon said:
    I could get it at Walmart at the same time, without having to download it. I could be the first!

    If like all of Nintendo's other downloads, it's probably midnight Pacific Time, so you could really be first.

    Posted by 
     on: 08/16/12, 17:46
    If you get NSMB2 digitally with 3DS cards, you'd have to buy 3 cards to buy it because of tax costs. That's like 65 dollars. And then you have to pay tax on the game itself for some reason once you buy it.

    Why does it charge people tax twice? Either the 3DS cards shouldn't be taxed, or the game shouldn't.

    Posted by 
     on: 08/16/12, 17:53

    Stores aren't supposed to charge tax on money cards. Raise a stink if they do, it's illegal.

    Posted by 
     on: 08/16/12, 17:58
    3DS cards aren't taxed at my Best Buy.

    Posted by 
     on: 08/16/12, 17:58

    I'll keep that in mind next time, because I'm sure I've been charged tax for points cards at Walmart.

    Posted by 
     on: 08/16/12, 18:12
    I'll be downloading NEW Super Mario Bros. 2... Sunday afternoon. I ain't gonna stay up until 3:00am just to download the thing.

    ..... am I?

    Posted by 
     on: 08/17/12, 00:05
    NSMB2 is $39.99 just like everybody figured it would be. I'm glad I ordered it from Newegg for $29.99

    Posted by 
     on: 08/17/12, 00:31

    For POINTS cards, you might get charged tax. For CASH cards, no. And 3DS cards are cash cards, are they not?

    Posted by 
     on: 08/17/12, 00:45
    @rebonack Same here, WINNERS BABY

    Oh look 8-bit summer's over and Nintendo's back to ignoring the Game Boy on the VC again. How surprising, you guys!

    Posted by 
     on: 08/17/12, 00:51

    Yeah, that's right. Wii Point cards are always taxed since there's no tax when purchasing stuff from the Wii Shop channel, but eShop cards are basically like gift cards, so they shouldn't be taxed.

    I was charged 13% tax when buying an eShop card at Best Buy last year. I raised a stink and they gave me a $10 gift card.

    Posted by 
     on: 08/17/12, 01:48
    Just got the Chicken Pirates game on a whim. Its a decent arcade style high-score game. Will definitely kill a few minutes while I defecate.

    Posted by 
     on: 08/17/12, 05:35
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