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King of Pirates planned for worldwide release!
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March 12, 2012, 15:22:13
King of Pirates Confirmed For Worldwide Release

Game’s director confirms plans to launch the game outside of Japan.

Last October, Keiji Inafune, who was once the head of production for Capcom, announced that his company, Intercept, would be bringing a new game to the Nintendo 3DS, “King of Pirates”. While much of the game is still shrouded in mystery, we do know it will feature anthropomorphic animal pirate action and adventure on the open seas. The game, at least in Japan, is also being published by Marvelous AQL, best known for the Harvest Moon and Rune Factory series’.

While we may not know a whole lot about the specifics of the game, which is actually reported to be planned as a trilogy of titles, we do know that the plan is to bring the game to regions outside of Japan as well. According to an interview with Joystiq, Inafune’s philosophy is to bring all of his titles outside of Japan.

Keiji Inafune said:
“For all my titles, I’m looking to do worldwide publishing. I can’t say who is publishing because it could be Marvelous directly or maybe they’re going to find another publisher in the US,” he said. “But the plan is to do it worldwide.”

The game certainly has potential, and the 3DS may just have another new hit on it’s hands, both in Japan and elsewhere.


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Posted: 03/12/12, 15:22:13  - Edited by 
 on: 03/15/12, 13:33:22    
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I'll keep this on my radar. Bravo Inafune, realizes there is a market outside of Japan.

Posted by 
 on: 03/12/12, 15:33:15

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 on: 03/12/12, 16:51:23  - Edited by 
 on: 03/12/12, 17:23:53
That's great. Can't wait to see what actual gameplay is gonna be like.

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 on: 03/12/12, 19:35:56
As far as I can tell from that quote, a worldwide release hasn't been confirmed. I'm sure Inafune wants a worldwide release, but that doesn't mean it will happen.

Posted by 
 on: 03/12/12, 20:14:20
So... is it a Sailing/Marine version of Star Fox?

Heh, just joking. I get the feeling that it's going to be a more of a tactics game. I hope this rocks. The idea of pirate animals is awesome and it would be great for us to have a new, good and solid franchise in the 3DS business.

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 on: 03/12/12, 20:22:59
HammerLord said:
So... is it a Sailing/Marine version of Star Fox?

lulz. I think it's more like The Wind Waker with a little penguin instead of a little boy. And maybe some Samurai Warriors-esque combat. Maybe.

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 on: 03/12/12, 21:25:35
Hmm. Ex-Capcom dude. And Pirates.

And the art style in that picture looks a HELL of a lot like this:

I feel like the universe is taunting me.

Posted by 
 on: 03/12/12, 21:35:06
For some reason I have the idea that Inafune was behind Zack & Wiki in some form, although if he is, it's not producer or director. Hmm.

Posted by 
 on: 03/12/12, 23:41:02

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 on: 03/15/12, 06:38:35
I edited the title.

Posted by 
 on: 03/15/12, 13:32:59
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