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Mega Man Legends III isn't greenlit yet?! It may not get published?!
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March 11, 2011, 03:59:20
I... can't believe this. Why would Capcom announce this game and have all the contests and fan-submissions if they aren't even fully-committed to releasing this game? If Capcom ends up not releasing this, I will be so disappointed. Mega Man Legends III is a game I've been wanting to play for over a decade, and the doubt over the possibility of this game's release is like a kick in the face. Capcom had better not cancel this


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Posted: 03/11/11, 03:59:20    
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It's obviously a test.

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 on: 03/11/11, 04:00:09
Hmm, it sounds like they're still developing it though so I bet it gets finalized at some point. And supposedly it is playable at that event later this month, so it must be fairly far along.

Plus wasn't the announcement met with a lot of excitement? I doubt they wouldn't follow through on this one.

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 on: 03/11/11, 04:01:50  - Edited by 
 on: 03/11/11, 04:02:49
It's Capcom, though. God knows what goes through their minds. They might scrap the entire thing and port RE4 over in the blind of an eye.

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 on: 03/11/11, 04:05:30
It makes sense, actually. Tons of games get canceled in varying stages of development, and this one was revealed in its infancy. I think it'll make it, though.

I still remember the 8 or 9 Capcom GBA games that were canceled after the tepid sales of their first few titles. I was a sad panda that day.

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 on: 03/11/11, 17:12:07
Was it really revealed in infancy though? It sounds like they have a playable demo ready for the thingy later this month. There are all kinds of 3DS games that have been announced that are nowhere near playable demos yet.

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 on: 03/11/11, 19:27:16
Zero said:

Plus wasn't the announcement met with a lot of excitement? I doubt they wouldn't follow through on this one.

It's back to perspective again. It was met with a LOT of excitement... by a handful of people who you were probably talking with a lot. On a bigger scale, though, there wasn't much hype happening.

It would be a shame if this gets canned, but like anand said, I too remember the Capcom 7 (or whatever it was) that turned into the Capcom 2 and a half or something. More and more I agree with this new concept of announcing a game months before it releases, instead of years. It's just better in the long run.

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 on: 03/11/11, 19:32:17
I still want to know what we've lost, though. I need the truth, painful though it is!

I dunno. Fans were in on some of the early design decisions, right? I guess we'd have to define 'infancy'. But I saw screens from 9 months ago, or something, and it was SUPER-rough.

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 on: 03/11/11, 22:41:12
I guess it's the same situation as a Beyond Good and Evil sequel: the publisher wanted to gauge the reaction to see if it was all worth it. Hey, BG&E2 seems like a faint possibility now that they did that HD port, maybe an HD port of Mega Man Legends that sells is all we need to give this 3rd game a chance to exist.

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 on: 03/14/11, 19:52:17
Yeah but again, there is playable demo of Legends 3 scheduled for the event later this month. However it started, it looks like things are happening with it, and I doubt they would have a playable demo if it wasn't in real development. Whereas BG&E 2 might not even actually exist in any real form.

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 on: 03/14/11, 20:12:27
VofEscaflowne said:
It's obviously a test.

This is the right answer.

Posted by 
 on: 03/14/11, 22:36:45
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