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Sega announces Monkey Ball: Step and Roll for the Wii
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July 21, 2009, 18:41:28
I wonder why it isn't "Super" Monkey Ball? And for some reason a balance board game seems like last year's news what with WiiMotion+ out. Anyway, I'm willing to give them another chance, the Wii launch game was unpolished but still had some good parts, and I LOVE the Gamecube games.


Here is what they need to do though...

1. Focus on 10 or so mini-games that are really good instead of 50 weak ones
2. Offer analog controls along with Wii, balance board, etc. OPTIONS ARE GOOD
3. Get the original Amusement Vision guys back on it

If you guys remember this franchise was on my "used to love, don't really care about anymore" list so Sega has a lot to do to prove it is viable again.

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 on: 04/08/13, 01:44:33    
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I remember it on GC but never got into them maybe I'll check it out this time around possibly. Though I've never really cared much for games that were mini-game focused. So chances are kinda slim.

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 on: 07/21/09, 19:30:38
Well, it's not really mini-game focused. The beauty of the series is it has a full single player mode AND many multiplayer games.

Single player is basically 100+ mazes to navigate your monkey through. Kind of like Marble Madness-ish gameplay. Totally awesome. VERY difficult in later stages. A "hardcore" game if there ever was one.

Multi player is a bunch of games that I hesitate to call "mini-games" because they have a ton more depth than most mini-games in mini-game collections. Or HAD, on the Gamecube versions, the Wii version did have more shallow Mario Party-esque mini-games, which was a huge complaint against it. But on Gamecube, they were huge modes with depth. Bowling, for instance, is full 10 pin 10 frame bowling on normal or "wacky" courses... wasted hours on that alone before Wii bowling appeared to top it. Racing is almost Mario Kart-ish, not as good but still, a bunch of courses, power-ups, etc. Golf is 9 hole golf course. Fight is pure fun, beating the hell out of each other.

Do yourself a favor and pick up one of the Gamecube versions. Or both, I think they packed them together eventually? Definitely one of the best series on Gamecube.

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 on: 07/21/09, 20:58:58

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 on: 07/21/09, 20:59:15
My mistake on thinking it was mini game focused. I've seen the GC versions for real cheap at Gamestop. I know those would be the versions I'd check out first. I do remember watching bits of the game on the Zelda:OoT/MQ disc where it showed a few game trailers and stuff happening on GC. I think I might play some GC games after playing Wii awhile.

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 on: 07/21/09, 22:44:53
'Also, I doubt you'd be able to choose between Wiimote or Balance Board... it'd be way too easy with the Wiimote or way too hard with the Balance Board.'

Or they could just make it too hard with analog, way too hard with the wiimote and way, way too hard with the balance board. Isn't Punch-Out!! something along those lines? I haven't heard of many people finished the hardest modes with the balance board and wiimote/nunchuck combo.

I hate to think of it in these terms, but I can't quite get past using the balance board to actually CONTROL games as being a bit gimmicky. At least, when it comes to game that needs super precise control, it probably works alright for a snowboarding game.

Anyway, I highly doubt they will make it balance board exclusive. There are a lot of copies of Wii Fit out there, sure, but the crossover to the Monkey Ball demographic might not be super high. It seems nowadays most developers are realizing the way to go is various control options. And with WiiMotion+ out a balance board only game almost seems like a relic of the past. They will want to capitalize on WiiMotion+ hype as well, I'd think.

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 on: 07/22/09, 20:56:42
Was it? I'm the only one with powers to delete other people's posts and not only have I never done it, I can't right now anyway... the delete function was broken so I disabled it, lol. (I could still go into the database and do it if some troll came along, but there is no quick and easy way at the moment. Speaking of which, I really should fix that someday...)

I guess we will have to agree to disagree, I think there is a very good chance it will support both. And developers push "broken" controls on the Wii all of the time *cough* 90% of the original Wii SMB's mini-games *cough* though I think there is a lot of room in between works perfectly and broken.

*I* don't want WiiMotion+, I just think it is going to be a nice bullet point for developers to have on the boxes of their games, and half the public doesn't understand where exactly it is better than the old Wii remote and where it isn't.

/EDIT Oops I typed all of that out before reading your edit. But yeah, makes sense to me. Why would it be so difficult to get both working? They can both handle "tilt" so to speak... the balance board by pressure and the remote with actual tilt. SMB doesn't need much more than simple tilt mechanics, everything else is in the stage designs and such.

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 on: 07/23/09, 18:14:49
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