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E3 is officially dead
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December 12, 2023, 21:28
Honestly, for someone like me who was mostly there for Nintendo stuff it died the day Nintendo pulled out, but a lot of other publishers have pulled out too and well, now it is over. The end of an era.

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12/12/23, 21:28   Edited:  03/08/24, 20:45
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I'm not going to miss it as such, but I will miss all the community stuff that surrounded E3. Message board predictions, speculations, arguments and memes. But then again, I've missed most of that for like a decade already. The internet landscape has changed, and there are mall parking lots where I used to live. Time marches on.

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 on: 12/12/23, 21:55
@r_hjort I see it sort of like camping out for systems in the past... I have some fond memories of it but I don't need it anymore.

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 on: 12/12/23, 22:54
Zero said:
@r_hjortI have some fond memories of it but I don't need it anymore.

Yup. Spending a week watching terrible press conferences for entertainment value and message board debate prompts was a lot of fun, but for the last few years of that experience, it was actually just extremely boring and sad.

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 on: 12/12/23, 23:35
End of an era. I guess the E3 Hype Train has reached its final destination.

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 on: 12/13/23, 15:07
We'll always have the memories! Which is more than I can say for the up-and-coming generation. They missed out on a truly special time to be alive...

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 on: 12/13/23, 17:42   Edited:  12/13/23, 17:44
What?! That's the only time of the year that I get to mwet all of my game journalist friends!

Wait, I don't have any game journalist friends. Carry on!

I actually love the decentralization of gaming news. And getting all the PR directly from the game developers/pubs makes me feel like a big man. I'm ready and willing to be indoctrinated!

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 on: 01/16/24, 02:47
Oh, I forgot to comment on this.

E3 started out trashy, grew to be kinda wacky and unpredictable (and still trashy), and then it got predictable and way less wacky and I stopped caring about it as an actual event.

I know there are a few people around here who got to actually attend the event, but as an outsider I don't really mourn its loss. I was never going to go and, even if I had gone, I never really thought it was a healthy thing for the industry to do. I remember, even back when we were all at IGN, how these little stories of West Coast games journalists partying with developers would trickle back and it raised my hackles a bit. You can't be honest about games and cover your bros from the big party at the same time. The same thing happens to music journalism and it's always awful.

Where E3 was fun was hanging out with y'all, watching Flo Rida sing into a diamond-encrusted taco, and making fun of it all. Beyond the changes to E3, I'm just getting too old and self-important to take time off of work to do that nowadays.

So those are great memories - some of my favorites from that portion of my life (when I still might have called myself a gamer). I don't miss E3, but I sure miss the way it brought the community together to heckle and celebrate it.

So, in honor of everyone's huge loss, here's Flo Rida singing into a diamond-encrusted taco:

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 on: 01/21/24, 05:40   Edited:  01/21/24, 05:42
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