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Indie World April 2021. FEZ, TMNT, Oxenfree 2, etc. coming to Switch
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April 15, 2021, 03:07

FEZ is available today. I actually liked this game a lot, even though I never got into the obtuse post-game content.

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04/15/21, 03:07   Edited:  04/15/21, 03:06
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Overall this was a pretty great Nindie Direct! Lots of low-poly story-focused stuff I don't really care about, but there was neat stuff in there.

I played about 45 minutes of There is No Game, and it's great so far. I'm excited to play more and am hoping it keeps ramping things up; I thought about picking up Fez since I haven't played it in a decade, but this is almost scratching the same itch.

I watched a video about The Longing a few weeks ago, it looks like a really really interesting experiment in game design that would be absolutely dreadful to play, kind of like Cart Life. Huge respect for that.

That Aztech game looks like it could be really cool too.

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 on: 04/15/21, 05:58
Secret_Tunnel said:
I played about 45 minutes of There is No Game, and it's great so far..

Alright, I played a little more, and I've had my fill. If you like point-and-click adventures, definitely check it out, because judging by what I played and what reviewers are saying, this is one of the best. But they're not really my thing.

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 on: 04/15/21, 07:56
The Longing looks absolutely boring to me. You gotta wait 400 *ACTUAL* days? I canít imagine the payoff being worth it.

Iíve never played FEZ. Maybe Iíll get around to it now.

Obviously, Iím on board for the new Turtles game. I like turtles.

EDIT: LOL ďOxenfree 2Ē I just got that.

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 on: 04/15/21, 16:42   Edited:  04/15/21, 16:43
I barely ever in life feel like I'm even going to be alive 400 days from any given day, or like, is society going to be a post-apocalyptic warzone or what. And then I make it and society still exists, but still... HOW DO YOU PLAN THAT FAR IN ADVANCE JUST FOR A GAME?!

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 on: 04/15/21, 16:56

Haha, there are things you can do in-game to speed up the timer! I think the lady even says that in the Nindie Direct, "Don't worry, it won't actually take you 400 days." Looks like it takes about 20 hours to beat and way longer to 100%.

I think they should've just committed to the concept full stop and made people actually wait the full 400 days.

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 on: 04/15/21, 19:29

You donít feel like youíll live another year (and some change)? Yeesh, Chicago is more dangerous than I thought! I thought I was avoiding death just being around Detroit.

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 on: 04/16/21, 01:06
It's disappointing that The Longing doesn't force the full 400 days. I assumed people would just cheat using the system clock, and that's how you'd get around waiting 400 actual days. Well, I plan on milking it over 400 days myself.

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 on: 04/16/21, 06:18
The idea with The Longing is that you find things to do that reduce the timer by different amounts, it's not about it being a real-time game (although you COULD just wait 400 days). Whether those things are fun to figure out or do is the question.

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 on: 04/18/21, 16:13
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