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Zen Studios (Pinball FX3) picks up Williams and Bally licenses
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September 04, 2018, 22:00:48
San Francisco, CA – September 04, 2018 – Zen Studios today announced it is bringing tables from the world-renowned Williams and Bally pinball collection to digital game stores. This global agreement grants Zen the digital rights to the full Williams and Bally pinball library, with the initial 2018 releases including Fish Tales, Junk Yard, Medieval Madness® and The Getaway® High Speed® II – all of which are now available in public beta form through Pinball FX3 on Steam. Committed to making pinball an exciting community experience, Zen also invites fans of all ages to its headquarters in Budapest, Hungary, to see this process in action with a studio tour.

Oh man. Oh man oh man. Farsight losing the license earlier this year was one of the biggest gaming disappointments to me in a long time, so this just makes my day. And yes, it's coming to the Switch, which means we'll finally be able to play Attack From Mars on Nintendo's new system! WOOOOO!

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Posted: 09/04/18, 22:00:48  - Edited by 
 on: 09/04/18, 22:00:42    
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I'm happy YOU'RE happy! :D

I haven't really played much virtual pinball since the Pokemon Pinball and Metroid Pinball days (both of which I played the snot out of) but it's cool that this genre is still alive and well.

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 on: 09/04/18, 23:52:16
Wow! I love me some Williams pinball! I played Zen Pinball on my 3DS a bunch so this may be on my wish list going forward.

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 on: 09/04/18, 23:54:26
This is such good news. I love digital pinball, but Farsight really dropped the ball with Pinball Arcade. I despise their business model of rushing out tables and then never going back to fix all of the issues. Some of my favorite tables in real life are still a total mess in Pinball Arcade years later. Zen Studios is a much more professional company, and my primary concern that their physics feel too videogamey has already been addressed upfront.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing how these turn out, and my wallet is open and ready. Give me quality, and I'll buy every last table. In fact, I'm going to buy a couple Zen table packs right now to support this excellence.

Looking solid so far. Physics definitely seem much more realistic than the usual Zen style.

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 on: 09/05/18, 01:33:43  - Edited by 
 on: 09/05/18, 04:56:58
Feedback from the beta seems positive so far, and Zen Studios is actively responding to enthusiast's YouTube videos and such and taking that feedback seriously.

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 on: 09/06/18, 16:06:31
That mostly looks really good. I love the little "fun facts" prior to the game starting and the visuals and sound seem on-point (at least, through the eyes and ears of someone who hasn't really played Fish Tales before). The only issue for me is that the ball seems a little...fast? It seems to accelerate a bit quickly compared to actual pinball machines I've played, although that may be my imagination.

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 on: 09/06/18, 16:29:24
Fantastic news!

My highest hope is that they bring some of these tables to VR.

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 on: 09/06/18, 17:30:34

Yeah, hopefully they make some improvements before release with the feedback they get. I'll have to try it for myself to really get a sense of them. You can try the beta right now if you have a good enough PC. I tried but mine just laughed at me.

This guy did a long video on the pros and cons (mostly seems pleased) and Zen responded saying their team watched it. <3


They agreed on Twitter that VR would be cool, so maybe eventually! That would be the best way to play digital pinball.

Edit: And just a few days later, Zen listened to this YouTuber and fixed the flipper physics exactly as he requested. You can make little subtle, more realistic movements now. They're listening to their fans! Farsight Studios wouldn't make a change like what these guys did in 3 days in 3 years… 'cause they're friggin' amateurs.

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 on: 09/07/18, 00:41:27  - Edited by 
 on: 09/10/18, 13:34:24

I had a feeling that this is what the secret special feature would be all about. Pretty cool. Guess I'll have to play the game to see which style I prefer... probably classic.

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 on: 09/18/18, 10:22:24
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