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SMT game for Switch is revealed as Shin Megami Tensei V!!!
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October 23, 2017, 23:18
It's official, revealed as SMT V in a new trailer. Exclusive to Switch!

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10/23/17, 23:18
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Never played a Shin Megami Tensei. Anyone care to sell me on it a little bit? I enjoy old school RPGs, post apocalyptic scenarios and romantic evenings at home.

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 on: 10/23/17, 23:25
Modestly curious. I've never played an SMT game...might give this one a try once it launches.

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 on: 10/23/17, 23:29
I've never played the series, but from what I understand it's like pokemon but with demons. I should give IV a go

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 on: 10/24/17, 00:04
@mrbiggsly Sort of.

Should get my brother in here he would SELL it. Probably oversell it.

But yeah it's an RPG where you (generally) go around in a post-apocalyptic world fighting demons and capturing demons who then join your team and fight with you, and you can fuse demons to make other demons and such so it kind of has that Pokemon thing going on.

Battle system is elemental based, but in an interesting way where different enemies are weak to some things but can block or reflect others so you have to be smart about how you do it. Honestly it's one of the few elemental based battle systems I have ever liked.

Story is usually pretty epic too.

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 on: 10/24/17, 00:09

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 on: 10/24/17, 00:21

I think you should like this. It's got fun turn-based combat where you hit enemy weaknesses to press your advantage (same as Etrian Odyssey, once you figure out the weakness you can easily bring up the info in subsequent battles), a post-apocalypse Tokyo to explore, romantic evenings with demons (you can bargain with enemies to try to convince them to give you more money or join your team).

IV does have some problems with the way progression is structured. Basically, if you're in a sidequest and you hit a door where it says you can't enter while your mission is active, you need to cancel your sidequest: in every case, what you need to finish that quest is beyond that wall.

Also, the map can be confusing, and I basically had to have google maps show me Tokyo at times to figure out where to go. No joke.

But I loved this game.

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 on: 10/24/17, 05:56
Sounds like it could be fun, but the monster gathering might not be for me depending on how much work you need to put into that. If I have to go around grinding to get some monster I need, or get a monster I have to a certain level or whatever, I might lose interest after a while. Still, it sounds interesting.

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 on: 10/24/17, 21:40

I hear you. The system isn't like Pokémon at all (not a huge fan of Pokémon myself). Rather, instead of attacking an enemy, you can decide to talk to it, and depending on the outcome of the conversation, it can join your roster. But while you can level up that monster in combat, what you mostly find yourself doing is constantly adding other monsters to your roster, and fusing them together to unlock more powerful monsters. And again, with fusions, you have most of the info you need right there on your screen.

I played through the game without getting too deep into monster fusion, just constantly fusing to monsters that looked more powerful, and got through the game just fine.

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 on: 10/24/17, 21:48
Ah, well that sounds pretty good! I do respect Pokémon, and would like to be able to get into the games more (enjoyed Pokémon Blue on 3DS a bit before other stuff came along and I just drifted away from it), but parts of it feels like busywork to me. There were monster gathering mechanics in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World on Wii too, which were OK, but by the end game it all started to get a bit grindy. Or maybe I just didn't understand the system enough to rise above that.

With an interesting plot and some cool world building I could see myself enjoying a game like this, I suppose.

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 on: 10/24/17, 21:57
I was mildly curious about SMT IV but never got around to buying it. Then I got confused by the new version of it they released, and still can't figure out if it's an expanded version or more of a sequel.

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 on: 10/24/17, 22:07
Yeah I never went out of my way to find new monsters, I'd just recruit ones that I ran into. You can search if you want to catch specific demons for fusions and such but that's more for hardcore fans.

@Mop it up My brother played both and said it is a completely new game but reuses some assets and such.

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 on: 10/24/17, 22:08   Edited:  10/24/17, 22:09
I've been mildly interested in the previous game just form seeing its name thrown around so much lol. I'm going to keep an eye on this, from what's been described so far I *might* like it.

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 on: 10/24/17, 23:53
I've been interested in the series for a bit, but handheld.

My bro is an SMT nut so his ranting and raving has been a bit infectious, if not annoying.

I will definitely get this on Switch though. Happy it's a real entry in the series.

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 on: 10/25/17, 11:31
@carlosrox Do we have the same brother?!

Mine even made this huge SMT wiki single-handedly with walls and walls of text and such. He's really big into the "philosophy" of SMT.

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 on: 10/25/17, 15:46   Edited:  10/25/17, 15:47
Cool! I still haven't cracked open SMT IV, though...

But it's good news. Persona ports would be nice, too. For other people.

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 on: 10/25/17, 19:31
Maybe we're brothers from another mother.

My bro goes on about it being just about his favorite series now.

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 on: 10/25/17, 20:51
Yah I’ve noticed that folks that are into it are really, really into it. Not saying that in a demeaning way mind you; it’s got a pretty loyal community.

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 on: 10/28/17, 09:58

I dunno, I think you're maybe focussing on the hardcore fans, who are definitely more vocal and visible. And the fact that the title wasn't localised probably contributes to keeping people who would be more casually into the series at bay. But we're out there.

I'm not a mega fan, personally. I just found SMT4 to be a really good RPG that delivers what I want from the genre: a compelling story, dialogue that's to the point, fun areas to explore, an engaging combat system…

Overly wordy RPG dialogue is my biggest pet peeve right now: I can't stand when character prattle on about stuff that either boring, or that's already been exposed/made obvious/repeated. Because of that, I couldn't get into SMT-adjacent Persona 5 and Tokyo Mirage Sessions.

But 4 didn't have that problem.

edit - If I come across as an SMT evangelist, it's probably just because I want to convince other people who could potentially be casually into the series, that it's really not that intimidating a franchise.

The Japanese title does the series a huge disservice IMO.

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 on: 10/30/17, 16:44   Edited:  10/30/17, 16:46
Never played a game in this series, but my wife adores turn based RPGs, so I have a feeling this may end up in our library one day. Unless the Switch keeps this insane pace of amazing releases going, in which case this one might fall by the wayside, who knows! Will depend on 2018's schedule, I guess. Only so much time and money for games, and right now it's unreasonable how much AAA stuff is already out, ha ha.

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 on: 10/30/17, 18:04
Speaking of my brother I guess he ordered a custom-made SMT IV costume for Halloween...

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 on: 11/01/17, 16:23
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