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NPD August 2013: Pikmin sneaks into the Top 10, 3DS Top System for 4th Straight Month
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September 13, 2013, 02:09


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09/13/13, 02:09   Edited:  09/13/13, 02:10
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Minecraft 360 seems to be a pretty big deal.

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 on: 09/13/13, 02:11
3DS. Kickin' ass and taking names.

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 on: 09/13/13, 02:16
Nice to see Mario and Luigi and Pikmin 3 up there, even if we don't know the numbers.

Hey wait a second... Shouldn't New Super Luigi U be on here somewhere?!

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 on: 09/13/13, 02:24   Edited:  09/13/13, 02:24
@Mop it up

It was only out at retail for 6 days or something, wasn't it?

Also, you gotta imagine a big percentage of the people buying it would get it online, which don't count on NPD.

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 on: 09/13/13, 02:30   Edited:  09/13/13, 02:31
@Mop it up

"According to Nintendo, 190,000 copies of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team were sold in August (combining physical and digital sales), while Pikmin 3 sold 115,000. New Super Luigi U has sold 120,000 combined units across physical and digital."


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 on: 09/13/13, 02:57   Edited:  09/13/13, 02:58
That has to be a positive regarding Pikmin 3 sales. Really sweet game, with TONS of charm.

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 on: 09/13/13, 08:31
Kind of interested to see the Disney Infinity Wii U numbers. We didn't see any Wii U version at Best Buy today. Low stock, or maybe they were sold out?

They did have a Wii version, which was strange, because I didn't even know there was a Wii version.

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 on: 09/13/13, 09:01
Nintendo 3Doomed . Pikmin & NSLU doing respectable numbers. This pleases me.

SC: Blacklist, though... I know it's just a rumor right now, but still. If the Wii U version really is doing that poorly, I bet GameStop (or Ubi?) has something to do with it. I saw lots of people say they we're told their GameStop had one or no copies of the Wii U version available for pre-order (mine included, had to go to 3 GameStops to find one), and I noticed my copy says "GameStop Edition" on the cover for whatever reason. AND it seems like they haven't got any new copies at GS since launch day, based on what people around the interwebs are saying.

IDK, kind of speculating/conspiring, but it just seems odd...

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 on: 09/13/13, 09:45
Apparently 3DS did around 130K which is first overall but still way behind expectations I believe. Times have changed, for example the 3DS is doing worse than the PSP when compared to this point in its life. Hopefully the 2DS and Pokemon will inject some vigor into the platform.

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 on: 09/13/13, 17:59

You think that's positive for a launch month? I dunno, seems super low to me. Of course, I haven't paid attention to the sales figures in a long while.

Speaking of, I REALLY miss the actual NUMBERS in these NPD reports. Who cares what they were ranked? I would rather see the actual data. Boo.

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 on: 09/13/13, 19:01
Yeah those Pikmin 3 sales seem kind of low considering it was released right at the beginning of August. Let's hope it has legs and people pick it up when the price drop / holidays come around.

Posted by 
 on: 09/13/13, 19:05

Indeed, times have changed. Nintendo won't see the kind of success they had with the DS, with the 3DS. Which is okay - they can still do Gameboy/Gameboy Advance numbers and be fine. So long as they know (and plan) to sell like that. Which, considering what I've heard their expectations are/were, that may not be the case.

I'll admit, that does make me worry a bit. Don't over-reach, Nintendo...!

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 on: 09/13/13, 21:13
My copy of Pikmin 3 didn't count towards NDP, since I bought it digitally.

Posted by 
 on: 09/13/13, 22:03
So Nintendo was both the #6 and #10 publisher last month? Think what they could do if they joined forces!

Posted by 
 on: 09/13/13, 23:31
Some alright stuff. I am glad to see Payday 2 in there. Look Zero, an honest to goodness middle class game receiving success! Minecraft is an absolute behemoth. Crazy to think that is on one platform, retail only when the game launched over a year ago digitally.

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 on: 09/14/13, 00:28
I think the Pikmin 3 sales are pretty good. Not great or spectacular or anything, but when you factor in that Pikmin is one of Nintendo's lesser-popular series and it released on a failing system during a summer month that usually sees slower sales than most other months... yeah, that's a good number for it. I expected the physical New Super Luigi U to top Pikmin 3 so I certainly expected it to do worse.

Posted by 
 on: 09/14/13, 00:32
@nacthenud Good point. With the rise of digital purchases NPD might become a useless thing soon.

Posted by 
 on: 09/14/13, 00:35
I'll bet there are a lot of Madden fans that are pissed at their purchase, lol. I've heard the latest game in that franchise is terrible. Can anyone confirm?

Posted by 
 on: 09/14/13, 15:56
I've gotta think those Pikmin numbers are pretty good, when you take the system's userbase into account. Cracking the Top 10 as a single SKU, not bad at all.

Posted by 
 on: 09/14/13, 17:56

Good point. Except for Minecraft and Dream Team, all of the other games on the list are multiplatform.

Posted by 
 on: 09/14/13, 18:14
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