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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Discussion (Nintendo DS) [game]
8.79/10 from 18 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars on the DS!

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So after completing Dragon Quest VI, I've chosen that Chinatown Wars was the next game to knock off my backlog. I'm not in the mood to follow an RPG up with another RPG (which is mainly what my backlog is made out of), and this is a lengthy game that will feel good to put behind me. Plus, it came up recently on RFN and that reminded me that it is super fun. There's no good reason why I stopped playing it other than something newer and shinier came along.

Because I'm trying to play my handhelds on the go more than before (traditionally, I've just played them at home), I'm definitely feeling the complaints about the forced touch controls more. It's a bit annoying to suddenly have a QTE that requires you to pull the stylus out quickly, and sure, I could keep it between my fingers while playing, but it's a) uncomfortable and b) a sure way to drop the stylus and lose it in the subway.

That complaint aside, it's a blast. Running drugs is a simple series of "go from A to B" but buying low and selling high is damn addictive. The writing is top notch with very funny dialog, and the pacing is a thousand times better than the only other GTA game I've played much of: GTA4.

There is seriously very little that is not improved by the changes made to accommodate portable play. The shorter missions, the smaller map and the cutscenes that don't linger and don't take forever to get to the point provide such a better experience.

I don't know if I'll complete it, though. I looked at a FAQ and there are a tooon of missions left. I better stop getting sidetracked with the drug-running if I don't want to get sick of Chinatown Wars before it ends.

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Posted: 03/05/13, 03:53:04  - Edited by 
 on: 03/05/13, 03:53:31
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Played it about ten hours. It's a great game.
Posted: 03/05/13, 04:11:32
Guillaume likes running drugs confirmed.
Posted: 03/05/13, 04:22:28
Technically and artistically, the best DS game ever made. Only DQ IX approaches it from a technical standpoint by seamlessly integrating co-op multiplayer into an in-depth, complex DQ game. But, artistically speaking, its still just adorable old DQ.
Posted: 03/05/13, 05:11:17
Oh man, I need to dig out my old copy of this game. I loved it so much mainly b/c it reminded me of GTA2 but with better features. I'm a sucker for driving games. With the option to drive anything that moves, deal drugs, shoot hookers, or just go exploring, it doesn't get much better!
Posted: 03/05/13, 06:14:09
This is seriously the only GTA game I've enjoyed. Ever. It's a really good game. The missions are short enough that you may be able to knock it out in rather short order, Gui. (compared to an RPG, for example)
Posted: 03/05/13, 06:18:09
I feel like I played this game FOREVERRRR - and still didn't finish it! Must investigate why I gave up on it, a tricky mission perhaps....
T'was a ton of fun though. Some of the mumbling of the passers-by cracked me up.
Posted: 03/05/13, 19:26:56
It's the only GTA game I've ever owned/played. I really enjoyed it, but stopped playing for some unknown reason.
Posted: 03/05/13, 19:33:02
I liked this game a lot. I don't recall it taking me that long to complete, but I didn't get too carried away with drug-running and didn't complete every side mission.
Posted: 03/05/13, 19:42:30
Maybe that was it - I was being a good little Boy Scout and completing every task that was asked of me.
An obedient, drug-running, reckless driving, mass murdering Boy Scout.
Posted: 03/05/13, 20:53:02
Best GTA love, love CTW!!!!!!
Posted: 03/06/13, 03:41:30
I had a lot of fun with this game. I posted some of my detailed impressions back in 2011 when I was playing this for the first time.

I finally added it to the finished pile on Oct. 10, 2011, after 12 hr 40 min. My thoughts were:

I said:
I really enjoyed this game and found plenty of stuff to do in between the normal missions, which is probably why I spent longer on this game than I had initially thought. Getting filthy rich buying drugs at a low price and selling at a high price becomes a game unto itself, where I was buying up properties all over Liberty City... for reasons unknown! Well, it's convenient having a safe house nearby to stash drugs and save after doing a lot of cool stuff.

All the side mission stuff is fairly extensive. Scoping out the city and seeing what's hidden around the corner is always fun.

According to the stat screen after finishing the game, I'm ranked 'Marshal.' with 67.8% complete. I destroyed 35/100 security cameras (terribly hard to find, time-consuming and easy to miss) and own 18 safehouses. There's a bunch of other stats in there I'm not going to bother with as well.

The game's story was ok, nothing I haven't seen in previous GTA games, with lots of plot twists concerning 'who is the traitor' and so forth.
Posted: 03/07/13, 16:36:47  - Edited by 
 on: 03/07/13, 16:37:19
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