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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Wii U) discussion [game]
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the Wii U
9.38/10 from 18 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the Wii U!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

And here we are.


Game IS NOT Region Locked: NA + SA CAN PLAY with Europe + Australia + Africa(?)



Welcome to the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate thread! This will be our headquarters for coordinating our Hunts, sharing stories of war, and helpful hints for our brothers-in-arms, compatriots, friends, and neighbors. Please be mindful of folks' different definitions of "spoilers," and remember that not EVERYBODY played Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii, though everybody totally should've.

The "burden" of running this thread has been placed upon me but...I can't do it alone. I will lean on Maxi and others to help with the heavy lifting occasionally, both in planning things and also in feeding this thread. Please keep it bumped (once we get going). If you could, let us know if you're getting this game, WHEN you're getting this game, and what your aspirations are so we can get us situated in groups with likeminded people. Do you want to barely play this game? Is this going to be your new #1? The most fun with this game is had when you get to go out with a group of guys week in week out, so if we can find someone with a schedule similar to yours, you'll have the most fun with it.

I'VE GOT IT, AND I'M HUNTING MONSTERS (Name / WiiU ID / NW / HR / Weapon of Choice)
Nova (Mop_it_up / Mop it up) HR135 / Lance
Mustache (RobSchulz / Mr_Mustache) HR125 / Sword & Shield
Cryojin (Cryojin / Cryojin) HR110 / Switch Axe
OlManZelda (OldManFromZelda) HR89 / Dual Blades
Joseph (NinSage / NinSage) HR83 / Switch Axe
Ludist210 (Ludist210 / Ludist210) HR57 / Switch Axe
Ananda (AnandX / Anand) HR54 / Gunlance
Stratos (Chronocast / Stratos) HR40 / Longsword
Munchie (brass / chackfalcon) HR40 / Jack of All Trades

Scrawnton (Scrawnton / Scrawnton) HR7 / Longsword
d_Artagnan (SMGriffith / d_Artagnan) HR7 / Hunting Horn

Davoid (DavoidXPlay / Davoid) HR6 / Switchaxe
Andrew (WindWaker99 / WindWaker99) HR6 / Assorted Blades

Mikey (Anon_Mastermind / Anon_Mastermind) HR5 / Dual Blades
Inada / Lutherian / Luther / HR4 / Dual Blades
Kaiten (kgtennispro / kgtennispro) HR4 / Bow

vinnom (vinnom / vinniebrock) HR3 / Hammer
Skyreus (FirstW / CPA Wei) HR3
Graptakular (Graptakular) HR 3 / Sword & Shield

Melia (MattB92 / Nintendo.Wii) HR2 / Switch Axe
Darius (Pokefreak911) HR2 / Great Sword

Ruby (Rokninja / Dynablade) HR0 / Hammer
DeputyVanHalen HR0
Brick HR0
Dark Weres

Scheduled Posses / Group Outings (date & military time EST - # - hunters - quest if applicable):
03/21 ------ 1/4 LUDIST
03/22 ------
03/23 ------
03/24 ------
03/25 ------
03/26 ------

NinTemple_Maxi's Section of HELP!
Weapon Tutorials!
..and a Pro / Con breakdown!

URL to share (right click and copy)
02/10/13, 01:03    Edited: 03/21/15, 09:37
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I haven't really been following this game, how much different is it from the Wii version? I may try to just get back into that one. Of course, I couldn't play multi with you guys but I don't have the best schedule for a lot of online gaming nowadays anyway.

...or do I?!
02/10/13, 01:12   

Of course you do!

And I haven't looked it up (on purpose), but as I understand it, it is nearly the same game, though they added new "everything" in there, and slapped a coat of polish on it. Also, we have built-in Wii U Speak(?) through the GamePad so everyone can talk to each other..or just hear our thumbs frantically pressing buttons.

And yes, I guess you cannn play alone, but the meat of the game was always getting together with my buddies and kicking back. I'll never forget that 15 hour session with a multitude of NW guys and Chack. Start at 2pm, end at 5am when the sun comes up? Sure! (I think Anand was uncharacteristically there until the bitter end that time, too!)
02/10/13, 01:21   
Here's a good look at the new content, for those interested.

Ha ha, I'm surprised you actually made this thread.

@Zero If you plan to play online and don't mind that you didn't get your money's worth out of the Wii version, then it'd be worth it, since it would seem quite a few people here will be getting the game. If you just plan to play single player though, then the new stuff isn't really worthwhile. If you really wanted it anyway, then you might as well get the 3DS version to have it in portable form.
02/10/13, 01:38   
@Mop it up

Why? The people have spoken!
02/10/13, 01:42   
I have it preordered and paid off, but will be halfway across the country on the release date, so I guess I don't count as day 1. I can't wait to play though.
02/10/13, 02:16   
Hah. I was going to vote for mustache in the other thread just to annoy him. (I really don't care either way ) Didn't have to. Good stuff.

BTW Stache, to continue on from the discussion in the other thread, YES, me and Freak could play together, but then it's just the two of us. We want to be a part of the awesome NW group, not an isolated colony of monster slaying convicts.

(MH series based off of early Australian colonial history- True story)
02/10/13, 02:16   

Close enough! When do you get to play?

Shadowlink said:
Hah. I was going to vote for mustache in the other thread just to annoy him.

See, Zero!!

--Dude, haha; "not some isolated colony?" That is EXACTLY what Australia is! I probably won't play with every single guy in this thread (and I didn't play with every single guy in the Wii thread), but we can still talk about it..just as you guys can! Also, what if you find someone on there who is totally awesome, and then you can bring them to NW? That almost kinda almost happened with NinSage!
02/10/13, 02:31   
Yeah if people voted for me I would have done this thread but I guess it is a recognition thing since I need to make more threads. March 19th is the release date for the game in the US. Both the 3DS and Wii U. For Europe the release date is March 22nd 2013. Austrellia/Oceania that date is March 23rd 2013.

I will be getting the game but it won't be at launch maybe a few months afterwards. My goals with the game will be this. Help anyone new with the series get used to the game because there can be a little bit of a learning curve to start and it takes some patience.Also I want to try the all the weapons out and then focus on maining a few that I think would fit my style of play. I also want to explore the armor sets later on as I play.

As for hunts I think depending on who we have joining in to play should determine how often we should play to start. What I mean is that if most of us are returning Tri players then I think we can start online right away but if we have some new players to Tri U then we can have a 1 night a week while most of us play offline and chat in the thread about what we are doing offline and help each other with that.
02/10/13, 02:34   
Edited: 02/10/13, 03:51
My plan is to be on vacation from the 16th-24th. So the 24th or 25th.
02/10/13, 03:13   
And we're off! Good Start Stache...
02/10/13, 03:29   

Its not the same
02/10/13, 03:30   
@Mr_Mustache But Shadowlink screws with everyone!!!
02/10/13, 03:31   
To be fair, it's Mustache's fault. He was the one who didn't want to do the thread. So fine. Why abide by the vote then? It's not like he agreed to anything.

Yet here he is honoring a commitment he didn't even make....

Annoyance triggered by my vote would have (hopefully) pushed him to the realisation that he didn't *have* to abide by his own ridiculous standards....he could simply let go and relaaaaax.

I annoy to teach. *Nods*
02/10/13, 03:37   
Edited: 02/10/13, 03:38
Day 1 for me Pre-ordered yesterday.

I was pretty late to the party with Tri, so as far as aspirations or goals, I'd say it'd be to just play more online. By the time I got really into it, most of my buddies that had it had sort of moved on....

This will definitely be my #1, and depending on how long we have to wait for Pikmin 3, TW101, Wind Waker HD, etc., it could stay at the top for a while. Concerning schedules, I'm usually (sometime have dinner/movie plans, homework, etc.) open for at least a couple hours on weeknights, although saturday is pretty much by far the best day for me.

02/10/13, 03:38   
Edited: 02/10/13, 03:59

See ya soon, bucko!
02/10/13, 03:46   
There will be a demo of the game on February 21st for the Wii U and 3DS. There was a demo for Tri and it was just mainly the fighting part of the game but it didn't really go into the different aspects of the game which make it long lasting so if the Wii U and 3DS demo is like that and you haven't played the game before just keep that in mind.
02/10/13, 03:55   
I still want the game and want to talk to you all about it, I just refuse to give Capcom my money in protest.
02/10/13, 09:37   
Day One.
02/10/13, 17:07   
I'm all over it like white on rice.
02/10/13, 19:15   
I'm thinking of getting this game when it comes out. If I do, I'd like to play with some other newbies to the series. Don't know if I want to stick to a super-strict schedule. We'll see!
02/10/13, 23:59   
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