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Wii Music Discussion (Nintendo Wii) [game]
Wii Music on the Wii
7.5/10 from 6 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Wii Music on the Wii!

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HEY ANAND, WHERE ARE YOU? Wii Music is an interesting game. Sort of. What a weird experience.

Anyway, I mostly just created this because I just found out the very bizarre fact that Carrie Brownstein aka the guitarist of Sleater-Kinney aka one of the stars of Portlandia reviewed Wii Music.

How strange.

Hmm. To get things back on topic though, I... am not a huge fan. It's ok to play around with, but I wish there were more to it.

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Posted: 01/14/13, 10:59:38  - Edited by 
 on: 01/14/13, 11:01:56
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The siren song of Wii Music has called me back from the beyond...

I actually saw this from Twitter! Crazy.

I'm always down for a Wii Music discussion! Have we ever traded jams on this board? Would that even be possible, if we transferred our save files to the Wii U, or is it one of those WiiConnect24 features? Hmm...

Andrew, is your only Wii Music experience that one session? Because it isn't really a "introduce at a party" kind of game.

I do agree with Brownstein (what a Renaissance woman! (is that a thing?)) that the Jam Mode is the best part. I usually fool around so much that the song really isn't even recognizable at the end. Sort of like with Frequency (a great music game).
Posted: 01/14/13, 16:08:04
I hate that game. I thought IGN was exaggerating back in the day but then I played it... man. You really do just push buttons and wave the controller and you make noise. It took me back to being 5 years old.

Okay the mode where you can make your own tunes is admittedly interesting. But you can't really compose anything, can you? You can just make your own versions of the shitty songs that are in the game, with the instruments you want. Correct me if I'm wrong. And you can add new notes to them but in the end it's all a bunch of noise. And actually playing them is still boring. Maybe the game is fun for kids but I don't like it.
Posted: 01/14/13, 16:31:02  - Edited by 
 on: 01/14/13, 16:33:40
I should say that I don't LOVE it (though I'm not really the audience, since I know a bit about music), but I do love the idea of it, and I think that it's interesting and novel.
Posted: 01/14/13, 16:34:52
Yeah. This one is pretty bad. It has some charm but Carrie Brownstein gets it right: Couldn't it be so much more?
Posted: 01/15/13, 02:28:38
I don't think the game deserved the backlash that it got, though part of that is probably that Nintendo made too big of a deal about it at E3. I think it's a good alternative to those who don't want to bother with the likes of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, but ultimately it was too limited, too simplified. Unfortunately, the outcry and less-than-stellar sales probably mean Nintendo won't be willing to give it another shot.
Posted: 01/15/13, 02:34:54
I bought my preordered copy the day it released and put fifteen hours into it in the first week. I even created a wordy thread over at IGN back in the day as I felt the game deserved some love. Many poo-poo'd the game, but just as many seemed to get it. Sure the game lacked in many, many ways a game from The Big N normally doesn't/shouldn't, but it was novel and had a lot to offer. I enjoyed creating songs/duets with other users online, and trying to create both goofy and serious-ish works of fun. I just would have preferred more, shall I say, interesting songs? Or, at least oodles more Nintendo songs (they were the best). It's a shame the game received such a beating, as I think Nintendo for once took the words of its users/press to heart and shelved the possibility for a sequel.
Posted: 01/15/13, 03:09:56
Recently got this as I finally saw it used for $5 as opposed to the $30 it was going for at my local EB Games'.

Can't say I've fallen in love with it. The amount of text the game dumps on you initially is just killing me. I can't believe they're making people read endless tutorials for a game with a track listing that would appeal to pre-schoolers. I guess if Wii Music were made today, at least they'd have their vocaloid engine explaining the game to kids. But the amount of text would still be overkill.

Playing music feels real bad, right now, especially anything that involves motion controls. False positives (?) are a frequent occurrence, and I just generally feel helpless trying to prevent them. The Wii remote will register whatever it registers. At least with button pushes, you know you're the one who messed up.

I'll probably keep playing a bit, as Karen seems to find the game relaxing. But we're just rubbish at it.

At least we've found some enjoyment so far in making our album covers.
Posted: 10/22/14, 18:14:24

$5 eh? I actually saw a good YouTube video (found it) demonstrating the game, showing it could work. It was actually pretty fascinating...if I see this in a bargain bin sometime, I might bite.

Posted: 10/22/14, 18:21:18
This game is $3 used at GameStop for anyone curious about it, and you may even luck out and get an unused Club Nintendo code.
Posted: 10/22/14, 23:55:38
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