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Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
8/10 from 2 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing on the Wii!

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So I really like the game. It feels at least as fast and as chaotic as Excitebots, minus the wacky motion controls, which to me is a good thing. I do wish it were 60 fps instead of 30 to really feel the speed, but otherwise I can't complain.

The tracks are very dynamic and constantly change under your tires, the shortcuts are plentiful, and some of the tracks are just spectacular in terms of set pieces and eye candy. The Skies of Arcadia one may be my favorite: the pirates' town is under attack by gigantic ships, and with each lap the destruction gets worse and worse, to the point where you have to complete the last lap entirely in the air due to the fact that there is no road anymore.

The in-game clock says I've played a dozen hours, but it felt a bit longer than that to me. I think I spent 4 hours on the game in one night, accomplishing missions.

By the way, I've gotten to the credits, and my advice to everyone is: don't get too crazy getting three stars on each course unless you need them to advance. Stick to medium, and replay tracks as little as possible. You'll replay them eventually...

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Posted: 12/19/12, 06:33:59  - Edited by 
 on: 12/19/12, 06:34:20
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I too am enjoying the game. I went for A rank through the first set of challenges, but I will heed your advice simply because I know what happens.

This is quite different than Mario Kart and thus deserves a place right beside it.

Posted: 12/19/12, 08:02:39
i had this game for a couple days from gamefly. I played a bit to unlock some characters and tried online. I like the game but im just not in to this type of racer it seems. I sent it back to gamefly but i can see myself getting it again one day.
Posted: 12/19/12, 15:25:53
Isn't this the wrong game?
Posted: 12/19/12, 15:41:26
Haha, how what when huh?

I don't know how this happened: I had opened the Wii U game's page, updated it with my ownership and status... and then went back and clicked on the Wii game's page and created the game's thread?

I will delete this once people have had a chance to move their posts, I guess.
Posted: 12/19/12, 15:43:12  - Edited by 
 on: 12/19/12, 15:47:44
I actually rented this game recently. I kind of hated the feel of the driving. And the framerate left a lot to be desired. But what I've played of the sequel is more fun. I still wish it had a better sense of friction, though.
Posted: 12/19/12, 16:21:56
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