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Nintendo Land Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
8.66/10 from 35 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Nintendo Land on the Wii U!

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Nintendo Land Review (Nintendo Wii U) (9.1)  by  

Twelve attractions. Up to Five Players! BILLIONS OF FUN MOMENTS!

The game is finally out and I've already taken it for a spin. My sister and I tried all the 2+ player attractions and so far I like Animal Crossing Sweet Day, Mario Chase, and Zelda Battle Mii the best.

This is going to be a hell of a game for Nintendo fans with a lot of fan service I suspect.

Anyone agree? What are your favorite attractions? Least favorites? High scores? Low scores?

Do tell! Do it here!

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Posted: 11/19/12, 03:34:41  - Edited by 
 on: 11/19/12, 03:36:26
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This game makes me wish for 2 things:

1. That I had more friends with the time to come over and play videogames to get the most out of it.
2. That this game had online multiplayer.

I actually really like the octopus rhythm game. The zelda one was okay, and the metrod one was not bad. DK is pretty enjoyable.
Posted: 11/19/12, 03:45:52
Yeah, only been able to play the solo events so far... I'm surprised by how challenging they are. I'm going to try to get some people over to play the multiplayer stuff.

This is already, for me, a much more fun pack-in game than Wii Sports, though it can obviously never stir up as big of a frenzy.
Posted: 11/19/12, 04:04:50
Metroid is alright, the controls are a bit tough to get used to.
Posted: 11/19/12, 04:44:10
I've only played Nintendo Land solo so far, but I'm impressed with how fun some of these games are, even for a single player. The F-Zero game is a blast, and the others I played were pretty enjoyable too (although I agree with Zero -- using two sticks AND gyro controls makes things a bit complicated).
Posted: 11/19/12, 04:45:52
Animal Crossing is awesome. Sooo fun. My brother asked "how does it work with more than 2 people?" which is an interesting question.

Pikmin is alright, it's growing on me.

Mario is... I dunno, there are a lot of chase games aren't there? On a side note, I beat my brother like 5 times in a row, switching between Mario and Toad. He sucks at Mario.
Posted: 11/19/12, 05:41:27
I've only tried maybe half the games so far, and only briefly, but for the most part they are really fun. Especially co-op Zelda (I had a sword and my brother-in-law had the bow and arrow), and the Mario chase game (2 vs 1).

The Mario game in particular had us really laughing and screaming. And I love the replay video that plays at the end of each match!

I can't wait to try out the Luigi's Mansion and Animal Crossing mini games.
Posted: 11/19/12, 05:44:46
I'm liking this game. Haven't had a chance to play it with others yet, but it's charming and fun solo. I think the fact that it's got the plaza really helped this game out. And all the unlockable stuff...found out there's a juke box.and already unlocked F-Zero music on it. Now I feel compelled to continue the hunt >_
Posted: 11/19/12, 06:00:57

I didn't find Luigi's Mansion exciting... Yet. Just my sister and I.. not so awesome. But, Animal Crossing Sweet Day was a riot even with just us imo.
Posted: 11/19/12, 06:18:33
It's a little confusing to me that so many of these games are single player, you don't get the Wii Sports effect with single player games! They could have at least had modes where you took turns and stuff. Weird decision for this game.
Posted: 11/19/12, 06:37:10
Trish and I had my friend and his wife over. BEST TIME IN A LONG TIME. Multiplayer is where this game shines in spades.

How does Animal Crossing work with less than four players? We always had the "carry rule" in effect, whatever that means.

I think my favourite single player game is DK Crash Course. Very addictive!

Did you play the train? The single player games are swap-out multi and all of them are pretty dang fun that way!
Posted: 11/19/12, 06:59:08  - Edited by 
 on: 11/19/12, 06:59:42

Animal Crossing with only two people - you gather candy and have to drop it in what is best described as giant golf wholes spread around the level. Its fun, I prefer 3 or more and the carry rule.
Posted: 11/19/12, 07:06:23
So after playing many hours of Nintendoland I have one big complaint and thats how long it takes to get into each game. The whole Wii U experience seems to take forever. So much loading between everything.

While the attractions are great they are not Wii sports great and wont bring grandmas into gaming like it did. Wii U needs Wii U Sports. Next holiday would probably be a great time since the other consoles should be coming out and Wii U should get a price cut and Wii U Sports. If that happens goodbye Sony and Microsoft again.
Posted: 11/19/12, 07:09:49
This game is ridiculously fun with my gamer pals and family members. It may not be quite as accessible as Wii Sports, but anyone who already enjoys video games in general has to have a good time with Nintendo Land's superb multiplayer! I knew I'd enjoy reviewing this title...
Posted: 11/19/12, 07:33:34
@ploot I was not aware of this train! That solves that issue. Looking forward to getting people playing on Thanksgiving. Maybe. My family is kind of lame nowadays, family parties are not what they used to be. The kids will want to play, at least.
Posted: 11/19/12, 08:16:31
You might need to edit your top ten train article. CHOO! CHOO!
Posted: 11/19/12, 09:11:25
I didn't think I would do this but I'm looking at the plaza more through the gamepad than on the TV.
Posted: 11/19/12, 10:14:12
Really underestimated this game... I wouldn't have ever bought it if it didn't come bundled, and that would have been a shame! It has a lot of Nintendo charm.

My roommate wanted to try Wii U out really quick before he headed to bed, so we loaded up the Zelda battle game randomly... that turned into two and a half hours. I can't wait to try the others and get more friends and family over.

Played it more than Mario so far.
Posted: 11/19/12, 13:26:26  - Edited by 
 on: 11/19/12, 13:28:06

I forget which rules I had, but as 2-players, I would control BOTH hunters and my sister would be the one to pick up candy and drop it off. I had to manage both control sticks to pull this off. Lots of fun.
Posted: 11/19/12, 13:32:09

Yes..I played it that way with my wife - we had a blast.

Still haven't tried all the (NL) games yet - was not able to have a great "launch day" dedicated to playing as life was a bit busy that day. Oh well. Lots of game time lies ahead...
Posted: 11/19/12, 16:44:02
Hinph said:
Really underestimated this game... I wouldn't have ever bought it if it didn't come bundled, and that would have been a shame! It has a lot of Nintendo charm.

That's pretty much how I feel so far. I only put it in because I was recording a podcast yesterday and I figured it would make for better conversation than Mario, and I ended up having a lot of fun with it. I'm particularly impressed because so far I only played solo, and I was under the impression that Nintendo Land would be primarily a multiplayer-focused experience. F-Zero, Balloon Fight and Donkey Kong are all a lot of fun for just one person.

Honestly, I think I've probably played more of Nintendo Land already than I did of Wii Sports in the entire Wii lifespan. To me it seems like there's way more depth and challenge, and polish to it. Highly recommended.
Posted: 11/19/12, 17:21:23
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