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New Super Mario Bros. 2 (Nintendo 3DS) discussion [game]
New Super Mario Bros. 2 on the 3DS
8.33/10 from 25 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for New Super Mario Bros. 2 on the 3DS!

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New Super Mario Bros. 2 (Nintendo 3DS) Review (8.5)  by  

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Coin Rush Leaderboards

Mushroom Pack
1) kriswright - 30000
2) rebonack - 30000
3) deathly_hallows - 30000
4) Mop it up - 30000
5) VofEscaflowne - 24414
6) Zero - 24002
7) anon_mastermind - 21676
8) Shadowlink - 20070
9) Guillaume - 19788
10) TriforceBun - 13902
11) GameDadGrant - 10240
12) roykoopa64 - 10220
13) kgtennispro - 10130
14) ploot - 10028
15) TheOldManFromZelda - 5178
16) Ludist210 - 4654

Flower Pack
1) Mop it up - 15682
2) TriforceBun - 10454
3) Guillaume - 8656
4) roykoopa64 - 5452
5) GameDadGrant - 4192

Star Pack
1) TriforceBun -11180
2) roykoopa64 - 7574
3) ludist210 - 7000
4) DrFinkelstein - 2898

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08/19/12, 18:39    Edited: 01/16/13, 17:09
Why not sign up for a (free) account?
I just picked mine up! I'll be starting after lunch!

I guess it'll be relevant to post your high-coin scores perhaps...

Looking forward to playing with you all!
08/19/12, 19:01   
Also interested to see if anyone's playing on an XL. I might see if I can stop at Gamestop to try one out and see how it feels. Just to do a little bit of window shopping.
08/19/12, 19:02   
Just got done with my system transfer on my xl. Putting this game in now..

Btw a did a quick Minish cap check on the screen, holy shit the game looks fantastic on these screens.

@PogueSquadron I'm on a Blue XL, I'll let you know how this game holds up.

I played the first level. The game looks fantastic on the xl, but I can't wait to try OoT. The coin aspect changers the way I play Mario. I now take my time and collect all the coins.
08/19/12, 19:04   
Edited: 08/19/12, 19:11

Same here on how it changes the way you play. I'm halfway through world 2 and find myself crawling through some levels collecting the coins. Almost ran out of time a few times as well. So far I'm enjoying it a lot.
08/19/12, 19:31   
I'm loving this game so far. There's a huge incentive to be efficient with coin collecting and it's a lot of fun. It's always a surprise where you'll find massive coin payouts or not.

A few levels in, and I'm loving this game. The music is nice but not new. A shame, but ah well.
08/19/12, 19:35   
My left finger got sprained? yesterday while doing something. I'm not entirely sure what happened but it hurts to play this game right now. And the d-pad is too low and makes my thumb hurt as well, argh! The game is fun, just feels a little too familiar. I hope the DLC mixes things up later down the line.
08/19/12, 19:47   
Edited: 08/19/12, 19:48
Is there any incentive to get the coins besides the million coin challenge? And the fun of maybe finding different ways to play? I wasn't sure if you could use the coins to buy items or anything.
08/19/12, 19:56   
DrFinkelstein's Stats

Level - Coins High Score - Star Coins Found
W1-1 - 380 - 3
W1-2 - 166 - 3
W1-3 - 302 - 3
W1-M - 179 - 2
W1-4 - 414 - 2

Not sure on the purchasing thing. My guess is no. But the game is designed to not need you to buy items or lives.
08/19/12, 20:08   
I just beat world one. I got every star coin except the third one in W1-A... I can't find it ANYWHERE and I played the level six times.... Any help?
08/19/12, 20:16   

I just finished my second trip through and I didn't see that third one either. If I stumble across it I'll hint you up.
08/19/12, 20:35   
Did my first coin rush mode. I managed to gather 6688 coins, pushing my total to 13902!
08/19/12, 20:36   

Does the timer extend at the end of each level?
08/19/12, 21:18   
@DrFinkelstein each level has one clock extender and when you hit the check point you get 100 seconds. But you always start the level with 60 seconds, I believe. It resets every level.
08/19/12, 21:22   
Just beat the first world. Kind of standard Mario stuff... coins don't really change much so far anyway.
08/19/12, 21:40   
My only disappointment with the game so far is the world design, I have a feeling this game is just going to copy the world design and progression from the DS version... I at least hope they change up the world when DLC is released...
08/19/12, 21:50   
DLC is going to be coin rush only, are they part of the world map?
08/19/12, 23:28   
I played a good bit of it, and I'm in World 3 now. I'm really digging the game. I actually skipped the first world and second world by finding a secret exit and warp canon that took me to a Secret World, and then headed straight to Wendy O. Koopa's water-filled World 3. (kind of a throwback to Super Mario Bros. 3... I like!)

Anyway, game is great and I'm glad I downloaded it. I was also impressed by the download speed... the game only took about 10 minutes from start to finish. eShop is pretty efficient!
08/20/12, 00:10   

Yep, I just found that same secret exit! . I like the fact that the warp cannon doesn't just shoot you to the next area, but rather has you flying through the sky collecting coins along the way. It's a nice touch.
08/20/12, 01:05   
I think I give up on trying to find the last stupid star coin in the first dungeon stage

EDIT: I did find the secret exit that took me to the first ? World Grand mentioned, so at least there's that, heh.
08/20/12, 01:27   
Edited: 08/20/12, 01:38
Pretty much what I was expecting so far... I'm enjoying myself. Not sure what else to say, really. It's New Super Mario Bros with a lot of coin collecting.
08/20/12, 02:37   
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