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Rayman Legends Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
8.93/10 from 8 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Rayman Legends on the Wii U!

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I didn't see a dedicated thread for Rayman Legends, so I thought I'd make one! I've also added it to the Database for anyone who's interested. I was having difficulty adding a video though, so if anyone could help with that, I'd appreciate it!

I'm really struck by how beautiful the game looks. Apparently Rayman isn't even a 3D model. They said in an IGN video that it's just how they've used lighting in the game to give Rayman and his buddies more color. It looks like a freaking painting in motion to me.

So far, it looks like Legends uses the Gamepad in some really cool ways. I'm curious to see how it will work as a single player game. Ubisoft has not announced whether or not the game will retain any online functionality.

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Posted: 06/09/12, 23:16:20  - Edited by 
 on: 06/09/12, 23:17:41
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I wonder if there will be any connectivity with Rayman Origins on 3DS. Ubisoft said they pushed the release of the 3DS version of Rayman Origins to coincide with the release of Rayman Legends. Just a marketing push, or...?
Posted: 06/09/12, 23:21:24
This is a day one buy. Also guys, checks this trailer. The Platforming Hero is here.
Posted: 06/09/12, 23:32:01
Ummmm I have one thought, how do any of these levels work single player without someone using the touchscreen, does that get handles automatically?
Posted: 06/09/12, 23:43:42

That's kind of what I think may happen. The game seems to chaotic to force the player to platform AND manage things on the Gamepad. I think the elements that can be pushed and pulled (or rotated like the giant spiked wheel) will just move automatically, not unlike in any other platforming obstacle.

I was looking at what Gui thought on Origins, and how he found it to be 80% DKCR, and 20% Rayman platformer, and I hope this is true with Legends as well. Mario looks like fun, but I'm excited to see a platformer like this that seems to use all of the different graphics tricks and tech that can make the world SO dynamic.
Posted: 06/09/12, 23:49:17
As beautiful as NSMBU looks....I can't stop coveting this game...

Day 1 for me, this game. Unquestionably more beautiful than Origins.
Posted: 06/10/12, 00:55:10
Rayman Origins was great, bordered on collectathon with all the Lums all over the place, but it's definitely up there with DKCR. I'm sure Rayman Legends will be even better, though I'm hoping the extra GamePad controls are rare or toggled off in singleplayer. That would ruin the flow of the game even worse than DKCR's blowing.
Posted: 06/10/12, 01:02:32
When you link the systems, Legends will run at 30FPS.
Posted: 06/10/12, 01:49:12
Reviews are coming in at it looks like Legends is getting universal acclaim!

IGN - 9.5/10
Eurogamer - 10/10
TheSixthAxis - 9/10
Edge - 9/10
Polygon 8.5/10
Rev3Games - 5/5
gamespot 9.0
9.1 - GameTrailers

Hot damn!
Posted: 08/26/13, 22:30:41
Most places claim this to be one of the best platformers ever made. Buy it.
Posted: 08/27/13, 00:02:26
This game looks so awesome. Absolutely day one. I can't wait. And I'm going to be real here, thank God I don't have to buy a Wii U to play it LOL
Posted: 08/27/13, 00:35:04
Wii U shoulda secured this exclusive. Sigh.

When is it out??
Posted: 08/27/13, 01:45:22
I still feel bitter about this game. I know that's probably kind of childish, but it was such a kick in the junk to Nintendo.
Posted: 08/27/13, 02:00:28
I need to step up and finish Luigi U before this game releases!

I'm not sure I trust mainstream websites to know what "the best platformers ever made" are, but Rayman Origins was good enough to lend the claim credibility.

Polygon's review was fairly useless, not touching on the touch-screen functions at all. Gametrailers on the other hand did their homework. Just listen to it without watching if you don't want to see bosses and such.
Posted: 08/27/13, 02:04:51
hnnng... it may be time to get a WiiU. I'm trying to hold out, but Origins was one of my favorite Wii games.
Posted: 08/27/13, 14:01:30
TriforceBun said:
I still feel bitter about this game. I know that's probably kind of childish, but it was such a kick in the junk to Nintendo.

Same. I'd never buy the game after that crap they pulled. It was just too money-grabbing to me. The game was DONE, then they pulled it from production so they could get a fat paycheck from Microsoft. Total BS business practice to me, I can't fathom supporting a company who would do that. And yes, it's rather childish and irrational, but we're human beings and sometimes we feel that way. This is one of those cases for me.

I may rent it down the road, but it would have been a purchase back in February.
Posted: 08/27/13, 17:02:47
Release date(s)

AU August 29, 2013
EU August 30, 2013[3]
NA September 3, 2013[3]
JP October 17, 2013 (Wii U only)
Posted: 08/27/13, 17:16:09
TriforceBun said:
I still feel bitter about this game. I know that's probably kind of childish, but it was such a kick in the junk to Nintendo.
And the gamers that were anticipating it. I'm not really hot to support Ubisoft's decisions, either. I'll definitely get it at some point, but I won't vote with my full-priced dollar.
Posted: 08/27/13, 17:29:48  - Edited by 
 on: 08/27/13, 17:30:10

Considering the game is releasing on PS3, Vita & Wii U as well as 360, it wasn't a fat paycheck from Microsoft that made Legends go multi. Go back and read some Ubi interviews after the porting was announced. MS and Sony moneybags had nothing to do with it. They were not even involved with the decision. Ubi plainly said that Wii U's install base and 3rd party attach rate drove the decision.
Posted: 08/27/13, 17:32:28
@New Forms

Then explain ANY reason why they would delay the finished Wii U version until the other versions were ready. ANY reason. There are none. What sales do you lose by releasing a game for one console then others later, like thousands of games have in the history of gaming? Who is going to NOT buy the game for the PS3 because it was released for the Wii U first? Who?

Posted: 08/27/13, 17:39:16
The Wii U install base simply wasn't there, or more specifically, 3rd party-purchasing install base.

Late ports generally never sell close to the original because by then it is a known product and the hype has died down (see BioShock & Mass Effect to PS3, etc.).

If you want to protest vote with your dollar, go for it (I actually really respect that). Just make sure you know what you're protesting against.

In this case you're protesting against Ubi fearing low Wii U sales by...proving them right. And you're doing it with the most critically acclaimed platformers in years. Is that the message you really want to be sending on a platform that has shown weak 3rd party support to start with?
Posted: 08/27/13, 17:52:28
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