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Dillon's Rolling Western Discussion (Nintendo 3DS eShop) [game]
7.41/10 from 9 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Dillon's Rolling Western on the 3DS!

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Dillon's Rolling Western Review (Nintendo 3DS eShop) (8.0)  by  

Nintendo pulled a Saturn today and revealed that it was IN STORES (read: eShop) NOW!

Who's going to be the first NWer to bite the bullet? Game is 10 bucks, but supposedly has up to 20 hours of content.

IGN Review - 8.0

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Posted: 02/23/12, 00:03:50
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I think someone already bit the bullet and briefly commented on it somewhere...

The 3D in the trailer looks insane. Even though it's Tower Defense *heave*, it seems to have enough action elements to get me excited. It looks fun just to roll around.

I've kind of decided to wait for Club Nintendo offers for all Nintendo-made, non-multiplayer downloadable games, though.
Posted: 02/23/12, 00:07:24  - Edited by 
 on: 02/23/12, 00:08:31
Yeah, I'm not big on tower defense either, but action elements land the game on my radar. That and it was developed by EAD.

I think Zero should be interested, seems similar to Lock's Quest which he enjoyed IIRC.
Posted: 02/23/12, 00:09:28
Except with a kick-ass rolling armadillo.

Seriously, the rolling sold me.

Is this EAD's first downloadable? I wonder what the hell Miyamoto is working on.
Posted: 02/23/12, 00:14:02  - Edited by 
 on: 02/23/12, 00:14:39
I saw a "preview/review" that very much recommended against getting it, calling it boring, repetitive, frustratingly hard and yeah, all those harsh things. EAD developed it in collaboration with another studio which I'm not sure is so well known. I'll wait on it before making a purchase.
Posted: 02/23/12, 00:24:14  - Edited by 
 on: 02/23/12, 00:24:25
I got the game, and played through the first day.

The game controls with the circle pad and stylus. Great for righties, not so good for lefties, I suppose. At least you don't need to be precise with the stylus. You just use it to slide up and down the screen to roll around quickly. Also you tap to chain combos on enemies.

The days are divided into day and night sections... during the day you roll around collecting money and stuff, mining, placing your defenses. Getting ready for the assault at night. There's not much action going on during the day...yet. I suppose it's a good opportunity to get the lay of the land.At night the enemies attack and you roll into them to start a battle, else you let your turrets take care of them. When you hit an enemy you go into a battle, kind of Zelda 2 style, except not 2D. Once you defeated all the enemies, you've succeeded and kicked back out to the map. Go find another enemy. So far the first day wasn't hectic at all, but I can see it getting intense when more and tougher enemies show up.

After the day you can accept side quests for extra cash, or level up your gear to do bigger combos, roll faster, or have more health.

The art style is really nice, fits the western theme. Dillon's a badass. The style kind of reminds me of a cel-shaded look in Phantom Hourglass or Spirit Tracks. I wouldn't be surprised if this game comes from the DS Zelda team. The 3D is excellent. I didn't notice any ghosting, and the depth adds a lot because you're rolling around an expansive environment. Sound and music is very western-y and I like it.

Anxious to play more.
Posted: 02/23/12, 17:28:52
So that bullet tastes pretty good, huh?

Sounds fun. Unless you're left-handed. The 3D is a big part of what sold me, for once.

I guess this game was co-developed by Vanpool, which makes sense, since the combat seems a little like Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland.
Posted: 02/23/12, 18:13:55
I was going to comment, but you said everything, including the wrist pain issue!

I fell for their trick and downloaded the game the second he said "Available NOW! NOW NOW!!!!!" It's pretty fun, though I feel it's a little overpriced. Wow, ten bucks for a game this meaty back in the day would be a steal. What's happened to me?!
Posted: 02/23/12, 19:11:44
Reviews are love it or hate it for this title: here's a good one, 1UP A-

Myself, I haven't played that far yet, but I did clear the first town without too much trouble. I got a 3-star rating, and I think you can only get 5-star by replaying the stage with better upgrades and more money. I want to dig deeper into the mechanics but you can't get upgrades right away. I'm getting more used to the gameplay, which requires some rhythm taps to keep combos going and earn more loot/money. It's fun. Gonna start the second town tonight.
Posted: 02/27/12, 23:12:59
Finished the second town, enjoying myself quite a bit. The tower defense aspect is coming to life and I'm learning more combos for Dillon. The town design is important, and planning ahead is a key strategy.

Supposedly the game was co-developed by Vanpool.

Yes, I will keep bumping this thread every day until someone else gets the game. It's just me and ploot so far, we need a third to make this an interesting party.
Posted: 02/29/12, 00:52:10
I must be on the love side of the love/hate divide, it's a really fun and charming game, and I'm usually not wild about tower defense, even though I love me some Starship Defense on DSiWare too.
Posted: 03/01/12, 17:51:14  - Edited by 
 on: 03/01/12, 17:58:25
I'm not huge on tower defense either, but there is so much else to keep you busy in Dillon's Rolling Western. Ideally you do want your towers to take out the most enemies possible, it yields more cash. However, you always seem to be low on cash in this game so you don't really put up that many towers, you need to be more strategic, according to the map.
Posted: 03/01/12, 18:14:00
I want it, but I'm waiting for the Club Nintendo code!
Posted: 03/01/12, 21:18:25
I'm actually a little annoyed by how little cash you're able to accumulate even if you complete every side quest, there are towers all over the map and gates that need upgraded but there is never enough cash!
Posted: 03/01/12, 22:17:16
Yeah and it's weird that at the start of every town it's like "ok, let's start with X amount of cash" when you probably have over 10 times that saved up. It was probably part of the balancing to make the game more challenging and involving, cause let's face it, the non-shotgun [side note - screw those useless shotguns] towers are beasts.
Posted: 03/01/12, 23:33:38
I bought it, but I'm getting a little distracted by all of the other stellar 3DS content at the moment. I've got it on tap for when I want to try a different beverage.
Posted: 03/02/12, 01:18:21
I saw you playing Ace Combat the other night, how's that?
Posted: 03/02/12, 06:57:08
I want Ace Combat, eventually. Even though the games bore me after a while, 3D makes it seem more intriguing, somehow.
Posted: 03/02/12, 17:17:44
deathly_hallows said:
I saw you playing Ace Combat the other night, how's that?

Ace Combat is slick. It is definitely an evolution from their Ridge Racer game, and it is obvious it uses some assets from that title. Sometimes the ground textures look like a vomitous mass, but overall its a great game. Call it a solid 7.75.
Posted: 03/02/12, 18:12:44
Remember DS Air? That Nintendo published flight game that never came out? Man I'm still pissed about that, it's right up there with Project Hammer in terms of games that were announced and then completely disappeared, but I still want to play. At least I got to play Steel Diver 7 years later.
Posted: 03/02/12, 20:34:54  - Edited by 
 on: 03/02/12, 21:40:36
I totally remember that! It actually came out in Japan. It's called Jet Impulse. Supposed to be good. First-party, I think. I want to import it one day...
Posted: 03/02/12, 20:39:48
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