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Resident Evil: Revelations Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
8.84/10 from 14 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Resident Evil: Revelations on the 3DS!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

If you're playing Resident Evil Revelations, indicate as such in your collection! Link

Game is out tomorrow Feb. 7th in North America, and it's been out for a few weeks in Europe already. This thread will be for discussing the game (be sure to spoiler tag story elements please) and I encourage every owner to post their 3DS code so we can meet up for some Raid Mode online action.

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Posted: 02/06/12, 20:52:29  - Edited by 
 on: 02/28/12, 18:35:19
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Do you have to beat the single player story mode to unlock Raid mode? I recall Capcom making some announcement as such but thought they may have changed it.
Posted: 02/06/12, 20:56:12  - Edited by 
 on: 02/06/12, 20:56:32
I'm not certain but I think it unlocks after chapter three of the single player mode.
Posted: 02/06/12, 20:58:00
Toys R Us giving free 10 dollar gift card with purchase of RE:R, if any of you live near one.
Posted: 02/06/12, 21:00:42
Posted: 02/06/12, 21:05:27
Sorry, I forgot that was a discussion thread because we were only talking about reviews...

Separate threads for reviews and discussion are always better IMO.

Can we keep mine?
Posted: 02/06/12, 21:11:37
Is it really better to separate them? People start discussing in the review threads anyway, or people post reviews in discussion threads. Kind of makes sense to me to put them together, and the review thread just eventually turns into the discussion thread. But then, I was under the impression that we had combined threads for 3D Land and Skyward Sword, and apparently we do not.

Whatever the case you should link to the game in our game database at the top like the 3D Land and Skyward Sword threads did!
Posted: 02/06/12, 21:28:12
Sure thing, boss!
Posted: 02/06/12, 21:38:16
Getting the game tomorrow. Looking forward to thwarting some evil zombie apocolypse!
Posted: 02/06/12, 22:21:43
I'm surprised none of our European friends have picked up the game and posted impressions yet. Looks like there's going to be a strong North American contingent to the RE Revelations community on NW.
Posted: 02/07/12, 05:20:21
Ba-bump for release!

After GameStop was aggravating me, I picked up the title at a local game store and head back home to try it out. So far (after the first full "Episode"), it's what I was hoping for based on the demo--spooky, polished, and fun. I especially like how there seems to be a lot to do, between the multiple difficulties, Raid Mode, and all the different missions that each unlock something.

I do feel that the game feels kind of linear at the moment. I sort of miss becoming intimate with a centralized location like the Spencer Mansion and its numerous branching pathways. Hopefully there's more backtracking later on.
Posted: 02/07/12, 22:03:17
Modern game design tends to frown upon backtracking, but I definitely see where you're coming from.
Posted: 02/07/12, 22:46:07
I have to work late and I'm not going to be able to pick this game up tonight, woe discordia!

But the rest of y'all have fun...
Posted: 02/08/12, 00:47:07
Awww yeah. Ready to hit this up.

Lights out, headphones on, this is survival horror.
Posted: 02/08/12, 05:29:50
I got "Revelaitons" as well. Must be because Capcom is emphasizing the game's AI...

Played through the first 2 1/2 episodes tonight. Pretty good to this point. Definitely feels a lot more like a classic RE title at times, has some really moody music and some genuine scares. There are some ridiculous action sequences interspersed here and there, but I don't really mind them as much as I normally would have. I've accepted that we're in the "new era" of Resident Evil, and they are compelled to include action elements whether they are needed or not. But at the very least, they allow the game to stay varied and fresh.

Game is really gorgeous. Cutscenes are really, really impressive. Pretty sizable budget definitely went into this game.

Still adjusting to handheld life a bit. Had to keep adjusting my position. Started by sitting up and cradling the 3DS on my thigh, at least until my back started getting sore. Then I laid down on my stomach and played until my wrists started getting sore. And then back to a variation on how I was originally playing, and this seemed to work for me.

At this point, it's much like what I expected, which was Lost in Nightmares expanded into a full game. Which is both good and bad. Good in the sense that it has some elements of classic RE (less enemies & ammo, slower paced overall, dark/creepy environments). Bad in that it's still clearly "RE for Dummies" (see: the very few "survival horror segments" in RE4/RE5). Everything's still extremely linear, extremely simple, not a whole lot of thinking needs to go into it. On the rare occasion that you are presented with more than one direction to go in, one direction is blocked off, so the game guides you in that sense. Again, nothing new for the "new era" of RE, but with the game doing so much else right, I wish they were bold enough to make this a true, old-school RE game. Maybe they are, it's still early...

Definitely takes a little while for the game to get going. One pretty good section so far, the rest has been...alright. Kinda similar impressions as Brad @ Giant Bomb, who was saying he wasn't big on the early-going but the game was getting better as it went along. Looking forward to continuing onward tomorrow.
Posted: 02/08/12, 06:06:06
I played through the first two episodes, and it plays really well. My settings: strong 3D, third-person aim. Haven't activated the gyro sensor yet, I'll see how the game goes without it (also, I want to enjoy the 3D without crosstalk from moving the 3DS). Graphics are excellent though there is an obvious difference between in-game and cutscene quality. In-game looks RE4ish while the cutscenes look RE5ish. Sounds great through my headphones. The music is haunting and zombies sounds like zombies alright. Jill's voice acting seems a little flat, but whatever. Parker kinda has a pudgy face doesn't he? Hehe.

I laughed at the spelling mistake in the first bit of text that pops up during gameplay.

The pacing is decent so far. I feel like I have the time to explore nooks and crannies. Though the scanner does kind of halt the experience, when OCD takes over you really want to scan everything. At least the scanner instantly indicates if there is something scannable in the area so you don't waste too much time there.

I haven't gotten any rankings for time, just accuracy and scans - is that normal?
Posted: 02/08/12, 17:10:47
Continued onward tonight. Finished Episode 4.

The game is definitely getting better and better. I really enjoyed what I played tonight. Lots of freedom to go and backtrack and unlock previously locked areas. Some really, really creepy moments. First time I've felt tense in an RE game in quite some time.
Posted: 02/09/12, 05:59:03
Has anyone else played with the 3D options in the menu? I played with strong and very strong after hours of play and couldn't get past the double vision and cross eyed feeling I haven't had since playing Ridge Racer all the way to max at launch. Playing in 3D is a much better experience than having it on 2D but for long play more less intense 3D works better. I think that's why they set the default to be so subtle.

On another note I intend to beat story mode this weekend so I'm down for RAID mode come next week after v day.
Posted: 02/09/12, 17:25:21
I've been playing mostly on "strong" 3D setting, it's quite deep, but still it doesn't separate the text/icon layer too much from the action. On "very strong" I need to refocus my eyes too much.

I only finished episode 2 last night, and already some great dialogue. It's cold out here. Should have worn your thermal underpants!

Also, were Chris and Jill ever romantically involved? Jessica is hinting at that, and Chris acting aloof. Hmm.
Posted: 02/09/12, 17:46:21
Tried 2 Gamestops tonight and they were both sold out of both the cart and the CPP... gonna just get it at Nintendo World next week, this weekend is my GFs birthday so there will be no time for gaming anyway...
Posted: 02/10/12, 03:52:54
Resident Evil is one of the series that I like things about it more than I like the actual gameplay --save for Code Veronica and 4, both of which I enjoyed.

That said, I'm digging Revelaitons. It's really well done. I especially like the audio, which doesn't seem to get praised as much as the graphics despite being just as competent. Play with headphones if you can!
Posted: 02/10/12, 04:25:18
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