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A Boy and His Blob (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
8.37/10 from 19 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for A Boy and His Blob on the Wii!

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A Boy and His Blob (Nintendo Wii) Review (8.4)  by  

Great deal for a great game. I'd pick it up now if you're a fan of puzzle platformers!

edit - This deal is over. Repurposed this thread for general ABAHB discussion.

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Posted: 12/27/09, 21:21:26  - Edited by 
 on: 02/19/10, 18:27:35
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Very nice deal. I love this game.
Posted: 12/28/09, 00:42:52
Tempting, but I've already spent too much on this holiday season.
Posted: 12/28/09, 01:00:48
Metroid Prime Trilogy, Wario Land, MadWorld, & Blob are all $20 or less. That is very tempting.
Posted: 12/28/09, 01:34:17
I ordered it on amazon with Fear 2.

All in all, $34.98 for what I expect to make 2 great games!

So many great deals. So little money(and time).
Posted: 12/28/09, 03:51:41
It's a really cool game, probably in my top 3 Wii games of the year (with NSMB Wii and Punch-Out!!) Though maybe Little King's Story would be in there as well.

Though it starts off slow I don't think it is *quite* as easy as some were saying. You're probably not going to get stuck on any part for very long, but you do have to use your brain a bit.

And it is a bit longer than I expected as well. I think I'm only about 50% done with the game...

Definitely worth $20.
Posted: 12/28/09, 04:31:44
I implore those who have not bought it yet to buy it now.
Posted: 12/28/09, 13:16:35
I didn't buy it, and I refuse to.



I got it on Christmas day from my parents. :P Haven't cracked it open just yet (my wife and I are having too much fun with LEGO Rock Band), but I'm only working for a half-day today, so I will give it a go after I get a few groceries. I'm also picking up Little King's Story this weekend.
Posted: 12/28/09, 16:04:06
I just got this recently, I'm looking forward to it.
Posted: 12/28/09, 18:15:56
So I put my copy in this morning before I left for work, and I immediately fell in love with it. The game looks gorgeous on my 32" HDTV. The controls work fine, and while I've only finished the first two levels and the first two challenge levels, I can see that the level design is really clever and that I am going to enjoy the game a lot once I get farther in.

One random question: do the challenge levels have any treasure chests? They don't as far as I can tell, but I just wanted to be sure.
Posted: 12/29/09, 16:48:57
Glad you're enjoying it!

The challenge levels don't have treasure chests, so don't worry about that.
Posted: 12/29/09, 20:37:06
Cool. I played some more at home, and my wife was getting into it too. When I was trying to make the boy whistle to get Blob to float up to him, she said, "Be nice, it's trying!" So when Blob got there, I gave him a hug. Best. Action. Ever.
Posted: 12/29/09, 20:53:44
The hug button is pretty much the best innovation in a video game. There's also a scolding button, but I don't see why anyone would want to use that. : (

Keep on havin' fun Ludist.
Posted: 12/29/09, 22:31:07
The "scolding" button makes the blob stay in place. It came in handy once or twice for me. The boy doesn't really scold the blob, though. He's just telling him to stay put.

Lovely game, bought it as soon as I could shortly after its release and I don't regret paying the full $40 for it. It is a little easier than I would have liked, but overall it's a great experience.
Posted: 12/29/09, 22:40:39
Oh, so it has a purpose! Thanks Panda.

I think the game is fairly challenging, especially on the bonus levels. Some puzzles really get your brain working.
Posted: 12/29/09, 22:50:02
I just started this over the weekend, and I'm really enjoying it so far. I really like the art and the music, and I'm interested in seeing how the game develops after the first few stages.

The frequent loading is a bit annoying, but I'll live. :p
Posted: 01/11/10, 18:35:59
Hey, 20 bucks is a great deal.
Posted: 01/11/10, 19:51:52
Finished it tonight, very awesome game. I unlocked / finished probably 70%-ish of the challenge stages while playing through as well, I might go back and unlock the rest eventually, though who knows... my backlog is huge and other games are calling to me.

Tons of charm, awesome puzzles, comes fully Zero recommended.

It actually gets legitimately tough near the end too, both in solving the puzzles and execution. Though the end boss final mode was a bit easier than most of the bosses before it.

And the last power-up you get is well... wow.

After Contra IV and this I think WayForward is a developer you can definitely trust with your retro revivals... what should they do next?!
Posted: 01/13/10, 07:38:31  - Edited by 
 on: 01/13/10, 07:39:20

Or a new Bionic Commando!!
Posted: 01/13/10, 16:35:21
Hey. That link says the game is $35. Was it a limited time offer, or what?
Posted: 01/13/10, 20:59:33
What is really pissing me off is that all these great games I want have all been on sale for like $20 or less for about the past month or so and Im so broke I cant even afford one of them. Now, next month when I get my refund money from the IRS or by then I will probably be making good money, none of the games will be on sale.

Oh well, if thats the case I will just look for nice used versions.
Posted: 01/14/10, 08:19:41
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