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Super Street Fighter IV 3D (Nintendo 3DS) discussion [game]
8.31/10 from 21 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Super Street Fighter IV 3D on the 3DS!

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Super Street Fighter IV 3D (Nintendo 3DS) Review (9.0)  by  

So, it's come to my attention that several of us regular Nintendo fans have either lapsed in their experience with the Street Fighter series, or are just now checking it out on 3DS. In an effort to avoid getting 'PWNED' (do the kids still say that?) online, I'm offering a sort of "Boot Camp" for the 3D Edition of SUPER Street Fighter IV.

What I'm proposing to do is to sort of "train" those that aren't so good (yet) in friendly, non-competitive online matches. I mean sure, playing against the computer is all well and good. And that's how many of us "vets" grew up playing back in the day. But nothing quite matches a real, human, thinking opponent. Computer AI will eventually fall back on patterns that can be easily recognized by the player, and thus can become too easy. Human matches don't do that - the really good players learn to adapt and change their strategy as the fight goes on.

So, hopefully I will be able to help those that need that kind of assistance and experience, without just immediately striking them down with ridiculous combos that not only deter further play, but also don't teach the player anything. Let's trade Friend Codes (I've got mine listed on the User Database, as well as in the 3DS thread) and we can practice combos, special moves, Super moves, Ultra Moves, reversals, learn to anticipate what moves may come, etc.

If anyone's interested, post here and let me know. I'll leave it as an open invitation for the better part of tomorrow. I'm going to bed now, but I'll check this tomorrow afternoon/evening and if the interest is there, we'll do some practicing.

Any other Street Fighter vets that wanna help out (Dynablade!), please feel free to do so! I would appreciate the help with teaching, as I'm sure anyone else who wants to learn.

The Negative World Street Fighter Dojo is open!

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Posted: 03/28/11, 07:08:53  - Edited by 
 on: 03/28/11, 07:10:19
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Hmm, nice idea!

Although I think I prefer to do what I do with all fighting games... not bother learning the intricacies, and suck.
Posted: 03/28/11, 07:12:50
I like the sound of this! I've gotten a bit attached to Sakura at the moment, but it took me quite awhile just to beat the last two opponents in Arcade on Very Easy.
Posted: 03/28/11, 07:58:34
I think we should all just play online matches against each other constantly and forget about the arcade mode! Playing online is just so fun, and I am not very good!

I like the idea of this thread.
Posted: 03/28/11, 08:09:44

That's also a good idea! The best teacher is, of course, experience!
Posted: 03/28/11, 14:34:43
I've been enjoying playing arcade mode on the train, managed to get to Seth on 'Medium Hard' mode but pretty much got stuck. I am up for a bootcamp style session, I can perform the majority of moves fine but I seem to have issues with strategy more than anything. I tend to block rarely and just try to plow into my opponent with loads of specials.
Posted: 03/28/11, 14:37:54
Anyone up for some Street Fighter? Practice, or serious bout? Lemme know!
Posted: 03/29/11, 02:00:48

I'm in a lobby now!
Posted: 03/29/11, 02:04:17
I'll play, gimme a sec.
Posted: 03/29/11, 02:05:00
Cool. I'll look for you, Kal-El. Maybe warerare can join?

Will this be serious match or training?
Posted: 03/29/11, 02:10:07
Hmm, I didn't see a Lobby open - I created one myself. If anyone wants to play, feel free to join me!
Posted: 03/29/11, 02:12:42
I'll bow out for a sec, let you two play
Posted: 03/29/11, 02:16:37
Nice matches!
Posted: 03/29/11, 02:16:52
Yeah its pretty fun playing online, I suck though but I do love playing E Honda.
Posted: 03/29/11, 02:21:23
Hahaha, can you tell I'm letting random pick my characters? Man I am AWFUL with Sakura.
Posted: 03/29/11, 02:26:29
Hee hee... that did seem a little too easy. I'll use a character I'm not so hot with: Guy.

Wish me luck!
Posted: 03/29/11, 02:27:17
Okay there was NO excuse for that. Am I missing something with my throws just... never working?
Posted: 03/29/11, 02:29:00
How are you performing your throws? Buttons, or the touch screen?
Posted: 03/29/11, 02:29:41
Posted: 03/29/11, 02:31:48
Hey! Nice win!

Kal-El814 said:

Hmm, I dunno. Maybe your timing is a little off?
Posted: 03/29/11, 02:32:42  - Edited by 
 on: 03/29/11, 02:33:26
Well. I've seen a couple victories more bullshit than that one... but not many. No way I deserved to win.
Posted: 03/29/11, 02:33:03
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