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WarioWare: Move It! Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
WarioWare: Move It! on the Switch
6.8/10 from one rating

Welcome to the official discussion thread for WarioWare: Move It! on the Switch!

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11/02/23, 16:17
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Everyone is probably too busy playing Mario to care but Nintendo is dropping another game soon.

Reviews are out

Seems about what expected, would have liked a little higher but this is around where Get It Together! fell and I loved that. Still, I'm in no rush so I'll probably wait until it is cheape... oh yeah this is Nintendo it'll be awhile. Sigh.
11/02/23, 16:18
Finally, they brought back the motion control mechanics that trolled the Wii. Pray tell, will we be able to play this online by, uh, totally legal means?
11/03/23, 18:20
Well, I'm probably not getting it right away, but when I do it will be on my account and playable.
11/03/23, 19:19
Makes sense.
11/03/23, 21:16
The final boss is broken and the death of my inner child prevents me from enjoying the motion controls.

For real though, this game was kinda fun to play with my wife, but the controls are not nearly reliable enough. Some mini games just feel broken. And motion controls just aren't very exciting 15 years later. Smooth moves functioned better, had more content, and captured the zeitgeist. Move It is worse, came out way later, and I'm not a child any more. Until a game can fix that last part, everything is getting a 6/10 at best.
11/23/23, 06:56   Edit:  11/23/23, 07:02
Played again tonight and unlocked a bunch of post-game multiplayer and had a lot of fun. All is forgiven.
11/25/23, 03:48
I thought this game was great. A deliciously wacky experience. And all I did so far was enter my name! Thrillho.

J/K, I beat the single-player, but haven't played any multi yet. A few of the microgames had wonky controls, but this game really brought novelty and surprise back to the WarioWare series. Even though it's a follow-up to Smooth Moves. Great stuff! Multi looks like it'll be a hoot and a half.

Maybe even a hoot and three-quarters.
01/16/24, 02:59   Edit:  01/16/24, 03:00
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