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The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons Discussion (Nintendo Game Boy Color) [game]
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons on the Game Boy COLOR
8.87/10 from 41 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons on the GBC!

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07/28/23, 02:02
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I played the heck out of the first 20 minutes or so of Ages as a kid, and when I finally played the two games for real, that's the one I started with.

So this time, I'm starting with Seasons!

Very curious how these will hold up. I've replayed most of the Zelda games within the past few years; I think the last time I played these was 2005. On recent replays, I didn't care much for ALttP, I was very pleasantly surprised by Minish Cap, and Link's Awakening reestablished itself as my favorite 2D Zelda. I'm looking forward to the Oracles!
07/28/23, 02:08
Welp, it's been 10 years since my last playthrough of these. (The 3DS VC releases), so it's time for another run. God I love this series.

Possibly one of the best entries. Because:

07/30/23, 16:50   Edit:  07/30/23, 16:51
I haven't played these games in ages (heh), so I'm looking forward to giving them another go! It'll have to wait until after Backlaugust, however. I'll probably play them on Switch for convenience, even if it means I'll have to enter some of those huge passwords without being able to link up. There's no Advance Shop on here either, though it may be possible to get its exclusive items from a password or something; I'll have to look into it.
07/30/23, 19:33
@Mop it up

I think there is, I remember running into the same problem on the 3DS. I think it generates a password based on your current game and adds the GBA modifier or something.
07/31/23, 03:45
When I first played these I preferred Seasons over Ages (but loved both). When I replayed on the 3DS, I found my tastes swapped and I preferred Ages over Seasons. I'm very busy with life and what little gaming I can get done, but I'd like to revisit these sooner than later. They're incredible games and playing on the Switch would be quite nice.


Damn... you're right... 10 years! I just looked back at my game tracker, which I finally started logging towards in 2013 and yeah, I beat Seasons last in June 2013 and Ages in August 2013.

Time has flown. In between those two titles I finished New Super Luigi U. Then after Ages I beat the 400 Days DLC for Telltale's The Walking Dead and Pikmin 3 for the first time.

Ricky was my original pick a long time ago but I think I favor Moosh now as a character goes.
08/02/23, 21:09
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08/21/23, 02:10   Edit:  08/21/23, 02:11
ok bro.
08/22/23, 01:56
I got to the third dungeon a few weeks ago and haven't played any more. This is mainly because I've been focusing on Pikmin 4, but it's also because Oracle of Seasons just feels like a weird ROM hack of Link's Awakening. Novelty matters a lot to me in games; I've always disagreed that Nintendo should pump out more and more 2D Zeldas just for the sake of it. OoS is the most redundant Zelda game I've ever played!

Even as a kid, when I'd pop these games in and play them a little bit on long car rides, I remember gravitating towards Link's Awakening a lot more than the Oracle games. Something's off about em, I tell ya.
08/22/23, 18:59
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10/30/23, 19:17   Edit:  10/30/23, 21:56
Damn, a double ban.
10/30/23, 19:59
10/30/23, 21:57
10/31/23, 14:56
11/01/23, 16:34   Edit:  11/01/23, 16:34
11/02/23, 22:22
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