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Fire Emblem Engage Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
Fire Emblem Engage on the Switch

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Fire Emblem Engage on the Switch!

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01/18/23, 01:35  
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Reviews are out. Reviewing pretty well.

To be honest the reviews are a little lower than some of the recent games but I'm also reading a lot of "puts the focus back on the combat" stuff and my issue with Three Houses is it was way too bloated, so maybeeeeeeeeeeee this game could win me back?

But honestly after giving up halfway through two Fire Emblems in a row I need to be convinced.
01/18/23, 01:36   
Iíd like to check it out at some point. I need to finish 3H. So far I think itís been a major slog, and feels like the worst of the FE games Iíve played. (first one on GBA, Path of Radiance, Awakening). Iím not a huge fan of the social stuff theyíve introduced.
01/18/23, 03:00   
I like TH but it did feel like way too much setup and not enough gameplay. Fates had a similar problem, and even Awakening (my favorite of the series) was a little fiddly with all the equips and stuff prior to battle. I think I'm pretty burned out on FE for a bit, as if I wanted more FE, I'd do another of the paths in TH probably.
01/18/23, 03:33   
I appreciate Fire Emblem's popularity in recent years, but I feel maybe Nintendo should pump the brakes a bit. They went HAM on the 3DS, and even though there are technically only two games now on Switch, it somehow feels too much too soon. (too much of a good thing?) If they could put a focus on one of their other "dormant" franchises for a bit (c'mon, Advance Wars!) I think I could get on board for this new game.

....I already bought it and I'm looking to play it once I'm burned out on Breath of the Wild.
01/24/23, 15:19   
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