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Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope on the Switch!

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Posted: 10/17/22, 23:39:12
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The first reviews are in! It sounds like this game is just damn incredible! I am so stoked to pick it up later this week.

Recent Reviews:
GamingTrend- 10/10
GamesHub- 10/10
GamesRadar- 9/10
IGN- 9/10
Metro GameCentral- 9/10
Press Start- 9/10
Screen Rant- 9/10
Twinfinite- 9/10
Shacknews- 9/10
Nintendo Life- 8/10
Twisted Voxel- 9.5/10
EasyAllies- 9/10
NWR- 9/10
Eurogamer Italy- 9/10
Gaming Nexus- 8.8/10
Prima Games- 8/10
VG247- 8/10
VGC- 8/10
Noisy Pixel- 8/10
Digital Trends- 8/10
GameXplain- Loved

There are a ton of other 9+ scores I didn't even list here. Just fantastic work to the Ubisoft Milan team!
Posted: 10/17/22, 23:42:19
85% on Metacritic right now

I definitely loved the first one.
Posted: 10/18/22, 02:45:47
I didn't beat the first one yet but it was pretty darn good.
Posted: 10/18/22, 04:48:09  - Edited by 
 on: 10/18/22, 04:48:39
Yeah, this game looks great. The best thing to cone out of Ubisoft since... the first one, maybe?
Posted: 10/18/22, 05:08:47
I technically 100%ed the first and I would like to truly 100% the new one. It looks ridiculous in the best ways. Definitely picking it up this week and playing what I can this weekend.
Posted: 10/18/22, 05:22:01
The first game is one of my fave Switch titles so I'm really looking forward to this one. However, like the first one, it's published by Ubisoft, which means it'll probably hit $20 in six months, so I'll be waiting for that. I haven't yet played the DLC in the first game, so that's probably what I'll be doing during the launch week.
Posted: 10/18/22, 20:51:54
@Mop it up

I can't wait for the sales. Luckily the game's worth full price (the first one was anyway). Getting it any cheaper is a great deal! Playing the DLC is a must so I'm glad to hear you've got that ahead of you.
Posted: 10/19/22, 01:44:24
This game's pretty fun. Have you tried it yet DrFink?
Posted: 10/22/22, 06:13:22
Sure have! I'm about 12~ hours in. Nearing the midpoint of the second area when trying to consider 'completing' each as much as possible before moving on. I think it's technically the area boss or final challenge before things shake up in the second area.

It took a moment to get used to the movement and controls for menus and things. I was kind of turned off for a moment but now that I'm in the groove, I'm enjoying it quite a bit. After the first match I moved the difficulty to the harder setting. I don't normally do that in games but I think it feels appropriate for me here.

Music is phenomenal. The deep skill trees and move sets are interesting. My main gripe is that it costs coins, and so much coin, to heal up after battles unless you use Rabbid Peach in those matches. There are some offsets here but overall I just wish we'd heal up between matches. Ah well. I'm starting to earn so much in coinage that it's not too punishing. Plus if I want to save on coins it does challenge me to try the next battle with a different set of characters just to stretch out the whole healing stage and maximize that value.

How have you been enjoying it Secret_Tunnel?
Posted: 10/26/22, 00:21:58
The Donkey Kong adventure is fantastic!

...Wait what year is it?
Posted: 10/28/22, 21:14:43
@Mop it up

It is though! I felt like that DK DLC was better than the original overall. They did a great job with expanded content. It seems this new game's DLC will be multiple different campaigns; the final one having Rayman. I'm curious if these will be as good as DKs. I hope so.
Posted: 11/06/22, 01:27:35
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