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Paper Mario: The Origami King Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
7.9/10 from 3 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Paper Mario: The Origami King on the Switch!

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Posted: 07/10/20, 15:04:32
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I can't believe this game is only a week away. Earlier this week I thought to myself, "Wow, is it really coming next week?". Time has flown by! Yeah, there's a lot going on in the world and in my world helping time tick by but I think it was to Nintendo's favor that they had an eight-week window between reveal and launch. Really makes you wonder what else is around the corner this year. COVID has really shaken things up for developers also, which means everything's in a bit of uncertainty. It makes even the most expected moments unexpected.

On a side note, I'm not surprised the rumors of a Nintendo Direct for July 20th are ramping up right now. It makes sense to me that Nintendo would launch their big summer game and then right after start a new news cycle for new stuff. That also explains the Treehouse Event today.

I'm loving the vibrant world they've built with this one. For me, I just need an exciting world to explore, something to do within it, and a reason for battling. That's a Paper Mario game in a nutshell. When Sticker Star didn't incentivize battling, I didn't care much for it overall in the end. Color Splash made the situation better, though using paint to battle with was a bit tough at times when resources were tight. It never felt like it was good when that happened or like it was a challenge. More like a nuisance. I don't know how things will turn out here but the confetti mechanic isn't battle-based from what I can tell. Instead it seems to be similar to paint completing the world in Color Splash. So that's good for me. Satisfies the 'something to do within the world' thing. The world does look exciting to explore.

Then lastly there's the reason for battling. The internet is ablaze with the fact that there isn't any EXP in this game. However I argue this isn't guaranteed to be detrimental. EXP only acts as a means of building up towards improvements and being able to take on other enemies. It acts as a gate which helps pace the game. Losing it here COULD be detrimental, but it's clear from the promo materials that coins are heavily involved in battle success. The coins are used to affect battles and presumably to buy upgrades. It might be that coins act as EXP to some degree. I'm willing to hold out and see for myself before finding battling frustrating. Some of the screenshots I saw had thousands if not tens of thousands of coins in people's hands. If items are appropriately priced, or other things that require coins, then saving up coins could act as a viable means of gatekeeping till the appropriate status is met for proceeding. It could work well. I have hope. Apparently there are a lot of other RPGs out there who don't use the EXP mechanic. I'm not too familiar with them but since EXP is really just a tool, I'm not too upset to see it gone for this entry.

All in all, I'm quite excited to give this one a spin. I'm not nearly as done as I wanted to be with Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition, but I think I'll probably main this Paper Mario game upon release, opting to return to Xenoblade once finished.
Posted: 07/10/20, 15:23:29  - Edited by 
 on: 07/10/20, 15:24:18
Well the Treehouse Live was short (and the "announcement" wasn't really geared at me) but the new PM game looks great and I am definitely sold! Once finances settle we will pick up a copy for sure.
Posted: 07/10/20, 21:06:34
A bunch of reviews are out.

Seems about what I expected. Averaging 8s and such. Overall consensus seems to be "people who only want the next TTYD will again be disappointed, but everyone else will probably find enough to enjoy."

I'm getting it eventually.
Posted: 07/16/20, 05:14:04  - Edited by 
 on: 07/16/20, 05:16:44

Thanks for sharing the reviews. I meant to do that today but I didn't get a chance. In fact I'm only just now turning on my Switch for the first time today.

When I was working today I did listen to a handful of video reviews. Everyone had different perspectives on the battling system and how relevant it was, and it does seem to be more of a Color Splash kind of game than anything else. But honestly it looks like a lot of fun, the graphics look really stellar, and the music already sounds great. So I think it'll be worth the time. All the reviews said that the story and humor was top notch. To me that's a key part of a game like this.

The one downside so far from me seems to be that there isn't a badge system like there were in the old games. That's what I miss most about the original two. It's rewarding to deck out your character with an ever-changing sets of badges. It's one of my favorite things that I loved about Hollow Knight as well.
Posted: 07/16/20, 05:41:07
I don't even remember the badges, lol. I should go back and play TTYD at some point! If... I can find any way to do that... Sigh, if only there was a GCN VC.

I considered going and picking this up because I have some store credit at a local shop, but I think I will probably just cash that in for actual cash and put the funds in stocks for now. I can wait on Paper Mario, and if things went right it could come at a deep discount or even free if I just invest the money for 6 months. Depending on the market.

That reminds me, I need to go re-start and play through Hollow Knight, ha ha.
Posted: 07/16/20, 21:01:37
I put in about 2 hours last night. I actually was enjoying myself quite a bit. The music and graphics are great. The fact that each battle is somewhat like a puzzle is actually pretty cool. However it is pretty clear that this is more like a adventure game with light RPG elements than it is an RPG game with platforming elements. I would like to have a Mario RPG that's a bit more classic style for sure. However I'm liking this so far and I'm excited to play through it.
Posted: 07/18/20, 15:35:51
I also put in two hours-ish last night. I'm enjoying it. The battles aren't mindless, you really have to pay attention to the puzzle aspect! That was something I had to get used to. And not take drinks during. The dialogue, again, is fantastic. And the colors pop even more than Color Splash.
Posted: 07/19/20, 16:49:43
TheOldManFromZelda said:
The battles aren't mindless, you really have to pay attention to the puzzle aspect! That was something I had to get used to. And not take drinks during.

Haha. It's good to hear that the battles aren't mindless. That was my main fear. Everything else looks charming as hell!
Posted: 07/20/20, 05:07:54
Is anyone else playing this? It's pretty good so far! It reminds me of Luigi's Mansion 3, in a way: not an original concept, just a cool way of checking in on the Mario characters and getting a weird big-budget side adventure in their world.
Posted: 07/26/20, 19:26:03
I'm playing it Secret_Tunnel! I'm enjoying it so far. I'm at the end of the second streamer and I'm having a lot of fun. It's gratifying to find all the toads and other secrets around. The world is colorful with great music so it's a gorgeous game. Some of these water effects are wild too! I know even Nintendo joked at their own expense of how good it looked.

I can see the warranting of some of the common criticisms people have about this game not being the next great RPG but for whatever genre this ultimately is, I'm enjoying it. The battles with enemies are fun and interesting even though they're more puzzle than RPG, but I like the bosses even more. I find it to be a treat to go and fight those things. Going outside in is interesting and each boss seems to have unique ways of attacking and of being attacked.
Posted: 07/31/20, 04:35:28
Unrelated, but there IS a Paper Mario: The Origami King event on Tetris 99 this weekend for anyone who still plays it!
Posted: 08/01/20, 04:51:03

Oh, I remembered and then forgot again. Thanks for the reminder!
Posted: 08/01/20, 18:59:58
Beat the game, but apparently there’s another ending if I 100%. And man, I feel like I NEED the 100% ending.

Loved the game, even though I often fell short of lining up the fights well.
Posted: 08/03/20, 17:47:24

I'm working my way through the game with the intent of 100%ing it. Glad to know there's a reason to do so.

I nab as much as I can of course but I think once I get to the point where I have one streamer left I'll go back and try to 100% everything before it. I'd rather see both endings pretty close together.

I last paused the game right in the middle of the big blooper fight on that Peach boat. Enjoying it so far! I'm able to nail the line ups pretty well but every 5-7 fights I hit one where I'm just staring into the ether on it... wondering how I'm supposed to succeed without just one more move. Still fun though.

How much do you miss the old ways of Mario RPGs, or are you liking this new mix of action and adventure instead? I don't see why both couldn't exist (since they did anyway with the deceased Mario & Luigi series) but I don't think this direction needs to end by any means. It's a lot of fun to explore and see the story.
Posted: 08/04/20, 02:37:18
I just beat the game this evening. Really enjoyed it.
Posted: 08/09/20, 08:15:10
Probably too early to say this, I only just took care of the first streamer, but this might be my favorite Paper Mario by far?

The game is super charming and very funny, which isn't a surprise: it's a trademark of the series.

But I'm really enjoying the battle system, it's probably the best this series has ever seen.
Posted: 08/19/20, 17:25:48

I've been seeing your tweets of joy too. Glad you're having a good time with it! I've been busy with non-gaming stuff so my time with it fell off but I made it to the desert area. I need to get back into it as I too was having so much fun with it. I also enjoy the battle system and especially-so with boss battles.

I guess it's a shame they'll probably not refine and build onto this. The dev had been said that it's a goal of theirs to change the core gameplay up with each entry, so we may see either a small variant here or a drastic overhaul in the next one.
Posted: 08/24/20, 18:03:06
LTTP but I recently played through this game. It's an interesting one for sure!

There are definitely a lot of things I loved about it. The areas were more or less well done, and very dense, secrets and other interesting things around every corner. The battle system was interesting, and was especially cool for boss fights... pretty much every single boss fight felt clever and fun. I loved the find the Toad sidequest thing, and how they were packed everywhere, probably honestly one of my favorite ongoing sidequests in a game like this. A lot of stuff was charming, the paper turtle for instance, SO ADORABLE. And the game was WEIRD in a good way, and the dialog made me laugh a bunch of times.

I liked all the references too. The Samus hat! And... this was definitely a Resident Evil reference, right?!

Also uh. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat. This is a kid's game, Nintendo!

A few things held it back a little for me though. I found the early areas a bit more interesting than the later ones... not a huge fan of sailing in games, and the spa was kind of neat in some ways but a bit less meaty than other areas. The battle system got a bit derivative for the regular enemy fights, not many enemies felt that unique. The find a Toad sidequest kind of dropped off near the end, some areas didn't even have any.

Overall, definitely glad that I played it, gave it an 8.5. but I wish they could somehow get everything else to match the A-level presentation and charm and dialog of these games. And I'm still not sure that completely stripping out the RPG numbers and such was a good thing, but I guess they're sticking with that now.
Posted: 01/06/22, 09:40:32  - Edited by 
 on: 01/06/22, 09:45:09

I got to the pyramid, stopped playing for a while, and never went back. But I've heard there's some crazy stuff towards the end, some of the coolest stuff in any Mario RPG ever!, so I've kind of always wanted to go back.

This game and Luigi's Mansion 3 are weird ones for me, they're like this little highly produced sidestories in the Mario universe that I'd think I'd have been all over, but never actually played much of.
Posted: 01/06/22, 19:33:24
Hmm, tough to think of what specifically people would be referencing I kind of feel like the whole game is "crazy". It's certainly one of the weirdest games I've played. It actually cracks me up trying to imagine how this world operates. I could probably come up with a million examples if I sat and thought about it but offhand, one from last night, Bowser just casually mentions the insurance premiums on his warships going up and it's like, that's a thing? Who is insuring Bowser's warships?!
Posted: 01/06/22, 19:44:51  - Edited by 
 on: 01/06/22, 22:33:42
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