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Jump Rope Challenge Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Jump Rope Challenge on the Switch!

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Posted: 06/16/20, 19:23:38
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Let the challenge begin.
Posted: 06/16/20, 19:23:39
Just did 200! I love stuff like this. It's WarioWare, it's Game & Watch, it's got goofy sound effects, it's a daily thing. Love it.
Posted: 06/16/20, 20:05:16
Big missed opportunity to tie in an existing, and better crafted, IP.

Neat that they did it, though.
Posted: 06/16/20, 21:02:30  - Edited by 
 on: 06/16/20, 21:02:47
I'm surprised that they're just giving away the GotY 2020 for free.
Posted: 06/16/20, 22:27:58
Oddly exciting.
Posted: 06/17/20, 01:00:47
When is the M-rated Jump Rope Challenge releasing?! It'll have Oni-Link in it and be even darker than The Last of Us 2 apparently is.
Posted: 06/17/20, 02:49:43

Majora's Mask is not where my mind went when I thought of an M-rated Jump Rope Challenge...
Posted: 06/17/20, 18:16:49

Yeah Zero is definitely not galaxy-braining the possibilities of an M-rated Jump Rope Challenge.
Posted: 06/17/20, 18:21:27
@nate38 @Secret_Tunnel

You guys are talking about boobs in here, too, aren't you?
Posted: 06/17/20, 18:41:15
@J.K. Riki

We could bring them up in the Pokemon Snap thread too! 🤪
Posted: 06/17/20, 21:34:13
I'm a married adult, it's not sex my life is missing, it's gratuitous violence.
Posted: 06/17/20, 22:43:42
@J.K. Riki

Ask and you shall receive.

Posted: 07/04/20, 03:48:48
Wait why does everyone have bunny ears except for Toad?! And maybe Bowser, tough to tell on that one.
Posted: 07/04/20, 23:30:00
I didn't even know it was supposed to leave, but I guess they decided to keep it... for now.

Posted: 09/30/20, 15:27:01
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