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Murder by Numbers Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
7/10 from one rating

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Murder by Numbers on the Switch!

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Posted: 05/10/20, 02:28:40
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The developer of that pigeon dating sim teams up with the Ace Attorney composer to bring you...Picross.

Decided I was in a Picross and/or Ace Attorney mood and picked this up... it's pretty good! I mean, it's Picross, so that much is guaranteed. But the somewhat goofy murder mystery intrigue is a pretty good time too. It's not up there with Ace Attorney in the visual novel arena, but it's a pretty good snack until the next AA game arrives.

I've almost finished the second case (of four, it seems?) and I'm having a good time. Anyone else pick this up? Or thinking about it?
Posted: 05/10/20, 02:33:39  - Edited by 
 on: 05/10/20, 02:33:57

I've been thinking about giving this game a try. The mix of picross and crime solving seems too off the wall to pass up. But for some reason I'm always hesitant to start up text heavy games (outside of RPGs). I have no idea why. Maybe it's because if I'm in the mood to read, books and manga come to mind quicker than games.

But I really like Professor Layton. And I loved the first Ace Attorney. I've had the sequel on my shelf, waiting to be played, for years. Surely, that has to take top priority. Right?
Posted: 05/10/20, 03:47:13  - Edited by 
 on: 05/10/20, 03:47:29
@Hero_Of_Hyrule I'd agree that Justice For All should take top priority over Murder by Numbers. But I'm definitely enjoying the latter, and have finished two cases so far.
Posted: 05/10/20, 16:58:23
Getting the Phoenix Wright composer was such a genius move by that team. Not only does it really give the game that Phoenix Wright feeling during the story beats, but picrossing to this guy's bopping tunes is an absolute joy.

Played through it a while ago and talked about it on RFN. It's really good overall, but it can get sometimes annoying when you just want to progress the story and have to solve a picross puzzle for seemingly no good reason. The opposite, being stuck in the story when all you want to do is solve picross puzzles, doesn't happen as much: that's what the bonus puzzles are for.

Be warned, however: I thought that if you played without assists, you'd get the S rank no matter what, but it's not the case: I think either messing up the "hacking" bits or answering questions wrong can impact your score and screw you out of getting that S rank and unlocking those last bonus puzzles. The only thing you can do then is go through the entire case again, which is NOT happening. So be warned. Happened to me with the third case.
Posted: 05/11/20, 17:22:45
@Guillaume Oh dang, I was intentionally picking the wrong answer sometimes to see if there was a funny interaction. I hope I don't end up screwing myself out of the S-rank bonus puzzles for case 3...
Posted: 05/11/20, 20:31:01
I'm actually not sure if it impacts your score or if it's messing up the hacking. I was in a hurry at one point during case 3 after reloading an older save file (I don't remember why), picked the wrong answers just by mashing A to get through text I had already seen, messed up the hacking for whatever reason, and ended up not S-ranking the case despite the points bonus from playing on Expert (or whatever that mode was called).
Posted: 05/11/20, 21:10:40
@Guillaume Hmm, yeah I'm not sure what's going on. I finished case 3 on Normal mode (or whatever's the highest you can pick at the start) and got the S rank on the final puzzle, which is a lot later than I did in the first two cases. I didn't use any hints, and I stopped doing the "wrong" answers, so I'm not sure how this scoring system works.

I hope I don't miss out on any bonus puzzles. To be honest, I'm not very invested in the story or characters, so I really don't mind when a conversation is suddenly interrupted by a puzzle, haha.
Posted: 05/12/20, 05:10:29
I don't have anything to contribute to this thread right now, but I immensely enjoy that my bumping the Twilight Princess Picross thread led to Gui recommending this game to Nate!
Posted: 05/13/20, 07:03:25
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