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Ring Fit Adventure Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
9/10 from 2 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Ring Fit Adventure on the Switch!

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Posted: 03/20/20, 14:49:58
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Before I embark on my Doom Eternal/Animal Crossing: New Horizons adventure on this lovely Friday morning, I thought I'd be remiss if I didn't mention how much of a godsend Ring Fit Adventure has turned out to be.

Apparently it's sold out everywhere at the moment, but I had actually picked it up a few months back. I missed about a month at the gym over the holidays which, along with all of the eating & drinking, I had gotten fat and out of shape again in a hurry. The idea was once I started getting back into good shape via going to the gym every weekday morning, I'd add Ring Fit into my repertoire as a sort of supplemental workout I could do on the weekends, or in a pinch if I didn't have time to go to the gym or was out of town.

With COVID-19 shutting down my gym (through the end of March as of now, but will probably extend beyond that) I was a bit demoralized as I was just getting back into a good groove in terms of both cardio and weight lifting.

I turned to Ring Fit in my time of need, and, wow! I had my first RFA workout yesterday morning, and I'm blown away by it. I hadn't realized how many muscles I'm not using on a regular basis. Because I'm in an apartment, I have to do squats in lieu of jogging in place, so I knew my quads would be hurting today. But my hamstrings and upper back are both on fire this morning! I chose the second-highest intensity, and maybe that will prove to be me flying a bit too close to the sun, but I'm going to go with it for now. I did about 20 minutes, which was about the first 2+ missions, and it was as legit a workout as I've had.

Anyone else Ring Fitting it up during the lockdown?
Posted: 03/20/20, 15:02:22
Oh yeah, I dig Ring Fit Adventure! My kids really like it, too. It's a surprisingly good workout, and the "RPG" and "adventure" elements do a great job of gamifying the whole workout. And yeah, while it's not a true replacement for an actual visit at the gym, it'll do in a pinch!

I was worn out after World 1!

Posted: 03/20/20, 16:11:49
Ring Fit Adventure was probably my game of the year. It's a brilliant, innovative, and polished piece of software.
Posted: 03/21/20, 03:07:15
Alright, 72 hours later and my trapezius and hamstrings no longer feel like they're on fire. I think I'm ready for workout #2!
Posted: 03/22/20, 20:22:09
Anyone else try out the rhythm mode? I didn't realize the "17 songs including music from Mario and Zelda!" would be 13 songs from Ring Fit Adventure plus a couple from Mario and Zelda, haha. And I'm skeptical as to whether the ab mode actually works my abs? But it's fun and free!
Posted: 03/27/20, 17:53:19
My wife was playing the Rhythm Mode earlier. Looked fun enough. No DDR, but what is? :P

Also I guess they added the ability to finish a set of reps even if you beat an enemy? That's a good addition.
Posted: 03/27/20, 22:07:33
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