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Rune Factory 4 Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
8.5/10 from 2 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Rune Factory 4 on the 3DS!

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Posted: 01/17/20, 22:10:51
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Got this game on sale on the 3DS. It's a real hoot.
Posted: 01/17/20, 22:11:28
I loved Rune Factory back in the day! Haven't played one in a long while, but I see a new one is due out on Switch in 2020. Can't wait to hear more.
Posted: 01/17/20, 23:27:00
Rune Factory was originally on DS, and some game in the series got put on Wii as well, right? Itís strange, because as big of a fan of the DS that I was/am, Iíve never played those games. Maybe I should someday.
Posted: 01/18/20, 21:40:36
@GameDadGrant Correct! There are three of them on the DS, one on 3DS (which has a Switch port about to release), and two on the Wii, with the second of those also releasing on PS3. If "Harvest Moon with some action on the side" sounds like a winning combo, give them a try!
Posted: 01/20/20, 18:31:24
I had a chance to borrow the Switch port of this and give it a try over the last two days. It seemed like there was a lot to like, but unfortunately the tutorial went on for SO LONG that I just got bored and quit. It was so, so long. Gosh. The thing really needed a ton of editing, there was so much rambling. Also at one point I was given three choices in response to part of the dialogue, and I picked one and the dragon character was like "Oh don't say that, say something else." So I picked a second one and it said "You don't mean that!" and then I was left with the single actual option. :/ I don't mind if a game gives you TWO options and one leads back to you answering "correctly" but three? That is absurd.

Anyway, still looking forward to seeing what they do with a dedicated one on Switch, but this was just too tedious to make it through the first half hour for me.
Posted: 08/12/20, 21:46:11
I've put 185 hours into the Switch version(!)

I'm a huge fan of Frontier and to a lesser extent Tides of Destiny on the Wii. Never very taken by the simpler DS games, but this one grabbed me. The graphics are a turn off at first, up-rezzed / smoothed out pixel graphics and terribly low poly counts (of course it's an enhanced edition not a remake or remaster by any means) but after a while that didn't matter to me. Lots to do. Lots of crafting and monster fighting and farming. Lots of story. Neat characters that are fun to spend time with. Me happy.
Posted: 08/23/20, 02:50:51
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