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Deadly Premonition Origins Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
8.3/10 from 2 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Deadly Premonition Origins on the Switch!

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Has anyone played this?!

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Posted: 09/08/19, 21:12:09  - Edited by 
 on: 09/08/19, 21:12:20
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I've always been curious about this game, it's one of those games that didn't review super well (sitting around a 7 on GR / MC) but has a super huge and dedicated cult following. Apparently it is one of those "bad in a good way" games?! And it supposedly has this weird, David Lynch-esque story and presentation?!

I even bought it on Steam when it was on sale but never got around to playing more than the first 2 minutes or so because I rarely play games on my laptop.

Has anyone here played it? Is it worthwhile? Should I drop $30 on the Switch version?!
Posted: 09/08/19, 21:14:38
I was just reading NW's old thread for the game, and the first thing to jump out at me is how pervasive the console wars were in everything we talked about back then. It was a simpler time for gaming controversies...

Like people in that thread were saying, "so bad it's good" really doesn't describe the game. The bad parts are bad; the third-person shooting sections are a chore that were mandated by the publisher and aren't even logically consistent with anything else going on in the story. And the good parts are good; the story is like going through a spin-off of Twin Peaks told through Majora's Mask style time based mechanics. Really the only thing that's "so bad it's good' is the goofy animation!

Apparently the side quests in this game are like half the experience, and I didn't do any of them, so I might replay this on Switch. It's also been ten years since I played it, so I don't remember much and am wondering if I'll appreciate the game more now than when I first played it. But I also think I'll have way less patience for the boring shooting parts now too.
Posted: 09/09/19, 04:03:48
Hmm yeah I mean I'm way too early to comment much but so far I had a little weird story bit at the beginning and then like a half hour or so of mediocre horror gameplay that wouldn't pass muster if it were an early PS1 game (Silent Hill and Resident Evil both had way better gameplay), let alone being released in 2019. Also the graphics suck but that's neither here nor there for me at the moment.

But I'm just now getting to the town so I guess that is where it gets all interesting, right?!
Posted: 09/09/19, 17:02:42  - Edited by 
 on: 09/09/19, 17:03:11
Zero said:
But I'm just now getting to the town so I guess that is where it gets all interesting, right?!

That's right! But the game continues to be divided by those half-hour horror sections the whole way through.
Posted: 09/09/19, 20:04:49
Well, I'm a bit further in and it's kind of oddly compelling. Though it is tough to say why. Just a kind of weird town with weird people that you want to get to the bottom of. But it's definitely a lot of poorly executed design and gameplay as well, lol. I can sort of see both why it didn't score well but why it got a cult following.

Oh, and the Switch port has an audio issue that I am definitely experiencing where audio just cuts out like... a lot. Supposedly a patch is coming soon. It's happening so much that I wonder if it might be best to just wait for the patch.

BTW should I just be randomly exploring the town now? I always have some specific goal for the day and I usually just head right there. The only sidequest I've found so far was in the police station finding the chief's... whatever he called it... and it took like 2 minutes to do.
Posted: 09/10/19, 06:52:02  - Edited by 
 on: 09/10/19, 16:17:47
Play it on the easiest available difficulty. The combat is legitimately terrible and something you just have to put up with to enjoy the good parts of the game (which is the story, characters and just the feeling of being a part of the town itself; I like to describe it as Twin Peaks meets Majora's Mask meets Silent Hill meets Yakuza). And the game makes a terrible first impression with the Wood Path area to start the game. It never shocked me to hear about people never giving the game a chance after the first 20 minutes or so.

Besides lowering the difficulty, another thing I'd recommend is looking up whichever side mission rewards you with an infinite magnum and do that mission as soon as you can (while being careful to avoid story spoilers). I can't stress enough that the combat is dreadful and anything you can do to make it more palatable is highly recommended. When I first played the game, I beat it on Normal and I wouldn't do that again if I had the chance.

Anyway, just sit back and enjoy your experience in the town of Greenvale. It's one of the few games I wish I could have erased from my memory so I could re-experience it again for the first time.
Posted: 09/10/19, 16:05:37
I'm not sure what difficulty I am on, it never asked me to choose one, maybe it is buried in a menu somewhere.

Does the combat get tough? At first I thought it was trying to be a survival horror game but it seems I have unlimited ammo so everything has been a cakewalk so far. Not even totally sure what the point of the combat knife and other stuff you swing is yet considering the unlimited ammo.

Should I be exploring the whole town? I've tried just driving around and stopping at buildings I find but it's a lot of empty space and I haven't really found much. I have still only found 2 sidequests so far, one in the police station while I was already in there, and one by walking right back into the hospital after escaping it.
Posted: 09/10/19, 16:19:53  - Edited by 
 on: 09/10/19, 16:26:08

I've read that the Director's Cut only has one difficulty setting, which is between Easy and Normal in the original game.

If only X-pert was around, she'd know exactly the right way to play the game!
Posted: 09/10/19, 21:41:38
Weird that they would take away options, but maybe they heard a bunch of complaints about the combat and thought hey, no one is really playing it for the combat anyway.
Posted: 09/10/19, 21:52:51  - Edited by 
 on: 09/10/19, 21:53:06

It's not so much that it's tough, it's just bad, haha. The combat is so clunky and the enemies are so sponge-y, so for me I just wanted those sections to be over faster.

Definitely become familiar with the town, that's the biggest draw of the game IMO. It's what I appreciate about Greenvale vs. most other (enormous) open-world games. Because it's a small town, just about every location on the map is important to some degree and as you become accustomed to it, you'll always know where you are in town and where you have to go. And quests are only available in certain missions and at certain times of the day (NPCs don't just stand in the same spot for eternity until you go talk to them), it's what most reminds me of Majora's Mask. Greenvale felt much more real to me as a place than the big budget, high-detail worlds of Rockstar's games, for example .


Huh. That's weird. I would have thought that, if anything, they would have put in one of those "enjoy the story" difficulty modes that games have been doing more and more lately.
Posted: 09/11/19, 12:46:05
LOL, dude I know was part of... this.

Posted: 09/23/19, 06:05:42
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