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Super Kirby Clash Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
7.33/10 from 4 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Super Kirby Clash on the Switch!

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Anyone playing this?!

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Posted: 09/06/19, 19:03:29  - Edited by 
 on: 09/06/19, 19:03:39
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A free to play online Kirby game? I mean... it's free, so why not?!

I played it a bit last night. The first few missions you have to do solo / with NPCs but after that you can play with people online.

It seems... ok. It's kind of fun but it's just boss fights, wish there was a bit more adventuring to it. Though it has a lot of customization, which is neat. But they will probably make you pay to get good gear, I mean, that's how the free to play model makes money, right?

Also, since it is Nintendo, I suspect there will be no easy way to meet up with your actual friends in the game, just randos. Or is there? I didn't see one.
Posted: 09/06/19, 19:06:20
This is basically an expanded version of the 3DS game, though you can't carry over progress.

Here are some passwords you can enter to get some free apples and mats to get you started:

@Zero Yes, there is a friend match option for online! However, you can't mix friends and randos, so if you don't have a full 4 friends then you have to sub in CPUs, who are not very good at their roles.
Posted: 09/06/19, 20:17:28
@Mop it up I didn't know there was a 3DS game, is it also free to play?!

For online is "friend match" sit in a room that no one knows exists unless they are specifically searching to play with friends like how Smash works? Because I almost never play with friends in Smash since there is no easy way to just be like oh hey my friend is currently playing Smash, I'll join them!
Posted: 09/06/19, 20:20:57  - Edited by 
 on: 09/06/19, 20:22:04
Yup, on 3DS it was called Team Kirby Clash Deluxe, which was an expanded version of a minigame from Kirby Planet Robobot. It was also free-to-play, and Super Kirby Clash seems to contain all of the same content plus some new stuff (no online in the 3DS version for example).

I'm... pretty sure every game on Nintendo systems work the way you just described... unless I'm missing some context here. The problem with not having game invites.
Posted: 09/06/19, 20:35:40
@Mop it up Nah, Fortnite has a better system, no matter who you are playing with... strangers, friends, a combo of both... friends can just see you are online and join up with your party on the fly and such, you can easily invite specific friends to join, you don't have to be sitting in a friends only room waiting for friends, etc.
Posted: 09/06/19, 20:47:14
True, but that's an exception since it's a cross-platform free-to-play game which runs on its own servers rather than just on Nintendo's.
Posted: 09/06/19, 20:50:13
This game's pretty fun! I liked it on the 3DS, and I was able to finish about 90% of the game without paying a cent. This time around, I felt I'd gotten enough enjoyment out of it to throw 50 cents (Gold Coins) Nintendo's way. It gives you 20 Gem Apples daily instead of 10. I think that's all I'll pay though--if it's like the 3DS one, you should be able to get quite a bit of gameplay out of it just with good resource management.

Beam Mage still feels a tad overpowered with its time stop ability though.
Posted: 09/06/19, 20:59:29
I played it for about thirty seconds, but it's similar to Smash Bros. but has a different control layout, so I don't want to play any more of it and get wires crossed in my brain. 😅
Posted: 09/06/19, 20:59:48
I liked the Team Kirby Clash minigame in Robobot well enough to 100% it entirely on my own (which didn't take long at all), and I'm enjoying what little I've played of this.

Does anyone know if you can play With Friends with multiple people on each console? e.g. 2 players in NYC and 2 in Tokyo, or 3 in Paris France and 1 in Paris Texas?
Posted: 09/07/19, 01:00:08  - Edited by 
 on: 09/08/19, 16:40:55
I too have paid the 49 cents (in Nintendo coins or whatever) to upgrade the tree slightly...I'll admit I was tempted to spend all my $8ish worth of Nintendo coins on it to upgrade it to like LEVEL 5 or whatever. I really enjoyed seeing the tree grow so much for just fifty cents, and now I want to see it huge! But I think the game balance is probably better if you pay little to nothing and earn those Gem Apples.

And I gotta say...this game (and Team Kirby Clash before it) has made me realize that I really don't miss the "standard" elements of Kirby games much. Combat against non-bosses has never been especially thrilling, especially in the new Return To Dream Land era where Knuckle Joe and his ilk barely seem interested in fighting at all. And the puzzles, more often than not, just require you to keep an ability for a while, which tends to just make you replay stuff over again.

Meanwhile the dynamic in Super Kirby Clash is nice and tight. Attacking the boss is actually risky because they do so much damage, so having to damage the boss while supporting the other Kirbies (or at least not getting in their way) keeps things engaging.

And the loot loop and equipment selection is tight enough that you never feel overly burdened with comparing numbers, never get anything useless that you have to actively throw away, and always feel like there's some new goal to chase.

So yeah. I'm having a great time with this one.
Posted: 09/08/19, 16:40:35  - Edited by 
 on: 09/08/19, 17:54:07
Count me in with the 49 cents club! I didn't spend any money with the 3DS version, but since this has online I figured I'll want to be getting apples more quickly.

We should try to figure out a time to meet up!

@TriforceBun In my experience, yes, Mage is still the best, especially 4 of them together. But I don't feel like it's to the point where that's required, so it isn't too bad.... so far anyway.

@nate38 I'm afraid I can't test this since I don't have another account on my system with an online sub.
Posted: 09/08/19, 19:23:12  - Edited by 
 on: 09/08/19, 21:08:49
I've been getting back into this a bit, and the credits are now rolling...this credits song is definitely not what I expected haha. Same with the final(?) boss! That was a cool sorta-surprise. I don't know if that particular version of Dededededededede has been in a game or if it's exclusive to Super Kirby Clash, but it's new to me at least.

I was really hoping this game would get some regular updates with, like, new classes or content, but it's starting to seem like it won't get anything. Here's hoping we get a Direct soon with some expansion.
Posted: 12/02/19, 06:14:08
...And the credits are rolling again. That was a cool not-really surprise, considering it's happened in every(?) Kirby game since Super Star Ultra, I think.

I do think this game has pretty well nailed the "always something to do" pacing of stamina/monetization games. The early missions have enough extra/side challenges that require much higher stats that you'll come back to finish them later, and they aren't exactly trivial until you're well and truly overpowered.

I'll probably end up grinding through more of the missions just because Kirby combat is actually pretty fun when there's some stakes in it. Still wishing for some content updates, but I'm not holding my breath.
Posted: 12/12/19, 07:14:34
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