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Spyro Reignited Trilogy Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
8.8/10 from one rating

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Spyro Reignited Trilogy on the Switch!

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I can't say it enough. This game is absolutely beautiful on Switch. Easily one of, if not THE, best looking games on Switch.

As for the gameplay, well there's a reason these games are regarded as the best games on the original PlayStation.

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Posted: 09/06/19, 06:31:41  - Edited by 
 on: 09/07/19, 01:15:09
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These aren’t considered the best on Switch.

But pretty great games, regardless!
Posted: 09/06/19, 16:24:01
So, I'm kinda weird. Turning on my Switch is a much more pleasant experience than turning on my PS4; Nintendo's UI is waaay snappier, the system is quieter... but Spyro's home is PlayStation. Since I own both consoles, I have to play Spyro and Crash on PS4, even though I like the Switch more.

I saw someone say that Spyro 1 actually holds up better than its two sequels, since it's a more of a pure platformer and doesn't have all the genre-bending minigames and story elements that the other two did.
Posted: 09/06/19, 21:03:50

Did you have the same dilemma with Resident Evil?
Posted: 09/06/19, 23:43:26
@GameDadGrant yeah Typos are fun aren't they.

@Secret_Tunnel Honestly all three of them have weird quirks in how they're designed. The story stuff is generally well done but the minigames are extremely hit and miss. That said, the first game has plenty of issues as well.
Posted: 09/07/19, 05:20:35
I played some of the first game on PS4, and it made me physically nauseous. Pretty rare. Sonic Adventure and Descent had that effect on me, too. And certain VR games.
Posted: 09/07/19, 17:54:05
There's a motion blur effect that was enabled by default on the PS4 and Xbone versions. Turning it off should help. The Switch version actually has Motion Blur disabled by default. I don't know if that's because motion blur is unavailable in handheld mode so they decided to disable it by default or if it's because the reason they had to patch in a toggle for motion blur is because the motion blur effect caused a bunch of people to report issues with becoming motion sick.
Posted: 09/08/19, 23:31:09
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