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Collection of Mana Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
8.8/10 from one rating

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Collection of Mana on the Switch!

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AW YEAH! Haters of Mana aside (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) this is a great collection!

I've never played the 1st and 3rd games so 2/3 of it is new to me!

And it is available RIGHT NOW. Anyone else getting it?!

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Posted: 06/11/19, 20:11:41  - Edited by 
 on: 06/11/19, 20:12:33
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I just realized that the way I worded that "Haters of Mana" looks like the name of a Mana game, lol.
Posted: 06/11/19, 20:13:08
I'm very tempted. SoM hadn't aged as well as I'd hoped but I hear so many good things about the sequel...hm. And the Game Boy one looks like a fun oddity too. But then the sequel's ALSO getting a remake next year. What to do!?
Posted: 06/11/19, 20:21:28
@TriforceBun I could be wrong here but from what I'm reading the remake seems to be in the vein of the Secret of Mana remake from a bit back that changed a lot gameplaywise and wasn't super well received. So it's an easy choice for me to just play the original version now and worry about whether I'd want a remake later.

I'm going to start with Mana 1 aka Final Fantasy Adventure though, which I've heard good things about. My brother and brother in law both love it.
Posted: 06/11/19, 20:34:19  - Edited by 
 on: 06/11/19, 20:34:32
I'd play Haters of Mana, sounds fun.

There's no online in this, right? I've played the first two, but not the third one obviously, so I might just wait for the remake of that and hope it has online co-op available.
Posted: 06/11/19, 22:32:17
If I can get this on a physical cart, I'm down. Otherwise, I'm gonna wait until I can get a bigger micro SD card.
Posted: 06/12/19, 16:36:37

It's coming physically in August. I almost bought this yesterday, but the $40 price tag scared me away. Just a tad too high IMO, even taking into account the fact that they had to translate one game from scratch. But I might have to jump in for the $40 physical version. We'll see.

Anyone played Trials of Mana yet? How does it compare to SoM? And can we play 3P SoM/ToM in this?
Posted: 06/12/19, 17:44:25
So, uh, are these games any good!?

I figured if anyone would sing Secret of Mana's praises it'd be Triforcebun, but seeing him say it hasn't aged well makes me think I wouldn't like it at all!
Posted: 06/12/19, 23:50:28

My opinion on SoM doesn't line up with the majority's, especially since I prefer Secret of Evermore to it! I think SoM's battle system feels pretty clunky today--there's a lot of delayed reactions between your hits and the enemy taking damage, and the AI gets stuck on the scenery a lot. It's certainly not a BAD game, and it has an awesome soundtrack, but I don't think the combat holds up as well as other action/adventure 16-bit titles like ALttP and the story as well as the rest of Square's SNES catalogue.

However, the brief bit they showed in the Treehouse for Trials of Mana (the sequel) looked pretty darn nice. And I remember the small bit of the Game Boy game I played being fun. Plus, assuming this allows 3P for SoM, I can see that being a lot more fun than going solo.
Posted: 06/13/19, 00:17:31
@Secret_Tunnel I replayed parts of it on the Wii with my brother and still loved it.

It was my first RPG ever though so I might be biased.

I'd agree that it doesn't live up to action adventure games like Zelda but it is really more an action RPG game.
Posted: 06/13/19, 00:19:14  - Edited by 
 on: 06/13/19, 00:19:28

August it is, then!

Which is totally fine, I’m drowning in my backlog.
Posted: 06/13/19, 02:49:23
Posted: 06/13/19, 05:16:54  - Edited by 
 on: 06/13/19, 05:17:13
So did anyone get this? I can't seem to find any impressions on Trials of Mana due to all the confusion with the remake and previews about that. I wanna know if it and SoM are 3P co-op! And if it feels smoother than SoM.
Posted: 06/13/19, 06:20:59
You know I did!

...I haven't tried it out yet. I was going to play 1 before trying 3 but I could check 3 and see if it has co-op.
Posted: 06/13/19, 06:56:43

Wait, it isn't a turn-based RPG!? You get to run around and press a button that swings your sword and stuff!?

I never knew this! I'm sold! Except Cadence of Hyrule comes out today...
Posted: 06/13/19, 17:38:02
So I really like Seiken Densetsu 1 aka Final Fantasy Adventure. I'm not sure what I was expecting but it feels a lot more like an old style Zelda game than Secret of Mana, even the magic is point and aim. (I guess the GBA remake Sword of Mana makes it more like Secret of Mana, but that wasn't as well received?) The controls are definitely stiff based on modern gaming, but for an old GB game I knew what to expect, and it's just very well designed and keeps teasing you with the next thing to do. I was just going to try it out last night but ended up playing it for a few hours.

I also tried out Seiken Densetsu 3 aka Trials of Mana for a little bit and it seems like a pretty solid sequel to Secret of Mana, though I'm only like 15 minutes into it. I can't say much about how co-op works because you only start with 1 character, but at the beginning of the game you select 3 from a group of 6 (with no idea how important these choices are?!) so if there is co-op (which there should be?) it wouldn't come into play until I meet up with the other characters.

But yeah, I'm going to focus on 1 first.

@Secret_Tunnel What the... how did you not know? Watch a video! It's still *sort of* turn-based RPG like though, especially with magic, which you just kind of select and it happens, and likewise, enemy magic just kind of hits you every once in awhile. And it has lots of stats and gear and such like RPGs.
Posted: 06/13/19, 17:45:52  - Edited by 
 on: 06/13/19, 18:35:41

Yeah, it's an action-RPG. The combat is a bit like top-down Zelda, except there's a brief cool down period between attacks so you can't spam an enemy to death (which is good because the enemies get stunned easily). But it also has the flow of an RPG, with stats and level-ups and towns, etc.


Thanks for the impressions. I'm curious to try out the GB original too. I'll probably nab this once the physical version releases.
Posted: 06/13/19, 18:06:47

If I had known that I'd have played it years ago!!!
Posted: 06/13/19, 19:16:58
You should check it out!

I would say though, to me it doesn't really feel like a straight action / adventure game Zelda. It is tough to explain how it feels. It is still "turn-based" in that sword / etc. attacks have recovery times and such, and magic just kind of hits anything on the screen or it misses, no real aiming. And everything else is very RPG... stats, gear, towns / dungeons, etc.

So it is more an action RPG than an action adventure game in my eyes. Sort of like... Xenoblade or something? But not really?!

Classic Squaresoft RPG! I'm actually very excited to play 3. (1 as well but as I said above, that feels more Zelda-like to me, while 2 and 3 have a different feel.)
Posted: 06/13/19, 19:20:34  - Edited by 
 on: 06/13/19, 19:32:04
Yeah, I've always seen it on Top 100 Games Ever lists, but I always thought, "eh, yet another SNES turn-based RPG, what could it possibly bring to the table that I haven't played before?" I didn't realize it was different!

It's funny, it didn't even dawn on me that action-RPGs existed prior to, like... Baldur's Gate on the PS2. I mean, of course they've been around longer than that, but I'm not sure if I've actually played one from the 16-bit generation or earlier? Isn't Ys action-RPG?

I guess there's Zelda II. And Simon's Quest...
Posted: 06/13/19, 21:00:54

Willow on the NES is a pretty solid action-RPG. Castlevania II is a crummy one.
Posted: 06/13/19, 21:31:50
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