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SteamWorld Quest Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
8.5/10 from one rating

Welcome to the official discussion thread for SteamWorld Quest on the Switch!

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SteamWorld Quest released at a launch exclusive for Switch on April 25th, 2019! It takes the SteamWorld style and applies it to a whole new game genre! Card-based RPG action!

How are you all enjoying it? I'm having a lot of fun! The way the card mechanic works is pretty stellar. Early cards aren't useless later because they grow as you grow. You don't have to ever worry about not wanting to use a card and thus save it for later. You can tailor your deck to your play style and to what the battle calls for. Excellent!

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Posted: 04/30/19, 19:16:47  - Edited by 
 on: 05/01/19, 03:50:41
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Some days back I completed this game 95% of the way. I didn't go back and finish all the challenge matches. Just some.

I thought it was a nice take on an RPG from Image & Form. Not too deep of a story but enough to be interesting/keep the plot moving. The card mechanic was enjoyable too, though I found pretty easily which set worked best for me. I didn't experiment enough but I guess that's on me.

What did you all think? I know I'm not the only one who played this... right?
Posted: 05/21/19, 04:39:25
It's on my list to buy, but I still need to play Heist (along with a slew of others on my backlog).

Sounds like the cards are similar to how blades work in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. How long is the game?
Posted: 05/22/19, 23:20:37

I took 22 hours to almost 100% it. I went back briefly into other chapters a few times. It can probably be done in under 20 but probably takes 15 min on avg.
Posted: 05/23/19, 05:41:10
I love the Image & Form guys, so I got this at launch, but like most games I buy on the eShop, I still havenít played it. I hope to get to it soon! (he said about every game ever...)
Posted: 05/24/19, 14:38:13
Image & Form has become a company I will buy a new game from, sight unseen. I've found Quest frankly a bit dull though, at least in the story and level design department. It looks great, it has some good mechanics and seems to be influenced by all the right things (noticeably Baten Kaitos). But it's a bit less compelling than I expected.
Posted: 05/27/19, 05:08:32
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