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Undertale Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Undertale on the Switch! To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

This will be the official thread for general discussion on this game, but there may be other threads with more specific discussions. If there are any details about this game that you believe should be in this post, please contact a moderator and ask if they can add them.


Undertale is a game that nobody understands how to talk about without spoiling. I'm making this thread now to encourage you not to read it or anything else about the game until you're done.

Undertale has a lot of secrets. Some of these secrets might seem hard to get to; do it anyway, the payoffs are worth it. As long as you have questions, keep playing. Don't use a guide. Experiment.

When you're finally fully satisfied with the game and feel that you've seen all it has to offer: start up a new game and grind for XP in the starting area as long as you can, not letting a single monster get away alive. After a while, something cool will happen; stick with it no matter what.

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Posted: 07/13/18, 18:03:12  - Edited by 
 on: 07/13/18, 18:04:03
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Anyone who has somehow not played this game yet should absolutely check it out when it releases on Switch. It's a phenomena for a reason. One of my best indie... ok remove that qualifier, just plain one of my best game experiences ever.
Posted: 07/14/18, 02:48:18
I too enjoyed Undertale a lot. It was my GOTY that year.
Posted: 07/14/18, 04:03:09

I have it on Steam. However playing on my Switch is encouraging and enticing. I just learned how to setup my Switch Pro with the Steam client though so I might just start on Steam.... after Axiom Verge anyway. I just started that tonight.
Posted: 07/14/18, 05:23:19
What is the cool thing you reference in your spoilers? Just the genocide changes or something else?
Posted: 07/14/18, 05:56:18  - Edited by 
 on: 07/14/18, 05:57:42

Same here, when I first played it my feelings were that it was a pretty great indie RPG, but the more I poked around with it the more I loved it. It's a Top 5 game for me for sure.


Yup. That's something I don't think 95% of people would stumble upon naturally, but its pretty easy to spoil some of its surprises by reading up on its existence in wikis and stuff.
Posted: 07/14/18, 17:41:25
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