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Lumines Remastered Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
8.2/10 from one rating

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Lumines Remastered on the Switch!

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This psychedelic puzzle classic just dropped on Switch. Whether or not you've played Lumines before, it's well worth the 15 bucks!

It's a solid, stylish puzzler with lots of content, and the HD Rumble integration is the crowning touch. I stuffed two Joy Con into my collar and two more under my feet, and the game fed unique beats into each controller. I could, like, FEEL the breakbeats. Seriously, you guys have to try it out.

Supposedly, Tetsuya Mizuguchi was inspired to remaster this game due to learning about the HD Rumble feature. I believe it!

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Posted: 06/27/18, 02:11:22  - Edited by 
 on: 06/27/18, 02:25:18
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I always wanted to play this! Now I will!
Posted: 06/27/18, 02:30:59
I have the PS2 version, does anyone know how much new stuff there is over that one?
Posted: 06/27/18, 02:57:16
@Mop it up
HD, HD rumble, and portability?

It's a pretty straight port, aside from that, and maybe an extra mode.
Posted: 06/27/18, 03:32:50
It's fun!

And HD rumble definitely lets you know when things are getting more intense!

My only real complaint so far is the load times seem oddly long for a game like this. And you definitely notice it in puzzle mode when it only takes a few seconds to lose and then you have to wait like 8 seconds to play again.

Hmm, and I vaguely remember back in the days people comparing this to Meteos talking about one big difference is a single match could go on for a half hour or more, which I can definitely see, because once I figured out what I was doing I lasted quite a long time.
Posted: 06/27/18, 05:55:44  - Edited by 
 on: 06/27/18, 05:56:36
Yeah, load times and no online multi are the only drawbacks. Load times are only a real bother on the short challenges, like you said.

Lumines actually has quite a few similarities to Meteos, with the varied skins and mutable physics. Didn't Mizuguchi come up with the initial premise for Meteos before handing it off to Sakurai?
Posted: 06/27/18, 06:33:43  - Edited by 
 on: 06/27/18, 14:38:26

Yeah, the load times make failing the challenges pretty insufferable. Having to stare at a loading screen every time you fail a 5 second challenge makes me less interested in retrying.

Seems pretty fun so far, though my brain isn't much good at it yet. It's nice having little time waster games like this and Puyo Puyo Tetris installed on the Switch at all times.
Posted: 06/27/18, 06:37:26

Other versions have online multi...? I already got the Switch version. I figured theyíd be pretty identical overall. Any idea if theyíll patch this in later or what?
Posted: 06/27/18, 07:40:42
No version has online multi. Just leaderboards.
Posted: 06/27/18, 14:38:03
@Anand I don't care about any of those three things, so I guess there's nothing here for me.
Posted: 06/27/18, 21:02:40
Is there a big difference between the original Lumines and the versions that came later, specifically Lumines Supernova, which I own on PS3 and didn't really get into?
Posted: 06/27/18, 23:06:11
If you gave it a real shot on PS3 and it never clicked with you, it won't click now. Portability is pretty important for a puzzler, though.
Posted: 06/28/18, 00:14:17
I was thinking about getting this since I've never played a Lumines game before. But I'm hearing that besides some load time issues, the Switch version also suffers from some slowdown and glitches. Have you guys noticed anything like this?
Posted: 06/28/18, 02:15:39

Iíve noticed some slowdown but itís usually when you transition from one level to the next and IMO never really affects gameplay all that much. Other than that, it seems to run fine. As for glitches, I donít think Iíve encountered any. I havenít played all modes yet but something else of concern may be the load times. If you play the challenge mode, itís not really a problem but as some have pointed out here already, the puzzle mode has you loading levels more frequently so youíll be looking at 8 seconds or so load screens quite often I imagine. Hopefully they release a patch to address these issues!
Posted: 06/28/18, 14:55:10

Okay, thanks for the info. I still might wait to see if a patch comes out.
Posted: 06/28/18, 16:15:46

Also I think if you start doing huge combos, there might be slowdown as well. Now that Iím getting better at the game, Iím noticing it more but it doesnít affect the gameplay at all I donít think. You notice it but it wonít really hinder how you play... at least not in my experience. I would imagine a performance update should be doable. Not like this is a visually demanding game!
Posted: 06/28/18, 16:41:28
The slowdowns during transitions and big combos almost seem intentional. Or like some type of weird reward, like in Tetris Attack an NES shmup with too much stuff happening.

Anyway, I like that different modes have different scoring priorities, although it's hard to ignore my natural instinct to save up combos and go for "Tetrises".

Y'know, the block mechanic kind of reminds me of The New Tetris. It's probably closer to Super Puzzle Fighter, though, since the squares can overlap.
Posted: 06/28/18, 19:22:39  - Edited by 
 on: 06/28/18, 19:26:55

No idea if this means theyíll address the slowdown but would be nice to see!
Posted: 06/29/18, 00:41:26
Damn you, Fabien! You didn't have to beat every single one of my scores at once.

And I rocked my first attempt at Shuffle, but my score wasn't even uploaded since I wasn't connected to the internet when I started the game! Graaahhh!!

Anyway, this game rocks. Good to see that they're improving it. I want local wireless play!! Apparently, the PSP original had it.
Posted: 06/29/18, 02:36:01  - Edited by 
 on: 06/29/18, 04:56:55

Sorry Though it doesnít make me feel all that good when looking at the top scores haha... those are insane!
Posted: 06/29/18, 04:48:32
Y'know, when you get down to it, this game is incredibly unbalanced and poorly paced. And some of the tracks cross over the line from catchy to annoying. And, although the load times are improved, the framerate is still unstable.

But, damn, if I can't stop playing! I've wasted so, so many hours getting to the last one or two skins and failing...
Posted: 08/02/18, 19:50:50  - Edited by 
 on: 08/02/18, 19:51:55
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