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Mega Man 11 Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
8.55/10 from 6 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Mega Man 11 on the Switch!

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Mega Man 11 just got a new trailer with a couple boss name reveals.

Before, I was cautiously optimistic, but now I'm genuinely excited! So far, this is hitting the sweet spot of old+new for me--a breath of fresh air without going too far with it. The Viewtiful Joe-esque time power has potential, and the bosses look dynamic and fun. I don't even mind the voice acting this time around!

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Posted: 05/29/18, 20:08:27  - Edited by 
 on: 10/02/18, 21:46:27
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Seems better than I expected, which is nice. Watched Gamexplain's video impressions earlier, and most of it sounds pretty nice, but I'm far from sold on the slow-motion ability. Looked way too OP.
Posted: 05/29/18, 20:11:30
Looks... alright. Still kind of wish they were sticking with sprites or at least making the new art style pop more but whatever.
Posted: 05/29/18, 20:23:45
That voice acting! LOL

"Robot University" - OMG!

Posted: 05/29/18, 20:39:18
This already looks better than Mighty No. 9. I can see myself buying this.

As for the overpowered idea of slow mo, i think it'll be fine. If I find myself struggling, I can us it, but if it's not required, no harm no foul.
Posted: 05/29/18, 20:41:54

What? It is actual half ways decent voice acting. Light sounds like an old scientist, not Elmer Fudd and Rock finally went through Robot Puberty.
Posted: 05/29/18, 20:51:54

Incredible that they kept the take of Light flubbing his lines...

"We must wecovah all de energy immediately, Wu-- Mega Man!"

"We may a-- be able to locade an udder energy emission..."
Posted: 05/29/18, 20:56:58  - Edited by 
 on: 05/29/18, 20:58:16
I actually kind of like the flubbing in a way, but it's sad that the flubs seem to be there simply because the voice actor and/or director just didn't give a damn.

EDIT: @chrisbg99
"You're now at an age where your bolts drop, your voice synthesis gets a bit deeper and you will start to find rust in places you didn't before. You might also start looking at that cute little Roomba next door in new and exciting ways."
Posted: 05/29/18, 21:00:56  - Edited by 
 on: 05/29/18, 21:15:18
Multiple difficulty options makes me happy, because I suuuuuck at Mega Man. I'm pretty stoked they only want $30 for a physical release as well. Sold.
Posted: 05/30/18, 05:26:21
Ooh, $30? Count me in.
Posted: 05/30/18, 05:30:34
This looks fine, not overwhelmingly tempting but I'd play it for the right price.

Hinph said:
I'm pretty stoked they only want $30 for a physical release as well.
And there it is!
Posted: 05/30/18, 05:34:08
Is it an actual physical release or a plastic box with a piece of paper in it? I don't trust Capcom for shit anymore.
Posted: 05/30/18, 09:28:17

True. We'll see if that ugly banner is added to the top or not. Don't plan on adding any of those to my physical collection.
Posted: 05/30/18, 10:39:48
Didn't they remove the banner in some region, making things even shadier?
Posted: 05/30/18, 11:13:18
Really? Didn't know about that.

This was an issue I never even imagined happening prior to launch. I hate it so much. I'd honestly rather pay more money for a card that has the whole game on it.
Posted: 05/30/18, 12:59:19
Posted: 05/30/18, 14:05:38
Zero said:
Looks... alright. Still kind of wish they were sticking with sprites or at least making the new art style pop more but whatever.

This for me as well.

Could have knocked it out of the parks with some hand-drawn sprites in HD!
Posted: 05/30/18, 15:32:07
I'll agree the visuals are on the plain side. But the gameplay looks great to me, especially after checking out GameXplain's impressions. Plus, the character designs are solid and classic Mega Man.
Posted: 05/30/18, 16:57:36
This looks pretty good. I'm down with the new secondary power ups. And I think the visuals are a step above solid. Level design also seems to be on par as well. And block man looks stupid in the exact right way. Should be fun.
Posted: 05/30/18, 17:19:39
This looks even better than before, I'm glad they're finally trying something "new" with Mega Man.

@r_hjort The top banner may be missing, but the text on the bottom is still there, which reads "Includes game card for Mega Man Legacy Collection and a download code for Mega Man Legacy Collection 2." The image in the article you linked conveniently holds the receipt over that text. Perhaps they simply felt having both messages was redundant.
Posted: 05/30/18, 23:04:27  - Edited by 
 on: 05/30/18, 23:05:30
@Mop it up
Either way it's less clear now. Better looking, but less clear. And at this point Capcom can't do anything right in my eyes. If I catch them giving all their profits away to benefit homeless people and depressed puppy dogs I'm gonna find a way to hate them for that too.
Posted: 05/30/18, 23:27:52
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