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Space Invaders Get Even Discussion (Nintendo Wii) [game]
8.63/10 from 4 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Space Invaders Get Even on the Wii!

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wii shop channel description said:
Join forces with the Invaders for the first time in an all-new SPACE INVADERS experience! It’s time for revenge!

The Space Invaders are back, and this time they're out to get even! Take control of a UFO and make those Earthlings pay by unleashing your fleet of heroic invaders against their puny tanks, fighter jets, and artillery--but watch out for the massive boss awaiting you at the end of each stage! Use your invaders' five attack types and the might of the mother ship to rack up high scores.

This game is stupidly satisfying and pretty solid.

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Posted: 02/28/18, 07:12:20  - Edited by 
 on: 02/28/18, 10:45:21
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Is it better than Space Invaders Extreme?
Posted: 02/28/18, 15:53:04
@GameDadGrant it's completely it's own thing.
Posted: 02/28/18, 19:13:49
Whoa this game looks crazy! Maybe I'll download it while I still can.
Posted: 02/28/18, 19:32:52
It's such a good game, and really funny (the humans you hear panicking on the radio are often hilarious). You snatch cows for health and points.

It feels like some sort of arcadey take on the Desert Strike games from EA. Maybe it's mostly due to the point of view. But the way you can rain destruction from above, and have to be careful heading into "enemy territory" feels pretty similar.

I remember IGN pooh-poohed it back when it came out because of the price: $5 only gets you the first mission or two. After that, there are 3 packs of $5 DLC that contain 2 missions each. It's true that it's not ideal. But the game is fun enough that I didn't mind paying for the whole thing, after I tried it.
Posted: 02/28/18, 20:32:12
Just now purchased. And all the DLC. I’ll try it out later tonight.
Posted: 03/01/18, 01:09:44
Hey, this game ain't bad! And even though it's not running via Dolphin, it still looked pretty decent for an old WiiWare game. Surprisingly few noticeable jaggies, bright, colorful environments, cool effects like lasers, explosions and comic-book style "BOOM!" balloons make this game look awesome.

And maybe it's because I suck, but man this game is NOT easy. I got through the first 'Get Even' stage fairly easily...only had to retry it once. But the 2nd mission? Holy crap, I must have redone that one over 10 times. There is this tricky balance between shooting down buildings and other structures so you can build up extra seconds on the timer, but making sure you're dodging incoming fire *and* destroying the tanks, missile launchers, laser cannons and aircraft trying to gun you down...AS WELL AS still making sure you're paying enough attention to the actual target so you can destroy that and keep going. All in real-time, of course. It's pretty challenging.

And of course I'm preaching to the choir here, but it's games like these that always kind of make me laugh when it was said that the Wii was just for 'casual' players and not 'true' gamers (ah, remember those days?). This is as hardcore a video game as most any other digital-download game I've played on LIVE or PSN. Right up there with stuff like Geometry Wars or Pac-Man Championship Edition. It's too bad, I feel some of those "true gamers" missed out on cool and unique games like this because of their preconceptions of the Wii and what it was really for. (though I suppose Nintendo's marketing didn't help matters in that case, but that's a different discussion)

Anyway, yeah. Cool game. Recommended.
Posted: 03/01/18, 14:55:12  - Edited by 
 on: 03/01/18, 14:56:01
@Guillaume Was the game separated like that to get around the 40 MB limit? Or does all the content together still fit into 40 MB?
Posted: 03/01/18, 20:41:12
@Mop it up

I think it goes over the 40MB limit. Apparently the game was originally planned to be released on disc, but was then chopped up and put on Wiiware.

I would have preferred a disc version, but I'm glad the game came out at all.
Posted: 03/01/18, 20:43:58
Yeah, each different part is it's own separate download, so I wouldn't at all be surprised if it's over the 40MB limit. Seems like something Super Meat Boy could have employed to get around that hurdle, but oh well. Too late for that, and we've now got that game on a couple different Nintendo hardware units...so it's all good I suppose.

Yeah, the production values alone would probably put it over the limit. Way more voice work than I ever expected...especially since I can't think of any other WiiWare game that has voice work at all. Except, I suppose, Doc Louis' Punch-Out!! if that counts.
Posted: 03/02/18, 01:51:57
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