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Pokémon Ultra Moon Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Pokémon Ultra Moon on the 3DS!

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Last year sun and moon came out but you know what? They weren't Ultra enough. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are the most Ultra games in the Pokemon series. Get your Ultra Balls (so Ultra) Ultra Beasts, (2 Ultra 4 me) and get your Ultra Space Suits ready because Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are here. (And if you're too busy playing Mario Odyssey you're just a waste of Ultra Space.)

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Posted: 11/21/17, 06:49:30  - Edited by 
 on: 11/21/17, 07:24:32
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I am ultra into Pokémon Ultra Sun/Moon. Been playing it almost ultra exclusively on 3DS lately. Ultra surprised it's more of a Special Yellow Edition/Crystal/Emerald rather than an ultra sequel like Black/White 2. I was ultra expecting more of the latter.

Still, the original Sun/Moon were great games and this just makes things ultra better.

Heh, remember when the Nintendo 64 was known as the Nintendo Ultra 64?
Posted: 11/22/17, 01:38:45
Posted: 11/22/17, 02:36:36
By the way, don't forget to get your Mystery Gift! A special Rockruff that will evolve into its Dusk Form if leveled to 25 between 5:00pm and 6:00pm (IIRC) according to the in-game clock.

Just connect to the internet in the Mystery Gift menu from the main menu and receive the special Rockruff!
Posted: 11/22/17, 18:57:46
I'm mostly through the second island and not noticing a ton of changes? I know some big changes to the story come later on, but I'm not seeing as many at this point as I would've hoped. I'm still having a lot of fun though. I think the new Gen 7 games are my favorite in the series. The expanded pokedex has me very tempted to complete the regional dex again.

What teams are you rolling with? I've got

Posted: 11/22/17, 19:30:44

Wow, you’re blazing through! I’m still on the first island. My team so far is:

Posted: 11/23/17, 00:01:28
So this is really the same starting situation as Sun and Moon? I'm wondering if it's worth passing on. I hope to still get a new 3DS this Christmas as there are a lot of games I want to play, and I want to work on my Living Dex. However will this be worth full price when I milked so much out of Pokemon Sun before it... hmm...
Posted: 11/23/17, 02:43:57
I'm basically intentionally making this a bit of a challenge run with some team choices that have been problematic for me in the past along with the event rockruff.


I actually started out with Popllio and than traded it to myself for an egg containing Rowlett so that Hau has a type advantage on me.
Posted: 11/23/17, 09:28:34

Even though there are 100 more PKMN in the “ULTRA” versions, these new versions may not be worth it for you. It’s still essentially the same game. Which is still great, buuuuut...even you milked Sun/Moon dry, you may be okay to skip.

Dive into Ever Oasis instead.
Posted: 11/23/17, 16:05:42

Noted. Are the 100 Pokemon new (doubt it) or just new to the Sun/Moon islands and such? I did milk Sun pretty dry.
Posted: 11/23/17, 16:46:21

Iwata tribute discovered.

Oh, Iwata.
Posted: 11/23/17, 20:32:24

From what I understand, a lot of the new PKMN aren’t *entirely* new, but rather new forms of existing creatures. There are some that actually are completely new.

At least, I think so. Don’t quote me on that....
Posted: 11/24/17, 00:53:57

My understanding is that they added in a bunch of Pokemon from previous games that weren't in vanilla Sun/Moon, in addition to a couple of entirely new legendaries (Ultra Beasts). I don't think there's any new alolan forms or anything like that.
Posted: 11/24/17, 05:23:40  - Edited by 
 on: 11/24/17, 05:24:07

That sounds more accurate. I haven’t run into any new PKMN yet, so I think any new stuff is near the end of the game. Or maybe post-game?
Posted: 11/26/17, 01:01:48
So can we talk about Ultra Necrozma because holy shit that thing is monstrous.

Like, that's the kind of thing you'd expect to deal with as some kind of uber difficult bonus boss. Not an actual thing you have to face in the main story.

I was using a larvesta because well masochist run, of course i'm going to use the Pokemon that evolves only once at level 59 and it evolved right before that battle so I was expecting to just steamroll through the rest of the game with Volcarona but Ultra Necrozma took it out with power gem and it just wiped the floor with everything else in my party. I equipped a focus sash on Volcarona so I could get a hit in but it managed to survive a STAB*, Super Effective, 75 Base Power, Critical Hit! Signal Beam coming off of a 196 Special Attack. Granted it had such little health left that I was able to finish it off with Lopunny's fake out (which is guaranteed to go first and makes the opponent flinch so it's basically a free hit although it doesn't do much damage.) but still.
Posted: 06/06/18, 11:34:35  - Edited by 
 on: 06/06/18, 11:37:32
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