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Rocket League Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
8.7/10 from 6 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Rocket League on the Switch!

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Rocket League for the Nintendo Switch is now available! This isn't just a weird soccer with flying cars game. Well...it is, but it can be much more than that! There's unlockable content, numerous arenas, modes, training, ranked battle, and cross play with Xbox and PC players! Nintendo exclusive content is also being made available.

NW members are encouraged to team up and have some online fun!

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Posted: 11/14/17, 16:23:36  - Edited by 
 on: 11/14/17, 16:31:14
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I just downloaded this, this morning. I played a few online matches before going off to work and it feels like....Rocket League! Tiz good! I look forward to playing with some of you online.
Posted: 11/14/17, 16:24:47
Wait it's out?

Posted: 11/14/17, 16:40:22
I have it on PC, I'd be glad to cross-play with any Switch players (and XB1 players, they get cross-play as well...PS4 players left in the cold). IIRC that might be limited to setting up a room for all parties to join for now, but I think they said a cross-platform Party system is coming (i.e. players group up and then go into the random matchmaking mode).
Posted: 11/14/17, 16:41:26
Is the port alright or what? After hearing it was handled by Panic Button who did a good job with Doom I figured this would be a piece of cake for them, but the thread over on ResetERA seems to tell a different story.

Also, how does the whole cross-platform play work? Can I add specific Xbone players to my friend list in-game or stuff like that?
Posted: 11/14/17, 17:30:42
Hmm, I'm not sure what the ResetEra community is seeing but the handful of matches I played this morning went very well. The framerate is smooth and the controls are very similar to what I'm used to on PS4. I did see somebody with a PSYNET user icon which tells me that the cross play is working. I'm not sure about friend list specifics just yet.
Posted: 11/14/17, 17:50:02
@r_hjort No, I don't think you can't add friends from other systems, at least not yet. Earlier this fall Psyonix said they're working on that or something like it, hopefully to roll out early 2018.

Right now you can only create a password-protected room and it'll show up to users of all systems (except PS4). So if you make a room on Switch with the name NegativeWorld and the password "DOOOOOOOOMED" then I can join it from Steam.

EDIT: Here's a guy showing how cross platform play currently works on Switch
Posted: 11/14/17, 17:59:54  - Edited by 
 on: 11/14/17, 18:00:35
Nice and thank you!

Maybe we can agree on a room naming convention and password to put in the OP.
Posted: 11/14/17, 18:19:51
I heard some where complaining about framerate issues during certain goal celebrations and having to turn of weather effects to get a solid framerate and stuff. I also saw a screenshot of the handheld mode that looked very rough, but on the flipside there were some fairly nice looking docked screens too. I don't want to give off the impression that I care all that much about the graphics here, but their criticism took me a bit by surprise is all.

Alright, cool! That sounds like it would work just fine for the time being.
My main reason for being interested in this game is the ability to play a few games with my Xbone owning nephew who lives in Ireland, so the easier it is for me to connect to him the better.
Posted: 11/14/17, 18:25:17  - Edited by 
 on: 11/14/17, 18:38:13
Hmmm, I will check out handheld mode later today. I'm always skeptical about framerate complaints when dealing with an online game. It could very well be that their internet connection sucks and they are seeing lag.
Posted: 11/14/17, 18:36:47
Yeah, there are lot of factors that could be the cause of whatever they're experiencing. If you guys say it runs fine I'll take your word for it!
Posted: 11/14/17, 18:39:49

Well, I won't right their claims off just yet. I did a bunch of wireless connection testing when I first got my Switch. In handheld mode the Switch doesn't have the greatest wireless connectivity. I had all sorts of troubles with interference.
Posted: 11/14/17, 18:45:08
Sure, that seems to be a common problem, sadly. I always try to play my online in docked mode, unless I'm able to sit right next to the access point. I think the complaints about the handheld mode were more about the graphics being severely scaled back, though. I have to say the screenshot someone posted looked more like a 3DS capture than anything I've seen on the Switch, but then again, I don't know what they had turned on/off in game and so on.
Posted: 11/14/17, 18:48:54
Handheld looks alright to me! Make sure to turn the below video's rez up to 1080p.

Posted: 11/14/17, 21:28:25
Yeah, that seems fine. Very fluid as far as I can tell, and that's gotta be the most important thing, right?
Posted: 11/14/17, 21:40:16
It just looks to me like anti-aliasing is disabled in handheld mode. They might also scale back some of the effects a little, but that's a good thing to me. It won't drain the battery as severely if that's the case.
Posted: 11/14/17, 21:47:38
@Abdooooo Looks perfectly playable to me.

Rocket League on the go, with cross-platform multiplayer! What a time to be alive.
Posted: 11/14/17, 23:42:54
I'm really stumped as to why this game is so popular. It's soccer with cars, in low/weird gravity, right? Not trying to be an ass,but it just seems like a mini-game that could have been included in MarioKart or some other racer.

The cross platform multi-player is awesome, and hopefully something other 3rd party games offer more of in the future.
Posted: 11/15/17, 00:12:17
Itís weird that this is the first time this game has been available on Nintendo hardwarez
Posted: 11/15/17, 01:00:33

There are other modes but I'm not sure how they all work or how popular they are. But it's really just the controls and physics of the game that seem to work really well and provide a fun competitive game.
Posted: 11/15/17, 01:26:28
Is there a retail release for this game? Or is it digital download only?
Posted: 11/15/17, 02:00:17
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