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Doom Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
Doom on the Switch
9.3/10 from 3 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Doom on the Switch!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

Thanks to the efforts of Panic Button, even Switch owners get to experience the relentless massacre that is id Software's Doom reboot. Blast demons to pieces with your shotgun, tear through hordes of undead with your trusty chainsaw and rip the heads off of pretty much anything moving with your bare hands.

Features a single player campaign and a number of online multiplayer modes for up to twelve players.

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Posted: 11/09/17, 18:45:44  - Edited by 
 on: 11/09/17, 19:10:44
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Got my copy a day early, but sadly I can't play it until I've downloaded the 9GB multiplayer patch, which -- thanks to my lovely ISP -- will take about four hours. On the flipside, this means I will be very motivated to crush some skulls when the installation is done!

Just to post something, here's some of Mick Gordon's kick-ass soundtrack.
Posted: 11/09/17, 19:13:49  - Edited by 
 on: 11/09/17, 19:15:02

Can't you play it without downloading the patch?
Posted: 11/09/17, 19:17:45
I thought I would be able to, but apparently not. I started up the game just fine, but once it opened up its main menu I got a system message telling me I needed to download an update in order to play. There was a button with the option to let me download it later and play anyway, but even when I pressed that it just resulted in the same message popping up again, so no dice.
Posted: 11/09/17, 19:22:02
Oh that sucks! I bought a physical copy with full intentions to not download the multiplayer, I donít want to take up 9 gigs on my card!

That said I do like the multiplayer, it was really fun on PS4 (itís just nowhere near as good as the campaign), so maybe having it on the Switch will come in handy if anyone on the board wants to play.
Posted: 11/09/17, 19:35:38
I mean, that's the impression I've gotten from interviews and other info before, that we could skip the multi if we didn't want it. I would have gotten it anyway since I do plan on giving the multi a go, but I would have waited a while.

Maybe you're supposed to be able to skip the multi, and there's some issue that keeps me from doing it -- there's an option to play anyway after all -- but oh well.
Posted: 11/09/17, 19:42:35
That's disappointing, little Danny will want to slay some demons Christmas morning and will have to wait
Posted: 11/09/17, 20:36:44
To add insult to injury I can't play Super Mario Odyssey while I'm waiting since that apparently considers itself to be using online functions by default, pausing my download in the process. Kind of a disappointing first page for this discussion thread!
Posted: 11/09/17, 21:00:08
Considering how cheap this game is on other platforms, I'm gonna wait and see how low it goes on Switch.
Posted: 11/09/17, 22:05:42
Trying it out now for a few minutes before going to bed.

This is Doom alright! At the start, in the darkness with little other than candles and ruptured pipes full of flammable whatevers to light your way, the game's blurriness compared to the other versions is especially apparent, but as soon as I turned off the motion blur it started looking pretty good. Runs fine so far too, even if it is 30 fps. Not that I have a problem with 30 fps in this case.

Tried handheld briefly, and it runs just as well there, even if it is a tad blurrier.

Decided to try multi while typing this post, and got carried away playing against bots. How I've missed doing stuff like that. Again, multi ran just fine, but here I noticed the odd, slight drop in framerate as all the bots and I were in the same place, shooting rockets at each other.

Basically, so far this seems to be a slightly out-of-focus version of Doom that you can play while taking a crap. Pretty impressive, especially considering the tiny thing it's running on.

EDIT: Quick run-down before sleep.

Good stuff:
- It's Doom.
- Runs fine.
- Seems to have all the bells and whistles, albeit at a lower res and framerate.

Bad stuff:
-Vaseline lens.
-No customizable controls or gyro aiming.
-HD rumble could have packed more of a punch during the glory kills, to make things...crunchier.
Posted: 11/10/17, 00:24:24  - Edited by 
 on: 11/10/17, 00:44:22
If I didn't already have this on PS4 I'd be all over it.

In the meantime, I love the Spanish advertising for this.

Posted: 11/10/17, 00:31:13
Can't Day 1 it but I'll be there next week. So happy this exists.

Own it on PC and can get pretty high settings and good fps in the 40-60 range depending, but I never finished it.

The game also crashed my entire computer completely once or twice. I thought the thing fucking killed my computer lol.
Posted: 11/10/17, 01:08:05  - Edited by 
 on: 11/10/17, 01:10:06
I own on both PS4 and PC but still getting the Switch version! I mean Doom on a handheld? Hell yes! This will probably end up being my favorite version of the game, just like Doom II on GBA is my fave.
Posted: 11/10/17, 02:30:22
Small revision of my earlier statement on the blurry backgrounds:

Turns out my TV had turned off game mode for some damn reason, so the game got blurrier than it should. It's still not as sharp as the other platforms for obvious reasons, but not as blurry as I might have made it sound earlier.

Speaking of nothing: Gotta love games where PA systems inform you that the 'demonic presence is at unsafe levels'. I'd forgotten how great of a line that is.
Posted: 11/10/17, 17:14:12
@Shadowlink It's finally accurate to say Nintendoomed.
Posted: 11/10/17, 21:35:39
I just played my first online match, and it was great! Had such a good time, I have to say. I think that having this old school fragfest will complement Splatoon 2 really well, and I can see myself playing more online multi in the future now that I can switch things up with the two styles.

Had no lag, noticed no framerate drops, matchmaking was fast, graphics were pretty and detailed enough for me to see what the hell is going on at all times, and it was just plain fun. I had tried single player on PC before, but I haven't played a Doom multiplayer since Doom 2. This felt more like Quake, but that's not a bad thing in my book.

I think I've noticed a problem with the audio though. Not sure if it's just my TV or if the game's mixing is crap, but when the music gets too intense, or is paired with too many other noises it starts cracking up. Certain mid-range tones start sounding as if they're underwater or something. No other game I've got has behaved like this, so even though my TV speakers are pretty weak and iffy, this is a bit strange to me. Gonna go back to handheld and see if the issue persists.

EDIT: The sound mix is a bit off in some respects, like the game sometimes muting too much of the audio during the glory kills, and sometimes cramming too much shit at the same volume into the mix, but the big culprit here seems to be my shitty TV speakers. They just can't handle the intensity, I guess.

Now that I'm playing handheld mode again, I'm much, much more impressed with how well it performs than I was yesterday. I was young and stupid. I might actually play this mainly as a handheld game now. So cool.
Posted: 11/10/17, 21:51:01  - Edited by 
 on: 11/10/17, 22:48:54
I really hope some of the Nintendo-only gamers on here grab this up.
It is an excellent, excellent game. So much care was put into it, and itís just a pleasure to play.

I have it on PS4 but Iím tempted to grab this one for on-the-go bloodshed.
Posted: 11/10/17, 23:01:42
ploot said:
I really hope some of the Nintendo-only gamers on here grab this up.
It is an excellent, excellent game. So much care was put into it, and itís just a pleasure to play.
All of this is true and good and true. I mean, let's put it this way: I'm not playing Super Mario Odyssey right now. That should be saying something.
Posted: 11/10/17, 23:05:55

Definitely yeah. I played it on PS4 on the hardest difficulty that's available at the start and while the game seems overwhelmingly hard, once it clicks and you get a better feel for the mechanics and overall intensity, the game really has a great sense of overcoming those insane action sets. I really had to put my controller down for a bit after some of the later game moments just because of how nuts they were haha.
Posted: 11/11/17, 01:16:09
It sounds like there are a few bugs etc. but nothing major that won't get patched out. For some reason Amazon isn't delivering mine until Sunday. Very annoying! I have to work on Sunday.

Oh God I played just the first level on the hardest setting in order to get the platinum trophy, it was SO HARD. Took me like 50 tries and several hours to beat just that first area! It's cool how they show you the skulls of all the players who died though, really funny. If anyone can beat the entire game on that mode they're simply inhuman.
Posted: 11/11/17, 02:03:45  - Edited by 
 on: 11/11/17, 02:06:19
Have them deliver to your job and bring your Switch with you.

After a bit of a look around teh internets I see that I'm not the only one with the audio issues, so maybe I was being a tad too harsh on my TV. But yeah, it's nothing major and should be easy enough to patch.

My wish list for patching so far:

- Fix audio issues
- Fix the occasional framerate drop (if possible)
- Give us an option to increase the font size in subtitles and menus

As far as I know my vision is still 20/20, but unless I'm playing in handheld mode I can't make out what the multiplayer challenge messages say, I can't read log texts very well, and I can only barely read any subtitles. Don't want to abandon my comfy couch and sit on a chair closer to the TV just because of this.
Posted: 11/11/17, 14:03:18
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