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Stardew Valley Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
Stardew Valley on the Switch
8.67/10 from 7 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Stardew Valley on the Switch!

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The day has finally come! In a year full of excellent Nintendo Switch games, and Super Mario Odyssey just around the corner, we have the long-awaited Stardew Valley releasing on October 5th, 2017. Use this thread to discuss the ins and outs of the title since most of us will be playing it for the first time. What crops are you working on? What did you name your cow? This spiritual successor to the Harvest Moon franchise intends to be a next step in the Farming Simulator genre with more choice and ways to play your 'life' than ever before. It's surely going to eat away at many of our Switch's hours.

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10/05/17, 05:44    Edited: 10/05/17, 05:57
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Well I played a bit of it but even after a short bit, I'm already very turned off from the game. Maybe my fault for not researching more into it but as soon as I started playing and noticed all the different materials I was picking up... and then the ability to build chests to store items... and then upgrading your inventory space, I realized that this is just one of those games that has you collecting hundreds of different materials to the point where managing them all becomes a boring chore. Maybe I'm wrong so I'll play it a bit more but most of these games are just so bleh in the end that I play them cause I own them but don't even find any fun. We'll see how this goes.
10/05/17, 21:07   
Edited: 10/05/17, 21:08

It's really not fair to presume that though. This is the kind of game where you choose what you want to do and use. Besides the obvious ones like wood and maybe some ores, you really don't have to grow all crops or collect all foraging items. The world is your oyster!

Hope this turns around for you.
10/06/17, 03:40   

I'm fairly sensitive toward that sort of issue and it wasn't a big deal for me. There is an element of inventory management, but it's not really huge.
10/06/17, 04:26   

Ah, that's good to hear. I was gonna keep at it anyway but just gave off a bad impression right away due to that.
10/06/17, 04:56   
Got a bit further in, started unlocking more crafting but now a few of the options I can't even select since the cursor won't allow me to select them. Hope it sorts itself out after I unlock a few more...
10/06/17, 17:57   
How do you get the scarecrows?
10/13/17, 23:08   
I think you can craft them after getting Farming to level 1?

Loving the game so far but not thrilled with some of the bugs we've come across. The game really acts up if we undock or dock mid game.
10/16/17, 01:01   
This game is way too addicting and it's like I haven't touched much of what the game even has to offer. What a change from my post up there
10/16/17, 05:09   
I played like the first hour of this last night, I haven't finished Dig 2 yet but I couldn't wait just to see what it was like. The intro is really well done, I almost teared up! So good.
10/23/17, 13:18   
The characters and story are really well done here in general. I really feel like I know these people to some degree.
10/23/17, 13:43   
I just blew through the first season, with Haley at four hearts and Penny at three. I've grown a lot of crops, two of my tools are copper, and I've made it to level 20 of the mine. I really, really like this game.

It feels like an homage to Rune Factory moreso than Harvest Moon, at least to me. I know, those are essentially the same thing, but the dungeon crawling of the mine(s) make it feel more like a Rune Factory game in a Harvest Moon-type setting, if that makes sense.

I'm knee deep in this and Mario. It's so good.
11/08/17, 23:45   
I love Harvest Moon SNES, HM64 and Rune Factory Frontier, but have passed on most of the other HM games afterward. Does this capture the level of quality and constant rewards that those games did?
11/08/17, 23:50   

I'm not Ludist, but this game meets those best HM games indeed. It improves where most new HM games fail.
11/09/17, 01:09   
I'm nearing the end of year 2 and just recently adopted a child. My house is fully upgraded, started raising some animals but it definitely doesn't seem as profitable as crops so far. Still, it's a fun change of pace during the winter months to keep yourself occupied with a different task and still have some money come in.

I'm not sure what else there is to do or what there is to see at this point so I do feel a little burned out on it but well worth the money for how much I've played it haha. I'll just keep building some more and see what it opens up and probably gonna play it a bit less since the rest just seems to be collecting the little things here and there if I want to go for 100%.
11/09/17, 04:43   

Have you fixed the community centre? Visited all the areas on the map?
11/09/17, 18:59   

I think I've visited all areas on the map but the community center isn't fully repaired yet. I'll keep at it, just that the rest of the game feels a bit slow at this point when all that's left seems to be filling in the spots.
11/09/17, 19:16   
I'm looking forward to picking up this game in 2018. It's been a tough time (soothed by Odyssey) to avoid playing now, but I will have a 36 hour flight/travel day in the coming months so I feel like this would be SUPER useful during that torture, lol. I may be crammed into a plane seat that's far too short for my long legs, but at least I'll have farming to enjoy! :)
11/09/17, 23:43   
I love Harvest Moon, but I'm really having a hard time getting started in this one. The running speed is painfully slow.
11/20/17, 06:20   

Hurry up and build a horse stable so that you have access to a horse.
11/20/17, 07:10   
Okay! I finally got the game, woo! I thought I'd share some thoughts.

First of all, Harvest Moon (SNES) is my all-time favorite video game. Just to make that note in case it helps color my impressions.

I had a lot of difficulty at the start of this game. As Tbun said above, it was a hard time to get started. I'm working on analyzing why (if anyone might have ideas, let me know so I can add it to my game-dev wisdom), but whatever the reason, I almost called it quits after only a few in-game days. I'm happy to say I didn't, and now after a few weeks in game I am having a ton more fun.

I have some pretty major issues with the game compared to Harvest Moon, but it's hard for me to fault the developer on it. Just made different choices, I guess. I don't like these choices as much as HM. However there are other things that are clearly better overall, and it's a meatier game than most HM titles (and certainly HM1). It also has a pretty good sense of progression once you climb over that initial wall. I now understand the lay of the land and can get to places (mostly) without checking the map 10 times en route.

Overall I would say this is a great little game, even if I prefer Harvest Moon. A little more time spent on aesthetics could have really boosted my enjoyment, I think, as this is the kind of game where visuals matter a great deal, since it is slow paced.

(Example, the cows. HM cows are graphic-design bliss. Those artists knew what they were doing!)

I'm looking forward to playing more. Oh also, for me this wasn't a good "take on a trip" game. I find it is the perfect fit for laying in bed and playing in handheld mode until my eyes get heavy. But that's just me.


01/09/18, 04:07   
Edited: 01/09/18, 04:09
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