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Golf Story Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
8.13/10 from 9 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Golf Story on the Switch!

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Golf Story releases today!!! It seems to mix Golf and RPG-like elements in a totally unique way.

I'm excited for some golfing sim action but with a deep storyline and really interesting gameplay elements. A Switch Exclusive! Fifteen bucks it seems is the MSRP.

Who's buying?

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Posted: 09/28/17, 16:57:50  - Edited by 
 on: 09/28/17, 17:00:04
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I'll probably be checking this out tonight. Love some Golf games and mixing it with story/RPG elements should keep things interesting. This is gonna look and feel great on the Switch too.
Posted: 09/28/17, 17:39:56
Im planning to buy this one. I've been looking forward to it for quite a while.
Posted: 09/28/17, 17:43:41
This looks delightful, but I'm on the fence about since I've got too many RPGs to deal with, so I'd feel bad about getting another one. At the same time, if the game's heavier on the golf than the RPG stuff I'll probably lose interest since I don't really care about the sport at all outside of the odd videogame.
Posted: 09/28/17, 17:48:13
This looks really charming. And funny. I'm in!
Posted: 09/29/17, 01:55:19
The music in this game is something haha. It all sounds so cheery and grand. But that rumble... talk about overkill. Every speech bubble and line of text, it rumbles! Turning that off.
Posted: 09/29/17, 02:07:34
This is probably one of my most anticipated games but I had no idea it was coming so soon, still in the middle of a million other games including another RPG aka Persona 5 ugggggg.

I want this though. It's more golf than typical RPG battles and such right? So I could justify playing two RPGs at once...
Posted: 09/29/17, 03:14:27  - Edited by 
 on: 09/29/17, 03:14:56

There's no battles... it's a golf game Though I guess there could be battles by whacking people with clubs. But it's just like the early handheld Mario Golf games basically.
Posted: 09/29/17, 03:51:30
The RPG elements I referenced in the OP were based on my previous understanding that this game has RPG-like elements in the sense of growth and progression. No battling though as it seems, which is cool.
Posted: 09/29/17, 04:24:34
I have no idea why I thought this was an RPG. Somehow it not being makes it easier to want to jump into it right now.

I'll wait until I finish Metroid though. Probably.
Posted: 09/29/17, 05:30:29  - Edited by 
 on: 09/29/17, 05:30:51
I played over an hour of it last night.

It's pretty fun!

Thank goodness there's a run button.

This game hits me in the feels for personal reasons. My dad introduced me to golf at a young age. It wasn't long until I surpassed him in talent, and now he doesn't play anymore. Haha.
Posted: 09/29/17, 14:01:30
Doesn't it also have RPG elements in the sense that there's a fair bit of strolling around talking to NPCs and stuff like that, or have I imagined that? Maybe I'm sort of conflating and confusing this with the old Mario Golf games for the Game Boy or whatever. The Camelot games. Maybe I'm imagining that too.
Posted: 09/29/17, 14:36:57

Yup, the golf areas have stuff like club houses, shops, and then of course the driving range area and a bunch of NPCs. Some of them have quests to complete (hitting balls accurately in certain areas, some fetch quests that aren't too complicated) that will give your extra experience to level up. And they all have alternate text if you decide to hit them with a golf ball. Yes, there's a button dedicated to throwing a golf ball
Posted: 09/29/17, 14:45:47

All correct.

The dialogue is a bit too.....British for me. I watch and play a lot of golf so I understand a lot of the quips and terms, but the everyday banter between characters is a bit weird.
Posted: 09/29/17, 14:59:00
I like golf and I like stories both quite a bit. Adding to the wanted list!
Posted: 09/29/17, 15:38:23
Best button use since A Boy and His Blob's hug button!
Posted: 09/29/17, 16:22:29
I'm enjoying this, but I've found a couple of glitches that made me have to restart.

1. When I was trying to learn how to control the discs in disc golf, I threw one into the head of one of the three disc golfers near the starting bucket...and it got stuck in a loop.

2. When I finally left Wellworn and got to the world map, I wandered over to Cheekybird Peak and a bird got riled up. He got stuck in a loop or something in the game didn't reset, so I had to reset the game. (EDIT: I repeated this, and this time, the game worked as intended.)

Also, two of the holes in mini-golf are misnumbered.

But seriously, small things aside, this game is excellent.
Posted: 09/29/17, 19:15:16  - Edited by 
 on: 09/29/17, 19:33:34
@VofEscaflowne You're turning off the HD rumble? Besides always rumbling while talking, how well was it implemented?
Posted: 09/29/17, 19:36:49
Side note, I have played golf at courses that resemble the first course in the game, minus the gophers. Just dreadful.
Posted: 09/29/17, 21:41:08

Well it's not the type of game where I would really care how it was implemented because it's not necessary to enhance the experience with the ball hits. But I admit it was neat with how it rumbled differently based on the tone the people were giving off while speaking. But it's just not worth it to have it rumble THAT much so I turned it off.
Posted: 09/30/17, 00:26:21
This game is really great so far. Story is taking some weird twists that just keeps things silly and unexpected. Love this as I didn't expect it from golf game. But I guess it's called Golf Story... so focus on the story should have been expected It's just a joy to play through for it haha.
Posted: 10/01/17, 17:44:51
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