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Namco Museum Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
8/10 from 3 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Namco Museum on the Switch!

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It's NAMCO MUSEUM! For Nintendo Switch! Play classic games on your TV at home or on-the-go!

This version has 11 games, one of which is an updated version of Pac-Man VS, which originally came out on Gamecube. The other ten games are all arcade classics, and thanks to online leaderboards, this package can keep Switch gamers playing for a while to come!

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Posted: 07/30/17, 23:40:45  - Edited by 
 on: 07/30/17, 23:42:52
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So yeah, I downloaded this as soon as it came out. This little package kind of reminds me of the early days of the 3DS, and Namco's release of Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions. This eShop exclusive has more games though. And online leaderboards! So cool. Anyone else get this? I wanna know if I can high-score chase any fellow Negative Worlders!
Posted: 07/30/17, 23:44:55
Just to get things straight: This has no retail release anywhere in the world, right? I'm interested in it, but I'm not feeling the whole download thing.
Posted: 07/30/17, 23:48:01
Do you have it? I watched the Gamexplain runthrough. It seems a bit pricey for what you get, but I'm definitely interested.

Most of the included games are cool, but there are some baffling omissions in terms of local multiplayer-centric games. Seriously, how could they omit freaking Pac-Man Battle Royale?! After already skipping it along with the rest of the Pac-Man Collection on the Wii U? Fucking Namco, man... I'd also like some Mr. Driller action. Hopefully, they'll add games as DLC, although the format doesn't really seem to lend itself to DLC.

The 360 Namco Museum was so packed that every other Namco arcade release seems like a ripoff. But the Nintendo releases almost always have some interesting novelties, for some reason. The enhanced Pac-Man Vs. and Tate Mode certainly distinguish this release. I want more games, though.

MAN, would I love a localization of Mr. Driller: Drill Land. I have the Japanese version on Gamecube, but it would be so great on Switch. Nintendo Puzzle Collection, too. Come onnnnn....
Posted: 07/30/17, 23:49:52  - Edited by 
 on: 07/30/17, 23:54:43

I only know for sure that it is eShop-only in North America.


Yeah I got it, I like it! Uncensored Splatterhouse is pretty great. And the high-score chasing in Pac-Man is always a hoot. Good stuff!

I'll have to look into the 360 Namco Museum. Is that a download title too? Or retail?
Posted: 07/31/17, 02:57:02

It has all of the XBLA versions up to that point, including the online Mr. Driller, Pac-Man Championship, and Galaga Legions, as well as the Arrangement titles (I think) from the PS2 collection and just a shit ton of other stuff. 50+ games, maybe?

The interface is a mess, though, since you can't go back to the disc menu for the XBLA games. It basically boots you back to the 360 Dash after every game.

Publishers used to package their legacy titles with a hell of bang per buck. I recently discovered that a bunch of those generous $20 catalog collections are going for quite a bit now, since there aren't easy, cheap ways to legitimately play the games within. Like the Data East and SNK collections on Wii.

Y'know what I could go for on Switch? Midway Arcade Treasures 3. Or at least just San Francisco Rush 2049.

Off-topic, I was always annoyed that Namco didn't make a 4-player Point Blank extravaganza on Wii or Wii U. I would've bought 100 copies.
Posted: 07/31/17, 03:26:32
Right, thanks! Guess it's worldwide then. Hmm... will probably cave and get this the first price drop it gets then.
Posted: 07/31/17, 16:24:10

Oh man, I looked into that 360 Namco Museum, and wow there are a lot of games there! Like, 30+ of them! Which makes me question why Namco doesn't do that for ALL their collections...? Well, at least I can say this Switch version works really well. And looks really slick in handheld mode. So at least the user GUI is better than the 360 version.

Oh man, I didn't even know Data East put out a collection on Wii! I totally would have bought that, too. Burgertime and Bad Dudes alone would have made it worth it. But yeah, wow...looking online the game is really expensive! At least I was able to buy all the SNK collections before for reasonable prices! Dodged that bullet, at least.

Midway Arcade Treasures 3 was an absolute gem. Pretty much entirely for San Francisco RUSH 2049, but the other racing games were cool, too. But yeah, 2049 is the one that really *made* that collection. It may actually be my most favorite racing game of all time. F-Zero GX gives it a run for its money, but there is just so much more to do in Midway's game. I'm also a fan of Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA. I wish that game was more widely available, but it seems like it will remain an N64 exclusive. Forever.
Posted: 08/01/17, 00:46:45
Namco is bizarre with their collections. Super inconsistent. Some times they acknowledge Ms. Pac-Man, and sometimes they don't. Even though it's waaay better!

Yeah, the Switch game definitely looks cohesive, at least. How many games support simultaneous multiplayer?

I wouldn't say 2049 is my favorite racer of all time, but it is an awesome package. A Racing Mode with collectibles, a full Battle Mode, Stunt Mode... Very impressive!
Posted: 08/01/17, 02:35:07
Turn on Pac-Man, Galaga or Dig-Dug (or any of the other vertical games) and play in tabletop mode.

THEN, rotate display 90 degrees.
THEN zoom to 1.29.
THEN change the background to option C.

Add scan lines if you want (I find 10 to be a good number).

BOOM! You're playing in vertical and it's wonderful.

Also, since Trish has her own Switch, Pac-Man Vs. is going to be good times. WOOHOO!
Posted: 08/01/17, 05:16:31
This looks great. Not sure I can bite at $30 though.

...is Mappy on it??
Posted: 08/01/17, 16:12:04
I really want them to implement separate display options depending on whether docked or not.
Vertical for undocked and regular for docked. That would make me sooooo happy.

Posted: 08/01/17, 17:59:17
Mappy might be my favorite Namco game. There's just an element of "this is incredibly dumb" that I find endearing. They should do "Mappy Vs." where one player is Mappy and the others are the cat burglars!! AAAAAh! I could see it with an art style similar to the Wonder Boy remake.
Posted: 08/01/17, 18:14:52  - Edited by 
 on: 08/01/17, 18:15:12
Why the FUCK isn't Pac Man Battle Royale in this release?

Posted: 08/01/17, 23:18:31
Kal-El814 said:
Why the FUCK isn't Pac Man Battle Royale in this release?

Anand said:
Namco is bizarre with their collections. Super inconsistent.
Posted: 08/02/17, 01:13:39
I enjoy Mappy, too. And I agree that it's dumb, as well.

Mappy Vs. sounds even dumber. Thumbs up!

I think there are supposed to be some Japan-only sequels, or something.

Thanks, Wikipedia!

A Japan-only port of the game was initially released for the Famicom (Japanese version of the NES) and MSX in 1984, followed by a later port to the Sega Game Gear in 1991. This was followed by a video game console-only sequel called Mappy-Land in 1986 (released in the United States by Taxan). In 1998, it was re-released as part of Microsoft Revenge of Arcade for the PC. Mappy also had several Japan-only sequels, including Hopping Mappy in 1986 for the arcades and Mappy Kids in 1989 for the Famicom. There is also a version called Mappy Arrangement which was released in 1995 as part of Namco Classic Collection Vol. 1 in 1995 for the arcades. The Famicom version of the original Mappy was re-released in Japan as part of the Famicom Mini Series in 2004. Mappy is included on the Ms. Pac-Man collection manufactured by Jakks Pacific. It is also featured in the 1996 Game Boy compilation Namco Gallery Vol. 1 and on the later Namco Museum 50th Anniversary Collection, released on the Xbox, GameCube, PC, and PlayStation 2 in 2005 (it did not appear in the Game Boy Advance version), and also appears on Namco Museum DS. Mappy was also re-released as part of the Pac-Man's Arcade Party arcade machine in 2010. Mappy is playable in the PlayStation Portable version of Namco Museum Battle Collection. Mappy was included as a Dot-S set. It is also one of the first arcade titles to have been released on the Virtual Console. In 2002, it was released in Japan as a pachinko under the title of Mappy Park. In 2003, two mobile games were released in Japan with the titles Teku-Teku Mappy (テクテクマッピー) and Mappy De Puzzle (マッピーDEパズル),[1] in 2009 titled MAPPY trampoline puzzle (MAPPYトランポリンパズル), the September 2011, the new mobile game titled Mappy World (マッピーワールド),[2] and Bandai Namco Games was bringing back to series titled Mappī taiketsu! Neonyāmuko-dan (マッピー 対決!ネオニャームコ団 Mappy showdown! Neonyamuko Orchestra) for iOS on 2015 in Japan.
Posted: 08/02/17, 03:07:09
No Ms. Pac-Man? Really?

Posted: 08/02/17, 04:23:58

No Pole Position either. Which I don't really miss, but it's odd that it's not in there.

The two Rolling Thunder games are quite welcome, though. And man! Splatterhouse! Uncensored! On a Nintendo system! Whoa, dude!
Posted: 08/02/17, 21:26:52  - Edited by 
 on: 08/02/17, 21:28:27
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