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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time / Master Quest (bonus disc) Discussion (Nintendo Gamecube) [game]
9.51/10 from 54 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time / Master Quest (bonus disc) on the GCN!

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I'm playing through Master Quest Quest on the 3DS right now. Having enemies deal double damage (Which is exclusive to the 3DS version) combined with the different, slightly insane dungeon layouts makes me approach the game very differently than any other 3D Zelda. It's amazing.

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Posted: 07/30/17, 05:19:05  - Edited by 
 on: 07/30/17, 05:21:31
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I like how there are now just random graves in both the Great Deku Tree and Dodongo's Cavern so far. And don't get me started on the wall cows.
Posted: 07/30/17, 05:31:55
The Master Quest was so awesome. I loved every moment of it.
Posted: 07/30/17, 18:50:36
I found Master Quest to be easier than the original game. Maybe it was just because I was older it wasn't as challenging for the time.
Posted: 07/30/17, 20:38:54
@Stephen That, plus being used to the game in general, especially without the double damage that 3DS offers.

I felt it was inconsistent. Some dungeons were remixed quite a bit, others not so much, and many lacked enemies which was weird. I guess that could stem from it being something incomplete, though.
Posted: 07/30/17, 20:53:29
I think Master Quest is when I started to appreciate Ocarina of Time more. Not that it was better than the original quest per se, but Master Quest was my second playthrough of Ocarina of Time (first was the original quest back when it released on N64) and by then I had gotten over my initial disappointment with OOT and was able to just enjoy it for what it was a bit more.
Posted: 07/31/17, 02:53:48
I found the Master Quest to be much more of a puzzle solving game. I actually enjoyed the dungeons more because I didn't have to worry about stupid enemies ruining my progress. I'm looking at you Wallmasters.
Posted: 07/31/17, 03:00:29

I played through OoT for my kids recently, and since I never got all the way through Master Quest, I decided to go for it (via the GCN disc).

It...kinda stinks!

OoT itself has held up well--a game rich in atmosphere, good music, good cast, fun exploration and a lot of innovation. But the Master Quest dungeons are janky as heck. For every cool new good idea, there's some wacky "anything goes" puzzle that make the whole thing feel like a fan-hack. I'm guessing they cleaned up some of this stuff for the 3DS version? because I can't imagine Nintendo releasing the 64 MQ as is now. There are switches that clip through walls and the floors, impossible-looking jumps that take advantage of Link's extra height where he "sticks" onto a ledge when it's close enough, and Song of Time blocks that never seem to act consistently. It was an interesting "second quest" of sorts, but like Zelda 1's second quest, kind of a mess from a design perspective.
Posted: 10/28/21, 05:18:26
I prefer it over vanilla Ocarina's dungeons but I also find vanilla Ocarina's dungeons to be overly simplistic and not very interesting. The Master Quest dungeons are weird and I kind of dig them.
Posted: 10/28/21, 08:08:22

That's surprising, I remember really enjoying Master Quest when I last played it! When I was... 13? I might not have had a critical eye for that stuff yet...

I vaguely remember the Young Link dungeons being harder and more convoluted than the Adult Link dungeons. Specifically, there's that one room in the Deku Tree with the platform floating on water that moves under a spinning spike bar that I remember getting stuck on my first time playing (when I was... 8?) and giving up right there.

I want them to put the 3DS version on Switch so that I can play Master Quest with a fully reversed world!
Posted: 10/28/21, 20:21:57
Oh yeah, the puzzle where you have to hold up your shield to lower Link's hitbox. Pretty cool! Admittedly there are a number of neat things like that and I did appreciate the extra challenge.

But ugh, the game's obsession with those freakin' Song of Time blocks slowed down the dungeon progression to a crawl, and they often didn't even work right. It felt like a quick concept they originally (in the main OoT) put in just as a simple lock-and-key to give the Song of Time some utility after you open the Door of Time, but in the MQ it becomes a full-blown mechanic involving multiple blocks and you have to know the area of effect involved when you play the song etc and none of this was actually that precise in the original OoT because it didn't matter then!

I'd be curious to play the 3DS MQ at some point to see if they kept it identical to the GCN (N64) one, but alas, my OoT 3D cart and box seem to have disappeared.
Posted: 10/28/21, 20:45:19  - Edited by 
 on: 10/28/21, 20:45:36
I have this - and OoT 3D - but in all these years I have never gotten around to doing the MQ. This may be the thing to do after I do my upcoming (long-overdue) Majora's Mask replay.
Posted: 10/29/21, 00:31:11
@TriforceBun @pokepal148 I'm kind of in the middle where I don't know that I think Master Quest is as good as the original, but I also had super high expectations for OOT and was disappointed by it a bit and came back to Master Quest years later and was able to just enjoy it for what it is with no expectations. So in a way I remember it more fondly?
Posted: 10/29/21, 04:34:28
Zero said:
I also had super high expectations for OOT and was disappointed by it a bit

You're a little messed up tho
Posted: 10/29/21, 09:08:53
I was always under the impression that Master Quest was unfinished, due to the bomb of the 64DD. I figured that had it released as originally intended, many of these little oddities would have been polished up.
Posted: 10/29/21, 22:18:57

I don't even think the 3DS version cleaned things up all that much. If I remember correctly, the game was still riddled with those wild card Song of Time Blocks and weird jank. I don't remember much, but the cows in the wall of Jabu Jabu's belly really messed me up. It's neat for what it is, but I have no doubt a fan hack could do better at this stage.

@Mop it up

Ahh, were the dungeons planned to be reused like this for Ura Zelda (is that what it was called)? I always thought that it would be brand new dungeons or something. I didn't realize they reused any stuff from Ura Zelda. That's pretty cool!
Posted: 10/29/21, 23:04:37
I liked the Master Quest but I’ve never been able to bring myself to play it again. Doesn’t offer the same “comfort food” I’m looking for when I play OoT, haha.
Posted: 10/30/21, 17:39:14
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