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Mighty Gunvolt Burst Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
8.9/10 from 2 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Mighty Gunvolt Burst on the Switch!

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Hey, Mega Man fans. Do NOT sleep on this game!

Inti Creates has really inti created something special here. It's essentially a retro-styled Mega Man-like that allows you to play as Beck from Mighty No. 9 or Gunvolt from the Gunvolt series (and, hopefully, Ekoro from Gal Gun, eventually?) through a series of stages, each with their own boss. The super-cool twist is that, by finding weapon parts in each level, you can completely customize your weapon and shot pattern, from the element to the size and duration of the shot to the degree of curvature. This mechanic is freaking BADASS, and the drive to find all of the items and discover the most efficient way to deal with each level really gives Mighty Gunvolt Burst a lot of replay value. You can also equip a Dowsing function that vibrates your controller when you're near a secret. Which is awesome, since none of the hidden areas have been obviously telegraphed. So you can either play it like an obscure, secret-packed NES game or like a more streamlined modern game.

The boss design is cool, too. Seriously, you guys. Grab this game. It's so much better than Mighty No. 9. Granted, I've only played one level. But I played it three times!

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Posted: 06/24/17, 20:23:09  - Edited by 
 on: 06/24/17, 20:32:38
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I got this game just to get it, haven't played much of it yet (Switch backlog is so very real), but I like what I've played. Two stages or something so far I think. Customization is really cool!

I would never sleep on a game like this! It feels very much like an old MM game!

(I didn't have a problem with MN09, but it wasn't mind blowing or anything)
Posted: 06/24/17, 21:20:14  - Edited by 
 on: 06/24/17, 21:21:29
I like the game, and I like the customization, but I think it's kind of hit-and-miss in some respects. Like, it's cool that you can tweak so many aspects of your attacks and abilities, but the amount of uses for your tweaks feel very limited, IMO. Especially when it comes to the elements or whatever they call them, the properties that come from and affect boss characters. Sure, the heat shot can melt ice blocks, and the impact (I think?) can crush certain rocks, but that's about as much of an effect as you're gonna get. You can't freeze enemies or anything like that, and even when it comes to using the weapons on bosses it all seems to be a binary affair in that your weapon either deals extra damage or it doesn't. I much prefer the old school Mega Man system. Simplistic but well thought out and balanced.

Still, it's fun to hunt down all the hidden items, tweak your loadouts for maximum speed or efficiency and try to beat the game's challenges.
Posted: 06/24/17, 21:32:08
I didn't think MN9 was the worst game ever, but I definitely prefer the feel of this one.

You're way farther than I am! I haven't fiddled with the element stuff yet. But the shot pattern options impressed me. Actually, I've never played much Mega Man, somehow. I don't know why. The weird jump, maybe?

I loved the Zero games, though.
Posted: 06/25/17, 00:09:43
Oh, then maybe I spoiled something for you? Didn't even think of that. Sorry if so. There are many options that are impressive in Mighty Gunvolt Burst for sure, but they almost feel too big for a game like this, to me.
Posted: 06/25/17, 01:09:10
Nah, I don't care about spoilers, unless the subject is a work of fiction that I want to experience.

I guess I don't like game-related spoilers, either, but I wouldn't even consider that a spoiler.
Posted: 06/25/17, 04:59:43
Loved Blaster Master Zero (still playing through the Gunvolt DLC). Excited for the Gunvolt pack in August.

Haven't picked this up because I'm broookkkke right now but hopefully I can fix that soon. This looks great.
Posted: 06/26/17, 04:24:59
Just downloaded this (3DS version) and wow! This game is really fun. Way better than the original Mighty Gunvolt. Inti Creates really stepped up their game with this one.
Posted: 06/30/17, 22:08:03
Ooh this is really fun.

Posted: 07/01/17, 02:21:34

I downloaded the Switch version tonight, too! If that helps.
Posted: 07/01/17, 03:11:45
It does!

Why both?
Posted: 07/01/17, 20:03:43

3DS version is for me.

I bought the Switch version on my buddy's system for him because it was unlikely he'd try it out unless I "forced" him to play it, haha. I also bought Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove on his Switch because I saw that he didn't have it yet and that was not going to get a pass. Not on my watch.
Posted: 07/02/17, 02:42:57
It's a fun high-score game, and it probably has one of the better takes of the "lives" concept for this sort of thing in my opinion.

It's just a shame that it's a rehash, but gotta take what you can get.
Posted: 07/06/17, 00:27:18
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