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Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
8.5/10 from one rating

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers on the Switch!

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Posted: 05/26/17, 16:47:59  - Edited by 
 on: 05/26/17, 17:09:34
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So, questions for those of you who own the game already. I'll own it tonight hopefully.

1) How does it feel to play play with the directional arrows on the left joycon?
2) Can you play in dual joycon mode, as if it were a Wiimote with a nunchuck?
3) How does it feel to play with an individual joycon?
4) Is way of the Hado really that bad?
5) How are Evil Ryu and Violent Ken?
6) How do the graphics look on the Switch Screen?
7) How is the online?
Posted: 05/26/17, 16:51:28
There is a day one update you have to do in order to play online. I haven't done it yet, so I'm not sure how that plays.

I've played through the arcade mode once using the Pro Controller, and it was awesome. I'll try the joycons next, after work.

Game looks amazing on the Switch!
Posted: 05/26/17, 19:00:26
Okay, so the Joycons feel pretty good with this game! The face buttons do a solid job as d-pad replacements. Online mode works well too, which is a relief. Finding a match and playing is quick and easy, and the connection is pretty solid. I played maybe 20 or so matches and I'd say 95% were lag-free and perfectly playable. The times when the connection wasn't perfect just made the game stutter here and there but was otherwise playable. Nowhere near Brawl-levels of slideshow, haha.

The art gallery. Amazing. Check it out you guys.

More impressions as they come.
Posted: 05/27/17, 01:17:28  - Edited by 
 on: 05/27/17, 01:18:06
I'm debating spending $40 on this.
Posted: 05/27/17, 02:39:46
Lazy effort by Capcom but that doesn't mean the game isn't awesome as fuck and still an absolute joy to play. Played online with my bro and they were great matches back and forth. Tomorrow I'll play my oldest brother who's the best at SF I assume. I improved really quick though. I'm not too shabby. I know how to Street Fighter. Smash has helped me too. Haven't dug deep into a Street Fighter in a loooong time. Not since 3 on Dreamcast.

God the music is so amazing in this game.

Really wish we could get the original graphics/game(s)/music in full as well. Capcom really are being greedy bastards.
Posted: 05/27/17, 14:12:36
And yes the art gallery is sexy. Took me a bit to find the zoom option lol.
Posted: 05/27/17, 14:13:36
It is amazing that after 25 years the core mechanics that SFII set up are still as fun as ever.
Posted: 05/27/17, 19:49:10
Yeah SF2 is amazing.

You know what really tells me this is a lazy effort though? Continue screen = no animation. Yeah. It's been done before already, and they can't copy paste it in the damn game?

Oh and there's no way to change or remove the border?

Choosing more art and music styles would be nice too. Considering this is supposedly a 30th anniversary game and it's based on SF2 (well, supwr at least) it'd be nice to get the OG music as an option as well.

And some music tracks aren't directly from Super right? Some have been changed?

Some tracks jump out as sounding different to me.
Posted: 05/27/17, 20:48:37

The older music might be from the arcade version, so they might sound different to you.
Posted: 05/27/17, 21:42:30
Yeah the different versions are CP I and II or something. I'm a huge fan of the soundtracks to SF 2 and 3.
Posted: 05/27/17, 22:08:10
I bought it. The game looks absolutely gorgeous on the Switch screen. I want to say it even runs smoother than the PS3 version. It plays great on the Joycon and the Switch Pro controller. And it's even playable on the joycon. Two things bother me. 1) The Price. I feel it should have been $20. And 2) The music is not the same as in the PS3/360 version. That soundtrack was absolutely killer. This new soundtrack doesn't even compare. I wish Capcom would give us an update with the old Overclocked Remix soundtrack.
Posted: 05/28/17, 07:28:19

$20 would have been great! Though I'm not said that it's $40. I'm getting a lot out of it so far. That art gallery is almost worth the price alone, ha ha.

But man, you don't dig the music? I think it's pretty great!
Posted: 05/28/17, 20:45:05
I'm a dupe and purchased this. I look forward to playing some of you online!
Posted: 05/30/17, 03:45:11


Don't worry, game is great...don't feel bad about buying it. You're definitely not alone, seems a lot of people snapped it up. You're in good company!
Posted: 05/30/17, 19:30:51
Grabbed this from the library. I feel like most of the discussion around the game has been centered around its price/value and Capcom's laziness, but the game itself is pretty damned fun! It plays very well, the color editor is cool, and the gallery and music player are neat, as well. I like the big window for move buffering. Shoryukens for days...
Posted: 08/27/17, 23:05:24
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